Solve Smite Bad or Missing Configuration Error Efficiently

Smite is a well-known battle arena video game, liked by many of the users to play in available or leisure time. However, there are some issues that the users faced uncertainty, or maybe at the first time of opening the application, “Smite Bad or Missing Configuration” is one of them. If this is the error message that you are getting and trying to identify the cause of it along with the solutions. Then, this is the article, you can continue with. After studying this article thoroughly, you will be able to resolve the factors which are causing the error message efficiently. So, check it out.

What Causes “Smite Bad or Missing Configuration” Error Message?

There are several possible reasons which are resulted in such an error message and are as follows:

  • A virus attack
  • Conflict with another program
  • Wrong Smite file installation
  • Corrupt or missing Smite file
  • A slow internet connection

No matter whatever be the reason, after a thorough following up these below instructions, you might get the error solved. But the thing is that you need to try the methods one after the other as explained serial wise. Hopefully, after trying a few of these methods you will get rid of the error.

Methods to Get Smite Bad or Missing Configuration Fix

If you are searching for the complete methods to resolve “Smite Bad or Missing Configuration” error, then, you are now at the exact section of the article. So, let’s check the methods.

Method 1: Scan your Computer using a Security tool

At first, the method which you can try to fix the Smite Bad or Missing Configuration error is scanning your computer with antivirus software. However, if you are a Windows 10 user, then, you can do this task with the help of the Windows Defender tool itself. And the process to do this task is very easy and is as explained below.

Run Virus Scan Using Windows Defender

Now, let’s learn the procedure of how to run a full scan using the Windows Defender tool.

First of all, navigate the mouse pointer on to the Windows logo, which is at the extreme below left-hand side corner, right-click on it. After that, from the menu window, select the Settings option. Next, from the Settings window, navigate to “Update & Security”, and click on it. Further, from the left-hand side of this open window, click on Windows Defender. Then, look at the right-hand side panel, here, you will get a button as “Open Windows Defender Security Center”, click on it, to begin with, the further steps as below.

Now, from the Windows Defender window, click on the shield symboled icon which you will get at the left-hand panel. After that, from the right-hand side panel of this window, click on the “Advanced scan” link. Next, from the Advanced Scan window, enable the checkbox for “Full”. And then, select the “Quick scan” button, this will start the scanning process. Wait, until the scan is over, it may take a few minutes to get completed. Once, the scan is done, restart your computer and then check if you are able to open the Smite application or not.

Method 2: Uninstall the Conflicting Application with the Smite Video Game

To do this method, at first, the task which you need to perform is to identify the application, which gets conflicted with Smite and results in such an error. The process to identify the conflicting application is very simple and are as follows. In general, most of the times, it is found that the third-party antivirus software is the culprit causing the error.

Stop All the Running Applications

To identify the Smite confliction application, at first, you need to stop all the programs runs in your computer. And to do this, you need to open the Task Manager window. Press the Windows and the letter R key altogether to open the Run bar. Then, on the Run bar type “taskmgr.exe”, without quotations. After that, either click on OK or tap the Enter button, this will get you the Task Manager window open. Now, you need to follow all these below steps, with all the running application on this window.

Select the application, and then click on the “End Process” button.

Identify the Conflict Application

Once all the running programs get closed. Close the Task Manager window as well. After that, try to open the Smite application. Hopefully, now, you will not face any further problem. If this is the case, then you need to run your commonly used applications one by one and then open Smite, to check, if again the error message gets to appear. And if then, now, you have identified the conflict application. Proceed to this further section to learn the process of how to uninstall the conflict application

Steps to Uninstall an Application

At first, open the search bar by tapping the Windows button from Keyboard. And then on the search bar type “control”. After that, click on the top-most search result, that is “Control Panel”. Now, check the “View by” section of the Control Panel, is it set to Category or not. And if not, then follow this below paragraph instructions or else skip it.

At first, drop-down the menu for “View by”. And then from the available options, select Category. That is the additional task you need to perform.

Now, from the available options of the Control Panel window, click on Programs>Programs and Features. Then, on this popping up window, you will see all the installed programs list on your computer. From this programs list, scroll down to the program which you want to uninstall. After that, right-click on the program and then select Uninstall for it. Again, hit on the Uninstall option, to confirm. Once the program gets uninstalled successfully, restart your computer to get the full effect of this method. And then, try to play the Smite video game, to check if the problem gets terminated from your device.

Method 3: Run System File Checker

According to many of the users, Smite Bad or Missing Configuration error occurs due to the corrupt file reason. If this is the case, then it can be solved by running the System File Checker tool. And the steps you need to follow to run this method are as follows:

First of all, open the search bar by tapping down the Windows button. And then on the search bar type “cmd”, that is without using quotations. After that, most probably the top-most search result which you will get is either “cmd” or “Command Prompt”, right-click on it. Next, from the menu window, select the “Run as administrator” option.

Now, enter the command as given below, on the Administrator: Command Prompt window. After that, press down the Enter button, for the command execution purpose. Now, you will see a percentage bar runs with a value. Wait until the value loads to 100. Then, restart your computer and check if the error gets resolved.

sfc /scannow

Method 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the Smite Video Game Application

After applying these above methods, if you still stuck with the “Smite Bad or Missing Configuration” error message then you can proceed with this effective method. This is one of the self-sufficient methods to solve many of the common problems with the Smite application. So, if you have tried these above methods and get no result, do not worry. Try this ultimate method. The steps you need to follow up are as below.

Uninstall Smite Application

Firstly, you need to open the Control Panel window. And for this, tap both the Windows and the letter R key at a time. After that, on this Run bar, type “control”. Next, click on the OK button, this will get you the Control Panel window open on the screen. Now, verify the “View by” portion of the Control Panel, is it set as Category or not. And if not, then you need it to change it into Category. Further, from the Control panel window select Programs> Programs and Features. Now, from this installed programs list window, search for the Smite application. After that, right-click on Smite and select the Uninstall option for it. Next, again click on Uninstall to confirm. Once the uninstallation of Smite is done successfully, restart your computer for the further steps to fix Smite Bad or Missing Configuration error.

Download and Reinstall Smite Application

Now, as the computer turns on, connect it with the internet if it was not set to automatic. Next, open a browser and by using it navigate to the download page of the Smite application. Here, you need to identify the Smite application, which is suitable for your system configuration. After, you get the suitable and the updated version of the Smite application, download it. Remember that during the downloading process of the Smite video game, no disturbance will take place. If any disturbance occurs then this might result in incomplete Smite download and thus further result in such an error. Once you have successfully downloaded the Smite application, install it by following the onscreen instructions. After that, restart your computer and next, try to play the Smite video game to ensure that the error gets resolved.

Method 4: Check the Internet Connection

In most of the times, a problem with internet connectivity is the reason behind the Smite Bad or Missing Configuration error. If this is the case, then, you need to follow these below steps, which may resolve the problem. So, check it out.

At first, shut down the computer. Next, turn the power off for both the computer and its related devices include the modem or broadband connection. After that, detach the wire connections (remember the positions, for reconnecting purpose). Next, wait for a few seconds and then connect the wires back to its particular location. Then, turn the power supply on for all the devices. Now, start your computer and try to launch the Smite application to check if the error gets resolved.

All these are the effective methods to fix the Smite Bad or Missing Configuration error. Hopefully, after a complete study of this article, you will not get any issue with the steps of the methods. And hence you will be able to solve the problem. If you have any more query regarding the topic, then, you can leave a comment in the section as given below.

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