Ultimate Ways To Resolve When Avast Won’t Open

Avast is a reliable computer security service provider. It protects your system from all kind of harmful virus attacks and supports in all Windows Operating System. Sometimes you may find Avast won’t open in your system. In this case, you may land up into huge trouble and search for ways to protect your system using Avast Antivirus. If this is the case, then follow the procedures below which may help you to mitigate the error.

Ultimate Solutions When Avast Not Working:

Here we have listed some of the workable procedures to resolve this Avast won’t open problem. So let us now start to learn these procedures.

Cause 1. Windows 10 Doesn’t Recognize Avast

In most of the case, Avast won’t open Windows 10 due to the unrecognized issue. If this is the case then nothing to worry, because it can be solved easily. To do this on your own follow the detailed steps.

Method 1: Disable Avast Antivirus And Re-enable It

To do this at first take the cursor to the Avast icon. From the taskbar menu right-click on it. Now from this menu bar select on the Avast shields control option. From this new option, menu selects on Disable for 10 minutes option. After 10 minutes, it will automatically get enabled. By doing this method, now check if you can use Avast on Windows 10. If not, then try the next solution.

Method 2: Utilize The Command Prompt (Admin)

First of all, press the Windows button to enable the Windows Search bar. On it type cmd and resist yourself from pressing the Enter button. Now right click on the top-most Windows search option that is on the Command Prompt. After that, from this appearing list select on “Run As Administrator”, this will open the Administrative permission Command Prompt window. Next, on this black screen Administrator Command Prompt window type “winmgmt/verifyrepository” and then press the Enter button. On doing this if you get this “WMI repository is inconsistent -problems detected” message. Then again type “winmgmt /salvagerepository” on this Administrator Command Prompt window and hit the Enter button. If this generates as “WMI repository has been salvaged – WMI repository has been successfully rebuilt” then reset your computer. After that check, whether Avast won’t open in Windows 10 problem gets resolved.

Cause 2: Avast Causing Black Screen Windows 10 Problem

As some users are reporting that the Avast is one of the main culprits for the Windows 10 Black Screen problem. To resolve this malfunctioning of the Avast antivirus, continue with the below steps.

To initiate this process click on the Avast icon from the taskbar and then open the Avast UI. Next hit on the Settings option from this Avast UI widow. After that click on General and then on Exclusions from this right panel. Next, select on Add and include this below command. Then Restart your computer to check the Black screen status. On doing this process, if this problem gets resolved then enjoy using your system. Otherwise, continue with the next solutions.

Cause 3: Avast Not Working

Avast not working generally occurs if there is any problem with the currently installed software. So to repair the Avast software related problem try this process.

To begin this process at first press the Windows button and then on the search bar type control and hit the Enter button. On doing this the Control Panel window will open. After that from this Control Panel window hit on Programs and then on Uninstall A Program. Try to get the Avast antivirus from its official websites only. By reinstalling the Avast antivirus total security, this Avast won’t open problem will get fixed.

Cause 4: Changes Due To New Software Installation

If you are facing “Avast won’t open” issue after installing new application software, then this may happen due to a software conflict issue. If this happens, then the solution for this will be a little difficult. You can resolve this in two ways, which are as follows:

Way 1: Uninstall The Software Application And Reinstall Avast

If this problem gets started after installing new application software, then at first you need to uninstall both the Avast and the problem of creating software. To do this, press the Windows key to open the Windows search bar. After that on the search bar type control and hit on the Enter button, this will open the Control Panel window.

Now from the Control Panel options list select on Programs and then on Uninstall A Program. After doing this you will see all the installed programs of your system. Then from this list, search for the recently installed application software. After getting it, click on it and press on Uninstall. Follow the same uninstallation process to uninstall this corrupt Avast software. After that use a browser to open the Avast official website and search for your system compatible antivirus and download it to install. As the Installation process gets over, you will be able to use Avast to scan your system.

Way 2: Restore Windows To The Previous Time

To initiate this process press the Windows button. This will open the Windows search bar. Now on this bar type control and hit the Enter button. Then make sure that the Control Panel “View by” option is set to Category. After that select the System and Security option. Next, from this right panel click on File History and then on Recovery from the left-hand side panel.

Further, from the right pane click on Open System Recovery> Next. Now on this opening page select the time in which you want to restore your system. After selecting the time period click on Next to continue and then on Finish and OK. Hope by doing this restoring process, you will get your system back along with Avast.

If you are using an outdated version of Avast antivirus then this can also be a cause for this unnoticeable problem. So it is better to stay protected before any problem attacks your device. Hence, always try to keep your Avast software up to date.

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