Effective Workarounds To Solve The NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Error


NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID is a common error message which restricts the users to open a website on the Chrome browser. 


If this is the problem that you are facing and worried about, then proceed further to learn the effective workarounds in fixing the error.


Before learning solutions, it is better to understand the causes at first.



The possible causes which return the error message: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, are as follows:


  • Incorrect Date and Time Settings
  • Restrictions of the Antivirus Software
  • Outdated Google Chrome
  • Corrupt or Damaged Chrome Extensions

Methods to Get Rid of the NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Error:


By applying these below methods in the same way as it is being mentioned, you can get rid of this error. 


So, try them one-by-one as arranged here.

Method 1: Ensure that the Date and Time is Correct


The first thing you need to verify if you get the “Failed to load resource: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID” error is the Date and Time which is set on your PC is OK. 


If you see that the Date and Time are not matching with your current date and time, then this is the reason why you are getting the error. 


The steps to correct the date and time settings of your computer are as follows:


  1. Firstly, navigate the mouse pointer onto the Date and Time section of your Windows window and then click on it.
  2. After that, from the Date and Time settings window, click on the “Change date and time settings” link.
  3. Then, click on the “Change date and time” button.
  4. Further, correct your date and time by using the mouse pointer.
  5. Next, click on OK to save the changes.
  6. Now, retry browsing the internet using the Chrome browser to check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Method 2: Disable your Antivirus Software


After ensuring the date and time of your computer, if still, the error arises, then as the next solution, you need to disable your antivirus software. 


In some cases, the antivirus restrictions are the reason behind the error. Most of the antivirus software can be disabled by following the steps below:


At first, get the antivirus icon from the Taskbar panel. In a rare case, you will get the antivirus icon in the Taskbar tray. 


The upward direction arrow near to the date and time section of the window is the symbol for the Taskbar tray, click on it to open.


After getting the antivirus icon on the Taskbar panel, right-click on it.


Next, from the menu window, select the “Antivirus shields control” option. Then, from its side window, select the option for which you want to disable the antivirus software. 

Now, click on OK to confirm the change.


Further, load the Chrome browser on your computer. Now, ensure if the error gets sorted or not. If you get the problem fixed, then you can go for uninstalling the antivirus software. 


On the other hand, if still, the error persists, then proceed with the further method.


The free version of the antivirus software are the main culprits causing the error. It is always advised to use a genuine and paid version of antivirus software on your computer for the security purpose.

Method 3: Turn Off Extensions in Chrome


If any extensions of the Chrome browser is the main problem, then it might returns you with this error message on the screen. 


To check if this is the situation, turn off the extensions in the Chrome browser. The steps that you need to follow to disable the extensions of the Chrome browser are as follows:


  1. At first, launch the Chrome browser.
  2. After that, click on the three vertical dotted icons that is near the extreme top right-hand corner of the Chrome browser.
  3. Next, from the three vertical dotted icon menu, select the More tools and then click on  Extensions.
  4. After that, uncheck the “Enable” boxes for every extension from the window.
  5. Further, close the Chrome window to refresh.
  6. Now, open the Chrome browser and then check if the issue gets resolved or not. In most cases, this method gives a positive result to the users.

Method 4: Clear Caches and Data


After trying all the above methods, if still, the error: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID exists, in that case, clear the cache and data from the Chrome browser to get the issue resolved.


  1. To begin with, open the Chrome browser.
  2. Next, press down both the Ctrl+Shift+Del keys at a time. This will get you the “Clear browsing data” window on the screen.
  3. Now, ensure that the checkboxes of the below-said options are active.
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files
  1. Next, click on the “CLEAR DATA” button to ensure the task.
  2. Then, wait until the browsing history cleaning task gets completed.
  3. Now, restart the Chrome browser and then check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Method 5: Update the Chrome Browser


Updating the Chrome browser is an effective method to solve the error. The steps to update the Chrome browser are very simple and as are stated below:


  1. At first, open the Chrome browser.
  2. After that, click on the three vertical dotted icons.
  3. Next, from the menu window, click on Help.
  4. Further, click on “About Google Chrome”. If an update is available for the Chrome browser, then it will get loaded automatically. You will able to see the update loading process on the window.
  5. As Chrome gets the update, restart the browser and then ensure if the issue gets resolved or not.

Method 6: Reset the Chrome Settings to Default


To solve the error, you can reset the Chrome browser into the default settings. Remember, if you reset the Chrome browser, then the changes which you have done with the browser will get reverted. 


To reset the Chrome settings to default, proceed with the below steps:


  1. At first, open the Chrome browser.
  2. Next, click on the Settings option from the menu window that opens after clicking on the three vertical dotted icons.
  3. After that, scroll down the Settings window and then hit on the Advanced button.
  4. Further, scroll down until you reach the end of the window. Here, from the “Reset and clean up” section, click on the right-hand side symboled arrow that is beside the “Restore settings to their original defaults”.
  5. Next, click on the “Reset settings” button.


Now, wait until the process is over. When the Google Chrome reset is done successfully, restart the browser. 


After that, by using the browser, perform a search to check if the error still present or not. Hopefully, this time you will get the error resolved.


All these are the effective workarounds to solve: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. If you have any further problem regarding the error, then you can take the help of an expert to solve the issue.


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