Why Call Forwarding Is Important For Your Business

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It is said that when your customer says something about their experience with your brand, it matters ten times more than what you say yourself. Customer Experience (CX) contributes to the success or failure of a business because a satisfied customer becomes an outstanding source of advertisement for your brand. 

Therefore, any competitive business understands the importance of constantly improving CX.

You’ll need to use all communication channels and techniques available to strengthen your relationships and show you care for your customer’s problems. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to boost CX.

How to start? Here are some ideas: 

  • Welcome your customers and their inquiries with a positive attitude
  • Listen to them attentively and show concern with your words and gestures
  • Show you can find the best possible solution for them
  • Answer all customer interactions as soon as you can

The last point is very important. Everybody hates waiting, therefore many customers will turn to your competitor if you’re unable to provide a solution before they can.

One of the most important forms of customer interaction is phone calling. Even with all the technology available, people still like to talk live to your agents and sales teams. In order to provide a seamless call flow, you’ll need to set up a redirecting system known as call forwarding. Let’s find out everything about it.

What Is Call Forwarding And How Does It Work?

It’s easy to understand what “ Your call is being forwarded” means when you try to contact a number. This is a feature that helps redirecting all incoming calls from your office phone systems to another phone line that you specify as a subscriber. 

So, if you are unable to pick your call or your office is closed, the call can be forwarded to your contact center, your personal mobile, or certain person or department. This is important in order to have an effective communication channel and to connect your customer with the right person or department. 

The mechanism of call forwarding is simple to understand:

  1. A customer initiates the call by dialing a business number. This call will appear as an incoming call for you. 
  2. Your business phone then initiates an outgoing call to the number that has already been determined as a destination number to forward the call that it received.
  3. The business phone system connects the call you received to its destination.

When it comes to the call forwarding feature for businesses, they have to make sure that the customer does not experience any disturbance or frustration during this process of forwarding and that you are connecting them to the right person. For this, you need to keep monitoring your call quality. At least occasionally. 

But the question is, do you need a call forwarding feature? And if yes, how is it going to help you out? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.   

8 Reasons Your Business Needs To Use Call Forwarding

Some of the reasons are:

1.You Want to be Available for Your Clients

Call forwarding helps you remain available for your clients whenever you want to. If you are not available in the office but you have some important clients who need to talk to you when you are out, call forwarding helps you get connected with those important clients. 

2.One Platform For All Your Phones

Through call forwarding, you can just receive calls from all the different phones that you have at one place, maybe on your mobile phone. This helps to reduce the chance of missing any important calls.  

3.When an Immediate Response is Essential

Certain businesses or organizations work in a manner where an immediate response becomes necessary or a 24/7 service is crucial. Common examples are emergency departments such as fire brigade, hospitals, pharmacies, security departments, etc. Now if one line is busy, an urgent call can be forwarded to another available number. Losses as a result of missing calls or unavailability can lead to serious consequences. 

4.Manage High Call Volumes

Another significant benefit of call forwarding is ensuring that all the calls are answered during peak call hours or when call volumes increase. Let’s say that your agents are busy answering calls and some of the customers are in the queue waiting for someone to answer. You do have the option to increase your call attendants and improve the level of your customer satisfaction.

5.You Want to Accelerate Sales

You are channelizing all the sources to boost your sales by improving the level of customer satisfaction. Call forwarding can be helpful in this regard. When customers reach you, get entertained without any delay, and talk to the right person, they end up developing a positive brand impression. There is a great chance that they decide to buy or buy your product again. Hence, there is a bright chance to surge your sales.

6.No Calls After You Finish Working 

You can activate call forwarding during the hours you are not working but at the same time, your clients are important. Their calls on your numbers get connected to someone else in your team and this way you don’t have to keep your phone ringing and attend official calls when you are not working.


Since anyone from your team can work from home too and they will receive all the calls that are meant for them using the call forwarding feature, you can save the cost of bills, and other day-to-day expenses.

8.Build Business Credibility and Reputation

Last but not least, you want to be known as a reputable brand and earn customer loyalty. For this, it’s important to value your existing customers. One obvious way is to provide your services instantly. Call forwarding services can help you achieve this goal.


Call forwarding is a proven and effective service to facilitate your customers. It will help you grab every opportunity to stay connected with your valuable clients. No matter if you have a large customer base or a startup that still has a long way to go, the call forwarding feature can help you make your customer experience more pleasant. More and more calls will be handled instantaneously and fewer calls will go to voicemail. There are many call forwarding providers that you can easily search and figure out which one best serves your needs. 

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