Windows 10 Update Stuck at 0: Get In-Hand Solutions

Windows has been one of the largest organization throughout the last couple of decades. They are providing their efficient and uninterrupted services for all the users. To maintain their glory they have always provided something new in front of the whole world. From 90’s Vista to all new Windows 10, they are providing the best experience for the users. Basically to use an OS in an uninterrupted way the user should always use systems with the latest updates. But in some of the cases, you may face some of the issues with the Windows 10 you are using as it is only a piece of technology. One of those frequent issues that the users are facing in recent times is the Windows 10 update stuck at 0. Today we will take a brief look at this issue and will try to have some of the preferable solutions.

But before we move into the part of the solutions, it would be better to have a look at some of the probable reasons behind the issue

Causes of Windows 10 Update Stuck At 0

The problem of downloading update stuck at 0 can happen due to various issues or causes. Either of the underneath issues may also happen so before you update beware about that.

Sometimes configuring a proxy in the Internet Explorer (User level) but not in WinHTTP (System level) may cause the failure to take an update to Windows 10.

Even the problem may also occur when you are using the RTM version of the WUA (Windows Update Agent) and have configured the computer to connect to a WSUS (Windows Server Update Services).

This issue can also take place while the WFS or Windows Firewall System is turned off.
Apart from that, it may also happen due to some of the malware or bugs in the system you are working on. As for some of the cases, malicious attacks can affect the system files included in the update directory. last but not least, if you are not having the proper connectivity to the system, then the issue can still occur.

So, these were some of the probable reasons behind the issue that you may find out there. So, it always comes handy to know some of the reasonable and in-hand solutions for this specific issue.

Quick Tricks To Resolve Windows 10 Update Stuck At 0

So, these are some of the solutions that you can implement in order to resolve downloading updates stuck at 0. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the solutions that you can implement in order to eliminate downloading updates stuck at 0.

Method 1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

You must be aware of the fact that Windows has an inbuilt troubleshooter that enables to check and fix all the errors occurring with Windows Update. One must run the troubleshooter when there is an error with the Windows Update. So, to perform the action below:
On the lower left corner of the screen, click the Start button. Type “troubleshoot” in the search option. Get the latest Windows Update to fix the problems.

Now, follow up the processes as on the on-screen. This will allow you to complete the troubleshooting process. Try and update the Windows again and find out whether the problem persists.

Method 2: Check For Malicious Software

The error regarding Windows 10 update stuck at 0 sometimes occurs due to certain interferences from malicious software. So, frequent scanning of the computer is necessary to avoid any malicious program. Most of the time, these method works. If not, then proceed with the next method.

Method 3: Restart The Windows Update Associating Services

Sometimes, a certain error occurs due to the services associating with the Windows Update. One must restart these services in order to fix the error. In order to do that, there is a certain procedure that must be followed.

Firstly, to invoke the run box, press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously. Type ‘service.msc’ on the run box and open it. Now, repeatedly click the Background Intelligent Transfer Service twice. Also, ensure the startup type is set up with the option of automatic. Now, snap up the Start key and then close the Windows via the OK button. Here, you have to double click on the Cryptographic Services and the Windows Update option. Restart the computer by closing the service snap-in.

Method 4: Clear The Software Distribution Folder

Basically, for Windows update, all the temporary files are stored inside the Software Distribution folder. But due to some accidental acts, there may be an error due to corrupted files. You can try and remove all the content from these files easily if you find these files are the cause.

Open the Run box and type ‘service.msc’ and open the Service snap-in. Now, open the File Explorer, and then proceed to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. After this, erase all the files and folders from there. Replace the Service snap-in and proceed on with the Windows Update. Finally, restart the PC and find whether the same problem exists.

Method 5: Update Your Device Drivers

A wrong device driver may also be the cause behind this error. If this is the case for any user, the most important thing is to check the computer and update the wrong drivers. However, it takes to much time to update.

Method 6: Update Your RST Driver

It can even occur due to backdated RST drivers. However, one can update their RST driver in order to get rid of the issue. Basically, there are two methods to update the driver. One can update the driver either manually or by the automatic option.

So, these were some of the solutions that you can try in order to resolve Windows 10 update stuck at 0. If you have followed the above processes quite carefully, then you’d surely able to resolve the issue. If you have liked this article, the press the like button and subscribe to our website for further updates.

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