Suitable Ways to Fix “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” Issue

Most of the Android users encounter a common issue entitled “Google Play Services Has Stopped Working”. This message pops up every time when you try to download or update. Therefore, you should know everything about the Google play services and what all steps you must follow to resolve this dreaded error. However, you don’t have to be a genius in this domain in order to fix these bugs which are encountered very often. The open source feature of Android OS merging with numerous OEM brands makes it very much user-friendly. But, similar traits of Android can lead to malfunctioning of it in the form of shooting up several errors such as Google Play services have stopped when you are using several apps.

There are several apps which are not downloaded directly from the Play Store. Google Play services handle all the Google apps and keep them aligned. This is basically a software update manager mainly used for the purpose of managing all the Google apps. It covers Google Photos, Android Device, Google Play Music, etc. Therefore, there is no other alternative way to use Google apps without Play Store services. Henceforth, you can’t ignore this popup showing unfortunately Google Play services has stopped. Let’s have a look at the quick fixes to troubleshoot the aforementioned issue in an effective fashion.

Ways to Tackle Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped Fix Issue

There are various ways to troubleshoot Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped the issue. Let’s take a look:

  • Restarting Android to resolve the error.
  • Updating Google Play services app.
  • Clearing Google Play app cache.
  • Wiping device cache
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Google Play update service
  • Use of Play Services Fix Info App

Know “How to Fix Google Play Services has Stopped Error?”

This popup error shows up when you open the Google Play Store.Also, it creates a problem each and every time you open any Google app. Since one solution is not enough to fix this troublesome issue, we have given several ways to resolve this Google Play services error:

Fix 1: Restart the Device

When the issue puts up due to a particular crash of app or some background services, a simple restart can take care of this issue:

  1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to press and hold the Power button simultaneously on the Android device until the popup window appears.
  2. On the basis of your device, you have to choose the Restart or Reboot button. After that, wait for some time till the process gets over.
  3. Once the rebooting is done, you need to check whether the Google app is throwing the error that has already been resolved.

However, if this process fails to evade the aforementioned error, go ahead with the next solution.

Fix 2: Update Google Play Services App

Living in this tech-friendly world with a limited data plan of 1MB at a time, switching the Google Play Store Updates to Manual mode is not so difficult. But this will leave our handset with many outdated apps and one of them is Google Play services. Whether you encounter the error stating unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped on the Google play store or any other device, then the most obvious solution is to update the apps:

  1. In order to start the proceedings, move to the Google Play Store app on your android phone present in the home screen of your handset.
  2. Then, click on the three-line menu button available at the top left corner. After that, you need to choose My Apps from the slide-out menu.
  3. The menu screen appears which will show you the installed apps along with other apps having uninstalled updates at the top.
  4. Click on the Update All button present at the top right bar of the screen. Then, you have to wait until all the app updates are installed.
  5. Finally, restart your Android handset to examine whether the issue still persists or not.

Fix 3: Clearing Cache of Google Play Services App

Google Play Service is basically a structure used to handle all the Google apps. Similar to the other apps, you can easily set the app to the default state if you clear the cache memory. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. In order to begin, move to the Settings app on your handset with the help of the app drawer. Otherwise, you can use the gear icon available in the notification window.
  2. Moreover, you have to find the Apps menu present in the Settings and for that, you need to scroll down. You will menu entitled Application Manager on several devices.
  3. Now with the entire list of applications available on your device, you can move down in order to find the Google Play services.
  4. Thereafter hit the Clear Cache button in order to confirm the action.
  5. Then, you have to retrace back to the home screen. Then restart the device in order to apply the unsaved changes which you just set in.

Upon clearing the cache completely, you will find the Google Play services running in the background seamlessly. Also, this will help in clearing any worn elements of the cache memory and thus you can easily negate this unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped fix issue.

Fix 4: Disabling the Google Play Services

Since Google Play services form the backbone of almost all the Google apps, most of the Android versions doesn’t permit you to eradicate Google Play services completely. The most important fact is that disabling the Google Play Services stops the working of Play Store and Gmail. If you are unable to remove Google Play services apps until you reboot the Android device, disabling the apps can remove this annoying error message. However, this is merely a hotfix so that the error messages cease. But it fails to fix the entire problem. If you wish to disable the Google Play services app, foremost thing is to remove the android device manager present in the Settings:

  1. In order to start, navigate to the Settings option. You need to move down to obtain the Security-Device administrators.
  2. You have the provision to enable the Android Device Manager by default. Therefore, you can uncheck the box in order to confirm your action.

Upon the removal of the Android Device Manager from the Device Administrator, you have the option to disable the Google Play service instantaneously. However, we advise you not to deactivate the Google Play services apps. This is because it can hamper the complete list of Google Play apps.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall of Google Play Updates

Google Play services have preferences over other Android apps when the discussion is pertaining to consumption of battery and automatic updates. But with the help of Android, you can delete the updates from the installed apps, thereby reinstalling the fresh updates from the Play Store.

  1. In order to start, navigate to the Settings app on the Android device with the help of the app drawer.
  2. Move down to obtain the Apps menu available in the Settings. This menu marked as Application Manager on particular handsets.
  3. Now with the complete list of applications on your handset, you can easily go down in order to obtain the Google Play services.
  4. Moreover, you need to click on Uninstall Updates button. If you are unable to find that on the screen, press the three-dot menu present at the top right corner to get it done.

Once you remove the latest updates, you can seamlessly restore the Google services app to the stock version. Now, you have the provision to proceed further and reinstall the recent updates from the Google Play services present in the application manager.

  1. On the App info screen of the Google Play Services, move to the bottom in order to find the details of the App.
  2. Google Play Store app will redirect you to the Google Play Services app page.
  3. Finally, press the Update button. After that, patiently wait for a while until the current version of the Google Play service gets installed.

Retrace back to the home screen of the Android handset. After that, it is imperative to clear the background data. We advise you to restart the phone just to ensure all the changes are incorporated properly. With the installation of the latest update, don’t get nervous about the popup showing unfortunately Google Play service has stopped.

Fix 6: Clearing Device Cache by Activating the Safe Mode

The quickest method to wipe the cache for all the apps is to place the handset in the recovery mode of the Android. It comes with the provision to implement the wipe device cache option:

  1. First and foremost thing is to hold the Power button in order to switch off the Android device.
  2. Once you switch off the device, you can hold the Power button as well as the Volume Up button simultaneously till the screen boots up.
  3. This will set up the recovery mode on Android which comes with the ability to clear the cache of the device.
  4. Next, scroll down to choose Wipe device cache with the help of volume buttons for navigation. After that, you can wait for some time till you reset the handset.
  5. Restart the Android device upon clearing the device cache.

Using this process, you can easily clean up the temporary files as well as settings. Also, this process will not erase the apps present in your device. If you are successful in removing the corrupted files along with the clearance of device cache, Google Play services should function normally.

Enjoy Google Play Service Without any Complications!

We have given the most suitable ways to evade this unfortunately Google Play service has stopped error in this informative user guide. Since this is a common nuisance, you need to follow this user guide cautiously. Keeping things simple, we have delineated the fixes in an effective fashion to make the audience understand. Moreover, if you have any fresh idea in your mind, provide that in the comment section below.

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