Send Fax From Gmail – Complete Guidelines

Gmail is one of the most commonly used email services developed by the Google team. By using a Gmail account, you can perform many tasks include chatting, sharing documents, video calling, and much more. However, Gmail fax is among the features which are very useful for the users. Many of the Gmail users are not aware of how to send fax from Gmail. Here, from this article, you will learn the total process of utilizing fax using a Gmail account.

Sending a fax from Gmail is as simple as to send an email to the other person. The way of faxing using Gmail account is not that difficult task. With the help of the presence of online faxing tools, you can freely send any file type as a fax document using your existing Gmail account. Study this article till the end to learn the process of how to fax from Gmail.

Steps To Send Fax From Gmail In No Time

Here, in this section of this article, you will get the complete guidelines of using fax in Gmail. So, without wasting time, kindly read this below steps for sending a fax using Gmail.

Step 1: Confirm A Fax Provider Online

As the Gmail does not come with a pre-loaded faxing feature, so to initiate this process you need to select an online provider of faxing. Many of the online fax providers offer you a 30 days trial service. As the date goes beyond, it starts charging an amount or causing you security trouble by stealing the sending documents details. However, you can also send fax from Gmail for free by continuing this below instructive steps.

Step 2: Open Your Gmail Account

To begin with, at first, connect your system with a LAN or WiFi internet connection. After that, by opening a browser, navigate to the official Gmail website and click on the “Sign In” box from the top right corner of the screen. On doing this, the sign in process will begin, and here, you need to enter the username of your Gmail account.

After that, click on Next and then on Sign In by providing the password which is already set for this Gmail account. This is the process to Sign in to a Gmail account, which is more or less familiar to you. After you signed in to your account, continue to the steps as explained below.

Step 3: Fill “To” With “1212121212 (recipient fax number)”

This time click on the add (+) symbol from the left panel to compose an email. On doing this, a “New Message” window will get open. At the “To” section of this window, you need to enter the recipient details and that is unique in terms of the fax provider you choose. The chosen provider will provide you with a domain name which is needed for this step of send fax from Gmail.

However, every domain name is somewhat similar and it looks like “ And in general, in the place of “ABC”, you need to enter your fax provider name. The entry which you need to type in the “To” section will look like “1212121212 (recipient fax number)”. After filling the “To” bar, now proceed to this next explaining steps as below.

Step 4: Attach A Document

After providing the recipient details in the To portion, in the next step is to attach a document on the New Message window. And to do this, you need to select a file from your system in a supportable format The document format can be in- .doc, .pdf, .txt, .jpg.

Now, hit on the paperclip icon from this below portion of this window to start the document attaching process. After clicking on the paperclip icon, it will open the Libraries of your system. From here, you can navigate to the document which you want to send as a fax.

Even you can hit on the Google Drive icon to paste a currently stored document from the Google Drive account. After pasting the documents in the New Message window, make a cover letter for it.

Step 5: Finally, Create A Cover Letter And Hit On Send

After attaching the documents, type a cover letter which is relevant to the fax you are sending. Type the cover letter contents on the upper of these attached files. And then, type a subject which is the most important part of sending a fax.

Now, after doing all the above explaining steps then verify that everything is done includes the fax number with a domain, file attachments, “To” and “Subject” portion. After that, click on Send to confirm the send fax from Gmail process.

All these are the steps you need to perform to confirm the sending fax using Gmail process. Hope, after studying this article minutely, you can do this task on your own.

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