What is Streamer Mode on Discord? How to Stream through Discord Streamer Mode?

For the past couple of years, Discord has gained much popularity amongst people across the globe. Several analyses and reports state that people who love to play online games as well as want to chat are using Discord. Basically, Discord is now a gaming chat platform where you can also communicate through voice. 

The communication platform also has a specialized mode that helps you in broadcasting. It’s the Discord streamer mode. As the word itself suggests, it helps you to stream what you are doing with the help of Discord. Apart from that, there are also other functions and features. Surely, you will come to know about all of them. 

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

The Discord streamer mode allows you to stream as well as broadcast your computer screen. In addition to that, you as well as other people can view someone else’s computer activities with the help of the streamer mode. Now, random viewers are a threat to your as well as the viewer’s personal data when hundreds of viewers are active in your broadcast. Relax, nothing will happen as the Discord Streamer Mode will secure that. The built-in protective streaming kit will never disclose anyone’s personal information. 

Discord Streamer Mode Privacy Policies

It’s obvious that you don’t want to lose your personal data while watching or broadcasting on Discord. So, the application comes with 4 exclusive modes of privacy policies. It seems that you are interested in knowing all the details. And, all of them are given below. 

Your Personal Information is Safe

The Discord streamer mode is in an encrypted format. This means that while accessing any other computer, your personal data will remain safe. Other than that, there will be no third-party interference in your email and Discord accounts. 

The Discord Invitation Links

Several questions always loom around people’s minds. Some of them are What is Streamer mode on Discord? How can you join a streaming channel? The answers to these questions are quite simple, with the help of invitational links. You can send the links to whomever you like. After that, there is an option of hiding the link. If you don’t do it, then random people will follow the link and join your platform. And, It is obvious that you don’t want that. 

The Notification Alert

Not only Discord but also most applications have the notification alert sounds feature. When you are streaming something, if the alert sound keeps on popping up, then it’s quite annoying. So, the Discord streamer mode has the option of disabling the notifications alerts. Navigate to the mode settings and disable notification alerts. 

The Desktop Notifications

By default, the desktop notifications are enabled when you activate the Discord streamer mode. Whenever you open Discord, the notifications keep popping up. If you want to stop it, then you can disable the desktop notification option from the settings of the app. 

The Discord Streamer Mode, Activation 

You have to perform a few important steps in order to activate the streamer mode. All of them are given below. Do check all of them as they are present below: 

Switching on the Integration 

If you have your streaming channels on Twitch, Steam or YouTube, then you are good to go. The integration of Discord with these streaming channels are important. Navigate to the “Adjustable Settings” below. Now, click on the “Connection” tab. From here, you need to go to the Server Settings. You can see the “Integration menu”. Select the desired video streaming platforms and click on “Sync”. 

The Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) Setup

The OBS is a video streaming kit that you might integrate into Discord. The setup and customization process is easy. Apart from streaming, the OSB kit will also help you in enhancing the text message and voice calling facilities. 

Turning on the Streamer Mode

Select “User Settings” and click on “Stream Mode”, and enable it. If you are using the OBS, then the mode will enable itself automatically. Never forget to manage the settings so that you can hide your personal access of data to Discord. In addition to that, the “keybind setting” feature will help you to activate the Discord streamer mode. 

Switching Off the Streamer Mode

As usual, navigate to the “User Settings” and click on the gear-shaped icon. Select the “Streamer mode” and verify that the mode is already on. After the turn off the toggle button of “Enable streamer mode”. This will switch off the streamer mode. Now, close the window. 

What is Streamer Mode on Discord Mobile?

Discord also has its mobile version. When you install the application from Play or AppStore, you can do everything you need just like you do with the Discord on the computer. Now, the question is how can you activate the streamer mode on the mobile app? It’s not that easy as you have a lot of work to do. 

Establish a secure connection between your mobile device and Discord servers. Now, open the Discord AI bot and type “!quiz”. When the one-time code appears from the bot, it will contain a link to the quiz page. Simply, tap on it and the bot will redirect you. 

Once again, enter the quiz code and answer a few questions to prove that you are a human being. If you don’t know the answers to the questions, you can take help from Google. Hopefully, now you can create or log in to the account and use the Streamer mode. 

What is Discord Alpha?

Discord alpha is also a kind of APK bundle for Android phone users. You don’t have to do anything extra for this alpha version. Install the application, sign in and activate the Streamer mode. If your login credentials face any errors. Then, close the application, clear the cache of your mobile phone and open it, once again. 

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