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Canon, the Japanese company, provides excellent and superior imaging devices. For the industrial purposes, it is most notable for designing extremely efficient laser printers. Canon printers are all-in-one multifunction devices. Thus, to cater to the requirements of every user, it performs multiple functions at once. However, during usage, there might be some usual problems crop up like Canon printer error U052. This error code signifies that your printer isn’t having a printhead or the printhead is incorrect. After installing the printhead, if you have come across the error right, then it is adequate to a glitch in the print head.

When your printer cannot recognize one or more cartridges, you might get this error code. Therefore, for Canon printer users, it is not an unusual problem to face this error code. In this article, we bring you some effective ways to fix Canon printer error u052 with ease. Hence, keep reading this article till the end and fix this problem in a short span of time.


Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code u052 In Simple Ways


Canon Printer users often meet Canon printer error code U052, that means there is an issue with the seating of the ink cartridges and Print Head. Thus, you need to fix it shortly. So, follow all the given methods carefully.


Getting error U052 with Print Head installed

  • Primarily, you need to access the printer’s ink cartridges and the print head. To do so, you have to remove the top lid of the printer first. After this, access to the printhead and ink cartridges. While opening the top lid, you will see that the printer’s ink cartridges will lift up to the middle front of the printer automatically.
  • Once you are done, from the switchboard you need to unplug the printer. After unplugging the printer, you need to make sure that the ink cartridge lever found on the side of the cartridge cradle is raised up. Once you make sure, the cartridges slot will not move automatically.
  • Now, from the cartridges slot, you need to carefully remove all the ink cartridges. Therefore, it will expose the black print head.
  • After this process, from the printer, you have to gently remove the print head. Basically, there is a technical method to remove the print head. You need to pull the cartridges gently, then the print head will automatically come out.
  • Now, you need to perform the basic cleaning process, to do so, reinsert the ink cartridges and print head into the printer and close all the doors. But make sure that the lever is in the black place.
  • Once you perform this action, turn on the printer and check, if you still get stuck with the Canon printer error U052, move on to the next method.

Getting U052 without any Printhead installed

After installing the print head, if you still encounter the same error code, then you can try this method without any print head installed. To do this process, you need to switch off the printer first. Now, open the top lid and check, if there are any print head or cartridges then remove them carefully. After that, you will see that the cartridges slots are present in the middle front of the printer with lever lifted up. Now, you need to install the print head. Install it into the sliding rail that is beside the cartridges slot. Into the cartridge slot, carefully install the cartridges and then close the lever and doors. Once you are done, make sure that the print head and cartridges are properly installed. When done, close the top lid and turn on the printer. After following both methods, if the error still persists, then you need to try some other methods. To do that, take a look below:

An alternate way to fix Canon Printer Head issue

  • You need to make sure that you have installed both the black and white color ink cartridges. If not, then you should install both the white and black ink cartridges.
  • Moreover, these kinds of error codes depending on the model. Thus, you need to assure that cartridges display the accurate codes.
  • As we know, with a series of metallic contacts the printer communicates. Thus, you need to remove the cartridges and clean the contacts carefully. Otherwise, dirt and debris will block your printer. As a result, your printer can’t recognize the cartridges properly.
  • If one of the cartridges is damaged or defective, then immediately replace it with a new one.
  • If there is any clogged particle obstruct the printing, then you might get the error code U052. Hence, clean the inkjet on regular basis.
  • Furthermore, If it seems to you that your printer has a broken print head, then you need to change it shortly.

Hopefully, these points of instruction helped you to fix the Canon printer error U052. Moreover, if you have further queries or question do leave comments in the comment section below.

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