Top 5 Game Development Trends in 2021

The pandemic continues to rage. While this negatively affects the overall health of the global economy, the games industry is feeling more than confident. Games remain the safest form of entertainment. Of course, this stimulates the emergence of more and more of their number. And great efforts from each game development company to find interesting ideas that stand out.

To stay in trend, you need to follow all the latest technological updates and innovations. Therefore, our task for today is to discuss the main game development trends of 2021 that will definitely influence the industry and set its pace.

Cloud-Based Gaming

Cloud gaming is not the future. This is the present, which is rapidly increasing its influence. Services such as Google Stadia and PlayStation Now have already given players the freedom to feel free from hardware constraints. Any resource-intensive game can be launched even from a fairly weak device. This also applies to development. Experts do not need to buy expensive equipment, since all production facilities will be stored in the cloud.

The absence of technical restrictions will significantly expand the capabilities of developers. It will also improve the player experience. All you need for cloud gaming is fast internet. Already, this direction is the heart of massively multiplayer games.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

When there is no access to their native reality, the virtual one is an excellent substitute. Moreover, this applies not only to the entertainment sector, but also to education, training of new employees, and so on.

Of course, the gaming realm allows VR and AR to unfold in all their glory. And 2021 is exactly the time when they will be able to improve and unleash their potential. In particular, immersive technologies promise to be more realistic, smoother and more compelling. New technologies, headsets and glasses will become not only more technologically advanced but also more affordable.

Mobile Games

Almost a third of the world’s population is mobile players. That’s roughly 2.5 billion people. All of them are constantly hungry for new interesting products and very quickly become disillusioned with mediocre ones. Therefore, the market is incredibly competitive, all genre niches have been overflowing for a long time, and it is incredibly difficult to do something new. But probably. Poetmow game outsourcing studios are constantly in an active search for new ideas and game mechanics.

An interesting trend is the move of large franchises to the mobile space. For example, Call of Duty has already implemented this transition and it has produced amazing results. Epic Games’ Fortnite has demonstrated the benefits of reaching all known gaming platforms: it is now the most famous battle royale in the world.

Cross-Play Features

The Fortnite example demonstrated the relevance of cross-platform game support, which makes it possible to play on different devices. For example, a player enters into a confrontation from a smartphone with his opponent, who plays on the console.

Apart from Fortnite, this option is available for Call of Duty and Minecraft. Other game design outsourcing studios are also trying to focus on cross-platform capabilities. It’s not that easy, but this development option will significantly improve the gaming experience and attract more players.

5G Technology

Of course, speaking of cloud services, one cannot fail to mention 5G, which goes hand in hand with them. It is this technology that promises an increase in the speed of more than 100 times in comparison with 4G. All modern gaming products must be compatible with 5G: this guarantees open access to cloud technologies and the ability to play without downloading and installing.

5G technology is now available at 100 Gbps. However, this is not the limit. The massive transition to 5G will give developers the ability to freely develop resource-intensive applications and VR/AR projects, and players can enjoy their favorite entertainment products without interruptions and speed limits.


The future comes regardless of whether we are waiting for it or not. But we are quite capable of preparing for its arrival. Already, any advanced game outsourcing company develops cross-platform games and implements innovative ideas. If you are one of those who strive to stay in trend, then the best way is to partner with the game studio Kevuru Games at This is a company that vigilantly follows all innovations and organically integrates them into its work, creating unique standout products.

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