Easy And Effortless Ways To Fix Xbox One Controller Not Connecting To PC Error

An Xbox One controller is quite easy to set up. However, while doing that, a user may encounter various types of issue. And the connection issue is one of them. This issue is usually, triggered by the Software misconfiguration. But, in some situation, this issue is also caused by the hardware problems as well. Now, if you are one of those users who is facing the Xbox One controller not connecting to PC issue then follow this article. This is because we have provided all the possible solution here.

Main Factors Of the Xbox One Controller Not Connecting to PC Issue:

In this section of the article, we have provided some effective factors that can trigger to this issue. Have a look at them.

  1. The USB cable is damaged
  2. Outdated drivers of the Xbox One controller
  3. Faulty Xbox one controller

Now, if you have analyzed all the possible causes of this issue then let’s have a look at its solutions.

Possible Ways to Solve the Xbox One Controller Not Connecting To PC Error:

To solve this connection issue of your Xbox One controller, you need to follow some simple instruction. But you need to apply those solutions in the proper order. In this section of the article, we have provided those solutions for you. Have a look at them and try to apply them exactly as instructed.

Unplug The Cable And Re-plug It

Usually, Xbox One controllers offer plug and play feature, however, sometimes doesn’t function as it should. And in those situations, users encounter this issue on their controller and system. Now to fix this problem you need to unplug and replug the controller into your system. After that, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Use A Different USB Cable

But if even after applying the above-mentioned solution, you are still facing this issue in your system then it is quite possible that the USB cable of your Xbox One controller is faulty. And you need to replace it with a new one to resolve this issue.

Update The Xbox One Controller Driver

Another thing that can cause this issue on your system and controller is the outdated driver issue. And to fix that issue, you need to update the drivers of your Xbox One controller by following the given instructions.

  1. Launch the Run dialog box by pressing the Win key + X key. In that dialog box, you need to type “devmgmt.msc” and press the Ok button or Enter key.
  2. This will open up the Device Manager window on the window. Now, in that window, you need to find and click on the Microsoft Xbox One Controller option in order to expand it.
  3. In that expanded section, you will the Xbox One controller driver. Right-click on it to open up the Context menu. There you need to click on the Update Driver Software option.
  4. After that, a new window will come up on the screen. In that window, select the  Search automatically for updated driver software option and then click on the Next button.

Once you do that, a driver search process will start on your system. During the search, if the Update tool finds out any available updates then it will automatically install those updates on your system. After the update installation process, connect your controller with the PC and test for the error.


Now, if you are unable to fix the Xbox One controller not connecting to pc USB issue then it is quite possible that your controller is faulty and you should consult with a technical expert to fix it.

We hope that our solutions and suggestions are helpful to you regarding this issue. For more tech-related articles, keep following our upcoming posts.

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