When You Should Sell Your Mobile Phone?

Is there a certain time limit to sell your mobile phones? Mobile companies launch an upgraded phone each passing week, and the brand value of old ones gets less. Selling mobile phone at a time when you can get a better value is ideal. The later you will do, the less money you will get. If you want to buy a new mobile phone, selling your old one will benefit you financially.

There are other factors too affecting the time to sell your mobile phone. Looking for tips on how to sell my mobile phone? In this article, we show how you can do that.

When To Sell?

The first thing to keep in mind is the time when you decide to sell your mobile phone. It will determine the resale value. To obtain the perfect or appropriate value of the device, you should preferably sell it within six to eight months of the purchase. There are various reasons why no one may want to buy a mobile phone used for almost a year.

Within that time frame, an upgraded version of that mobile phone would have been available. Phone models will witness a drop in value after the new model of the phone gets released in the market. If you want to sell, you must try to sell your mobile phone within six to eight months from the date of purchase to get the best resale price.

Condition And Performance

The condition and performance of the mobile phone play a crucial part in selling the mobile phone. You can get its best value if you have maintained the cellphone in good condition. No one wants to purchase a mobile phone when it is not working well.

The mobile phone should not have any defects. If the speaker is not working or the mobile phone isn’t charging, the value will get less. Most importantly, avoid losing the accessories of the phones. Without them, no one will buy the phone.

Current Price Of The Phone

Always know the current selling price of the mobile phone before you get an approximate value of the cell phone. Most mobile phones could provide up to 50 to 60% resale value from their current price.

So, check for how much money the mobile phone is selling in the market before you trade your phone. The most vital thing is that the entire look of the product shouldn’t be a letdown. If the customer does not feel satisfied, what is the point of purchasing it?

Know Your Brand Value

The resale value depends significantly on the brand. The brands that are recognizable, famous, reliable, and established get higher resale value. Apple and Samsung have better brand value than Xiaomi. According to the surveys, Apple has the best chances. It is because Apple only faces a loss of 40% in value. But, Android and Samsung devices degrade by 60%, which is huge.

To Whom You Should Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

Knowing genuine buyers could be difficult, but you have to keep trying. You can sell it to an individual, whom you know as a friend or family member. It’s the safest option, but you can’t bargain much here. You can exchange your old mobile phone for a new one through a shop or online applications such as Amazon. You can also sell it through online trade after giving an advertisement for it or to a retailer.

Interaction With The Customer

You have to be genuine with the customer. If you hide your defects from them, it will not be a favorable situation. Even if the issues can make your brand value less, never hide them. Make sure your customer feels comfortable and safe during the interactions. Beware of the tricksters and scams during the trade. Choose the buyer with caution and awareness. Hence, whenever you are trying to sell your mobile phone, remember these pieces of advice.

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