Easy Tips To Resolve WiFi Not Showing Up Windows 10

Wifi not showing up in your Windows 10 computer is a prevalent issue. Many users witnessing such problems and have no clue how to fix the issue. If you are going through the situation, then read this article for your good. There are countless reasons for the ‘Wifi not working in Windows 10’. Users those are noticing such problem need diagnose the issue properly.

The problem can have an adverse impact on your PC. Wifi problem can occur if the hardware cannot support high bandwidth. Problems can also due to the issues with the configuration of the Bandwidth in your system or router. You can even notice such problems due to older Wifi Adapters and Drivers running on your machine. Users can encounter such errors due to broken or damaged parts.

Sometimes users witness this kind of problem more due to driver incompatibility. Otherwise, there can be a problem in the WLAN card which can prevent the functioning of the Wifi. If you have any corrupt drivers in your system, then the System won’t be able to detect the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi problems can also occur if there is an issue in the adapter region of the Wifi. So there are some potential issues which can lead to Wifi problems. If you are facing any one of the highlighted issues then go through this article.


List Of Solutions for Wifi Not Showing Up In Windows


After diagnosing the issue, if you find any serious WiFi problems then troubleshoot it right away. To resolve the Wifi is not showing up the issue in Windows, you need to know proper techniques first.


Fix By Upgrading WiFi Adapter Drivers


This one of the best method to troubleshoot Wifi problem. As we know, problems like this can creep into the system if the adapter of an outdated version. Thus to avoid such problem users need to update the Wi-Fi adapters.

To begin the process tap the Start menu and open the Run box. Next, write ‘devmgmnt’ in the run toolbox. Then expand the Device Manager tab and locate the Network Adapters. In the Network adapter window search for the WLAN card drivers. If you cannot see the WiFi card, then it is not installed in your system.

So go to Others option, and there you will find various drivers icon with a yellow mark. After that, right-click the device and choose Update Driver Software. Then select Search automatically for the updated device to enable automatic search. Users can aslo use the internet via ethernet cable for fast results. Let the system to track drivers and download them.


Roll Back To Previous Wi-Fi Drivers


If you are noticing the problems after updating the Wifi adapter drivers then revert to the earlier version. This can help to eradicate the WiFi problem from their system.

Press the Windows key + R from the keyboard to initiate the Run command. Then type in ‘devmgmnt.msc’ and click OK. Once you are inside the Device manager head to Network adapters option. After that locate WLAN card driver and select the device to roll back to the earlier version. Else users can go to Properties window and select Rollback driver.


Verify Network Settings


Users those who are seeing Wi-Fi issue on their system needs to check the network settings. For that, you need click the Internet icon and select Open Network And Sharing Center. After that tap Change adapter settings. Next users need to choose Wifi and then the Wifi or Wireless network connection option. When the process is complete restart your PC to troubleshoot the issue.


Enable WLAN Auto Config


You can also fix the Wifi problem by allowing WLAN AutoConfig. If you do this, then the WLAN Auto config will fix the settings and wireless security. If you activate this application, then it will work on all network adapters. Thus follow the process to activate the Auto Config.

First, select the Start tab from the desktop. Then, choose ‘services’ from the list and search WLAN Autoconfig on the tab. Next, right-click the icon and tap properties from the menu. After opening Properties set the Startup type to ‘Automatic’. Then hit the OK button at the bottom of the tab and restart your PC.  And see the WiFi is working correctly or not.


Uninstall Corrupt Drivers


If the problem persists then you need to clear all the incompatible or corrupt drivers. Sometimes problems like this are hard to troubleshoot if there is an issue with the driver. There are various ways to uninstall the adapter from your system.

In this step, users need to open the Run toolbox and type devmgmt.msc. and tap Enter. Now navigate to the Network adapters and expand the window. In this section locate the WLAN card device and select the device to uninstall. Click the Uninstall button and remove the faulty and the incompatible drivers.


Deactivate The Faulty WiFi Adapters


An alternate way to troubleshoot the WiFi problem is by disabling adapters. If the Network driver is not properly installed, then the system cannot start WLAN service at any cost. Hence you need to check such drivers which are not installed correctly. So, go to the Device Manager window and select the Network adapters. Now check for unidentified drivers with a yellow mark.

After finding the unknown driver right-click the device to choose the properties option from the list. Next, tap the driver window and select disable and click on Apply to save changes. After that again open the device manager uninstall the wireless driver and select uninstall. Then restart your computer and see the problem is resolved or not.


Configure The Adapter Region Of The Wifi


If the Wifi adapter is not showing up Windows 10 then you can change the adapter region of your wireless network.


Click the start tab and select Device Manager from the list. Now head to Network Adapters and open properties of the WiFi adapter. Once you are inside the Properties, select the Advanced and search for Country and Region option. After that configure the region according to the bandwidth. Users need to know that all Wifi does not have this feature. Also, for some WiFi users can locate it in Channels Number property. You can also reconfigure the WiFi Router channels WLAN settings to match the adapter settings.



Wifi not showing is a typical problem that usually occurs in Windows systems only. Issues like this can be quite annoying as users cannot surf the internet as the WiFi is out of order. If your systems Wifi is not working properly then use this set of solutions to fix the issue.

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