Resolve Quick Heal Total Security Error 1603 with Effective Tricks

The Quick Heal Total Security error 1603 occurs while you try to download or install the antivirus. It is a technical issue where the Operating System freezes suddenly while you open the antivirus. Also, the system can crash sometimes due to the Quick Heal Total Security error 1603. An issue with the antivirus of your computer will increase the chances of any potential threats on your computer, especially when you are using the internet. Therefore, if you want to fix the error with your antivirus, then follow this article carefully.  


What Causes Error 1603?


There can be several reasons behind the malfunctioning of the antivirus. You need to know some of the causes of the problem. This is because you will be able to provide perfect solutions for such issues. Have a look at some of the reasons for the error code.

  • If you have not installed the Quick Heal software properly then you can face issues with the antivirus. In such cases, you need to uninstall the antivirus and then install it correctly.
  • A corrupt windows registry can also cause a problem with the antivirus.
  • There can be an issue with the setup file of the software. If it is virus infected then you can face an issue like this. You have to scan the computer in such circumstances to get rid of the issue.
  • Moreover, using a third-party antivirus can also cause issues with the antivirus. Uninstalling the third-party antivirus can fix the reason for you.

Easy Hacks to Resolve Quick Heal Total Security Error 1603


An issue with the antivirus hampers the security system of your computer. Hence, you need to fix the Quick Heal Total Security error 1603 at the earliest. Take a glimpse at some of the easy troubleshooting measures by which you can get rid of the problem.


Method 1: Close Conflicting Programs


You need to first identify the programs that are causing the issue. After that identify the programs and then you have to open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys together from the keyboard. Then select the Task Manager option. The Task Manager window opens on the screen. There navigate to the Processes tab. This will show the list of all the processes currently running in the system. Find out the conflicting program and right-click on it. A drop-down menu will come where you have to choose the End Process option. Then click on the Apply and OK buttons respectively. After that, reboot the system and open the Quick Heal Antivirus. See if the issue persists or not.


Method 2: Uninstall Third-party Antivirus


Presence of third-party antivirus can affect the performance of the Quick Heal. Therefore, you need to uninstall the antivirus from the Control Panel. Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start button present at the left side of the taskbar. Then type Control Panel and hit the Enter button. The Control Panel window appears on the screen. Then select the Programs and Features option. A list of all the programs currently installed in the system will appear. Find out the third-party antivirus and right-click on it. Then choose the uninstall option to remove the software completely. Then restart the device and check the performance of Quick Heal.

Method 3: Scan The Computer


The presence of harmful viruses can also affect antivirus performance. Hence, it will show the Quick Heal Total Security error 1603. Therefore, you have to scan the whole system to delete the infected files. At first, install the Quick Heal antivirus with a valid product key. Then open the antivirus and start a full system scan. This will take some time to scan the whole computer. Wait until the scan is complete. Then the antivirus will return a report of the scan. There you have to delete the infected files that are not in the system drive. The infected files which are in the system drive, move them to the Quarantine. Also, you can click on the Add to Quarantine option. This will repair the files effectively such that no damage to the system is made.

Hope the above methods have helped you to fix this error on the go. Follow the article and implement it accordingly. In case of any trouble or confusion, leave us a feedback in the comment section below.

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