Why is the internet speed slow in New York?

New York is a great place to live in. You see it in the movies, you read about it in the books and magazines, and you see it on news, and all of us wish to be in a place like this. Something is charming and exciting about New York as it is the epicenter of the American Dream. If you are a New Yorker, you often forget how spoiled you are when it comes to living in this beautiful state. However, many people complain that internet speeds are slow in New York. Only 11.6% of people in New York have gained access to 1 Gigabit internet, and you don’t believe it check that speed at speedcheck.org. This shows how far New Yorkers are from blazing-fast internet speeds. New York has a digital divide when it comes to the accessibility of the internet. Even if people have access to the internet, they cannot afford it.

Today we will discuss all the reasons why internet speeds are slow in New York. Without further ado, let’s begin.

How New York gets its internet?

There are different avenues to get internet. The most common of them is fiber and cable. FiOS is an example of fiber internet and Mediacom internet is an example of cable internet. New York has all connections to the internet. There are tons of fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite providers. These providers are responsible for providing the internet. Fiber internet is the most advanced of them all. Fiber internet uses special glass cables called fiber optics for blazing-fast internet speeds. However, there is a huge installation cost associated with fiber. Therefore, it is available in some parts of the state.

Cable internet uses a coaxial cable network and provides a reliable and steady connection. Cable internet is widely available in the United States. However, with such coverage, it is getting a bit expensive for the average consumer.

DSL and Satellite internet is looked down upon because of its slower speeds and faulty connection. However, AT&T is working on changing the narrative by providing high-speed internet.

What is the effect of a pandemic on the internet?

The pandemic has changed everything. We cannot travel, go out, attend public gatherings, work in our offices, study on campus, and not even visit our loved ones with strict lockdowns in place. Since everyone is forced to stay at home, this means that your home internet will be busy at all times. Especially when you are working from home, you have probably noticed a small glitch. Your coworker’s screen freezes in a Zoom Meeting or when you are watching a video on YouTube, it takes a few more seconds to buffer. This is a sign that the internet in New York and all the states in the US are struggling to cope up with an unprecedented surge in usage from millions of homebound users.

More and more people are working from home. Even the likes of tech giants like Google and Facebook forcing their employees to work from home for an indefinite amount of time. With the lockdowns spreading across the country people are forced to stay in their homes. This is a great time for gamers as they keep on playing video games online. People have to connect and they use video calling to talk to their friends and family.

All these activities require a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, the allocation of bandwidth cannot be done uniformly. More and more people experience slower internet speeds than usual. This is true for New York as well as for other states. As a result, customers are forced to upgrade their internet plans.

How are companies coping up with slower speeds in New York?

The pandemic is going to be here for a while. If you think your home or county is invincible to this sudden surge in lowering of download speeds, you are wrong. The future of internet connectivity is uncertain especially when there is a lot of uncertainty around COVID. The big tech companies are facing pressure. The demand for bandwidth continues to rise, therefore, you are experiencing a lower video quality while streaming videos on Netflix and Google. Facebook did something similar and the Facebook Live videos now have a lower quality.

Final Verdict

If you experience unusually lower internet speed, you can contact Mediacom customer service provider to fix it. We are in this together and hope everything gets better soon.



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