Resolved Verizon Error Code 9004 With Effective Tricks

Verizon is a popular router manufacturing company which is preferred by a huge number of users in the global market. It is a well-known telecommunication company that provides different products as well as wireless services. Though it offers different services, sometimes it starts to show errors too. Verizon error code 9004 is one such error that is very common and leaves the users puzzled.

In case you are also facing the same issue, then this article is the perfect place to resolve the error at an instant. Read the entire article and execute the steps exactly the same to get rid of the error.

Reasons behind Verizon error Code 9004

There are multiple reasons that are responsible for getting this particular issue. In this article, you will find the possible causes of this issue. If you know the proper reasons, then solving the error will be easier for you.

  • Outdated driver: In case the driver gets outdated, then it is pretty possible that you might get this issue as well. Apart from that, if the update procedure on your system is not completed properly, then you can also face the issue.
  • Corrupted registry files: If the registry files on your device get corrupted somehow, then you can also encounter this issue as well.
  • Poor connectivity: When WiFi or internet connectivity starts to malfunction, then this error code can appear on the screen. So, it is recommended that you have to be sure you are connected with a good network before proceeding further.

Apart from that, due to some malfunctions in the drivers and hardware, this problem can occur.

How to Fix Verizon Error Code 9004?

To resolve the Verizon error code 9004, the first thing you have to do is make sure that you are connected with a good network. Because a poor network can be the main culprit of getting this issue and won’t allow you to complete the task properly. After that, follow the steps exactly the same as illustrated below.

Method 1: Change the Path of Application Data within Registry

  • To follow this step, at first, you have to tap on the Start menu. Now, open the list of the options and click on Run. This will open the “Run Dialog box.”
  • Now, you have to type the command “regedit.exe” inside the dialog box and click on Enter. By this process, Registry Editor will display on the screen.
  • After that, navigate to the left panel and you need to expand the folder “HKEY_CURRENT_USER.” Then, select the Software icon and you have to expand it again.
  • Now, from that folder select the drop-down arrow to extend it. Then select the sub-folder “Windows” and open it.
  • Next, select the folder “Current Version” from the list of the subfolders and click on it. Now, choose Explorer from the list of the options.
  • In the Explorer tab, you can see there are different options as well. But you have to choose “User Shell Folders” and navigate to the right-hand side of the window and double-click on the option “AppData.”
  • After that, you can see a dialog box labeled as “Edit String.” you have to change the default path under the label “Value data” with the path of your local profile.
  • Then, choose “OK” and restart your device. Keep waiting for the time while the restarting process is going on. It is suggested that do not switch off your device. It might cancel the restart process.
  • Finally, check if the error code is still showing up or gets resolved. If the issue is not solved yet, then move to the next step and fix the issue.

Method 2: Update the Operating System

You can update the Operating System to the latest version in order to mitigate the error code. If you do not perform the steps properly, you might face many issues including Verizon error code 9004. Let’s start the methods:

  1. The very first thing you have to do is to, press the Start icon from the Taskbar. Now, select the Gear button and open the “Settings Window.”
  2. Now, locate and select the category “Update & Security” from that window. You can notice a new window is popping up on the display.
  3. Choose “Windows Update” option and then click on “Check for updates.” After that, in order to update the Operating System, click on this icon and proceed with the next step. It will help to find the compatible updates for your device.
  4. If you notice an update is available, then click on it to download. Select the Install icon when the download is over.
  5. After installing the updates properly, you just have to perform a simple reboot. Finally, rectify if the error code gets solved or still appears.

Method 3: Use a Compatible Software

If none of the above steps are helpful for you, then you might go through with this one. To do so, at first, open a browser and search for the reliable software that helps to check the registry issues. You have to choose the most popular software from the list f the result. Now, download the software with the help of internet or WiFi. You need to follow the instruction that is shown on the screen.

After completion of the procedure, tap on the Scan button. This will check the corrupt files or missing files on your system. If you find any malicious files, then you have to remove it from your device. Now, choose “Repair All” and identify the registry files that are present on your screen. This is quite a time-consuming process so do not press the back button or exit from the method. When all the methods are done, check if you fix the issue successfully or not.

Method 4: Update Wireless Driver

  • At first, select Start and navigate to the “Search” bar, then click on it.
  • Now, type Device Manager in the box. You can see a list of options, choose the first option and open Device Manager.
  • Now, locate the “Network Adapters” category and click on it to expand.
  • Double-click on the installed “Wireless Adapter”. It will help you to open the Properties tab.
  • Select, Driver from the options and have a click on “Update Driver” option.
  • Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” from the new dialog box.
  • When you choose the previous option your device will look for any updates that are available for your system.
  • Finally, click on the Update icon and let the process start. If the driver is already upgraded, then you might see a notification message of “Windows has determined that the best driver for this device is already installed.”

Final Remarks

If you want to get rid of the issue, then you have to perform the steps very carefully. But in case if you are unable to solve the issue on your own, then seek an expert’s help. Moreover, you can also leave a comment in the comment box and let us know your valuable feedback.

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