Troubleshoot Acer Monitor No Sound HDMI Error Issue

“Life is all that we hear it”, hence sound play an unparalleled part in the amalgamation of our overall experience. But, it is really a horror if you face doing not get any sound through your Acer device. Yes, this issue occurs too frequently if you are unaware of it as far as most of the users. This glitch is accompanied by the error message Acer Monitor No Sound HDMI usually. But don’t worry. We are all with you.

Here in this article, we have come up yet again with the prevalent issue of your Acer device and also will be providing you with fitting solutions. Hence, roll up your sleeves and let’s do it immediately…

Here we describe some causes which are the culprits in this issue.

Causes behind Acer monitor no sound HDMI error

  • Damaged hardware.
  • Corrupt sound driver.

Easy Ways to Fix the HDMI Error Code

This error code issue is a very common issue and easy to fix. Follow all the steps which are described below and use all the steps. Don’t jump any of the steps as all are very useful in continuation.

Step-1 Check Hardware Device

Damaged hardware devices can also cause the issue of HDMI not working. Before you move on the next steps, monitor that all hardware devices work correctly or not and then follow the methods below:

  • All the connected cables should be accurate, so check that first. If there have any problems, then use other cables. Now, check whether the issue is resolved.
  • All the HDMI outputs should work properly, if not, then fix them or get them replaced. If your device has many kinds of output ports of HDMI, try the other output ports then, make sure that the issue is got over.
  • Monitor works correctly or not check that. You can be sure that the speaker volume of your monitor is not muted or turned down.

Step-2 Set HDMI Device

You can set HDMI device as a default device, if you do not this then you cannot listen the sound from HDMI. Follow all the steps which are given below:

  • Go to the sound volume button and right click on it, which appears in the lower right corner of your monitor. A new menu will arise.
  • Now, click on the Playback devices which you will see under the menu.
  • In the Playback option, click on the option Digital Output Device or HDMI. After that, click on the Set Default menu and then, click the OK button. Next, you have to set HDMI output sound as a default device.

If you don’t find the option Digital Output Device or HDMI under the Playback section, then you have to right click on the blank area on your desktop when a new page will pop up. After that, click on the Show disconnected devices option and then on the Show disabled devices tab from the context tab. Now, you would be setting HDMI device as default.

Step-3 Update Sound Driver

Acer Monitor HDMI no sound issue can also be caused in case of missing and/or outdated sound drivers. For fixing this problem what you need to do is to update the sound driver. You can go for any of the methods below:

Sound Driver Update Manually

Users can easily update this driver manually by visiting the official website. Therefore, go to the official website and search for the latest version of the sound driver for your sound card. Install a new driver and reboot your device, then check that your system is working alright or not.

Sound Driver Update Automatically

If you facing this issue till now, then update your sound driver system automatically following these steps which are given below:

  • Firstly, download or install the sound driver.
  • Run the sound driver, then click on the Scan Now option.
  • Now, click on the Update menu( for update the new version) or click on the Update All button ( for update the previous version)

After completing the update process, check to see that if the HDMI issue is resolved or not.

Final Decision

Hopefully, this article will help you to resolve your problem. If you are facing this issue any further, you can always go to the Service Centre. Lastly, if you have got any doubts or further queries, then our comments section is wide open to receive them. We are more than happy to help you.

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