Best Ways To Work On iPad Error -39 Issue

How to manage the iPad error -39 Issue? If you are enquiring this very question to anybody or to yourself and searching for some answer to correct the issue, then you are on the right site. iPad -39 error code generally happens when you are trying to sync the iPad with iTunes. Also, while upgrading or updating iDevices to iOS 11, you are probably facing this error. In case if you delete some videos or photos from your device then also this error -39 may pop up on your Apple device. Once this error -39 shows on your system then, an error message ‘there was a problem downloading the software for the iPad unknown error occurred (-39)’  appears on your device when you are trying to access something. This article will give you a chance to go over with different simple and straightforward fixes. Have a look.

Methods You Can Apply To Fix The iPad Error -39 Issue

You must be thinking of how to get rid of from this irritating error. We will guide you to overcome from this issue, and after that, you can operate your Apple device very smoothly and quickly.

Method 1- Check Your iTunes Version

In case if you are using an old version of your iTunes device. Or, if you not updated your iTunes tools since for a very long time then, this iPad error -39 may trouble you. In such cases, you should visit the Homepage of your Apple device then search for the iTunes tools and select it,

after that find the best-recommended version for your iTunes. Then, click on the recommended iTunes version and after that try to update the latest version.

In case if you have already upgraded the iTunes tools then you need to uninstall it and then try to update it again.

Now, restart your Apple device and then, check if the error persists on your Apple device or not.

Method 2- Check The Security Software

Sometimes, iPad error -39 code occurs because of some obstacle from your security programming. Check if your firewall or some other security programming is keeping the association among iTunes and Apple servers to get set up. In case if the answer is Yes then you are, required to add the iTunes to the  Firewall Security. Here’s the way by which to do it.

  • At first, go to the Homepage and click on the Start menu that locates in the bottom left corner and after that open the search box and type Windows Firewall in the required field.
  • Once the window page appears on your screen then click on the ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’ from the available menu.
  • Now, you can see a lot of Allowed applications after that click on the ‘Change Settings’ options to add the iTunes on the white-list.
  • After that, tap on the “Allow another app”. Now, a box will appear and click on the  Browse options. Then, Navigate to the iTunes files and click Open > then Add > finally  OK.

That’s it. We hope that you are not facing the error -39 issue on your computer.

Method 3- Remove The Photo Cache Folders

When you are using iTunes to synchronize the photos then the Itunes creates two cache folders. They are Apple TV Photo Cache and iPod Photo Cache. These two folders store photos and for this, you can see the iPad error -39 on your Mac device.

In that case, you have to find out these two photo cache folders and then try to remove this two folder. To remove the photo cache folder go after the below points.

  • Go to the Finder menu and select ‘Go’ then tap on the ‘Home’ option.
  • After that look for the Photos or iPhotos Library within the Picture folder.
  • Now right click on any of the files (iPhotos Library, iPhotos) and then click on the ‘Show Package Contents’ buttons.

To delete the Apple TV Photo Cache folder or the iPod Photo Cache folder, drag the folder to the trash. After that exit from the window.

Note:- If you remove the above two Cache folders, then the original photos are not removing from your device. Next time when you are trying to sync your photos, then these two cache folders will again be generated on your system and you need to repeat this step every time.

Finally, restart your Mac computer and check if the error -39 still disturb you or not. In case if you are still unlucky then, go to the next solution.

Method 4- Restore The iPad Device

If you are already tried the above three methods but none of them can fix the iPad error -39 issue then the last option for you is to restore your iPad device. But, keep in mind, that it should be your last option as after applying this restoring process all the settings and user data including videos, music, and content will be deleted. We will suggest you keep a backup of this files and after that, applying this restoring process.

  • First, open the iTunes tools and then connect your Apple to your Mac device.
  • Now, select the device that you want to connect. Here you have to select the iPad device.
  • Now, go to the Summary panel and press on the Restore tab.

After restoring your computer will automatically reboot and thereafter the iPad error -39 issue will be sorted.

And that’s it! We hope that now you will quickly identify the iPad error -39 and its symptoms and you can solve this issue on your own by applying the above five methods.

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