OBS Display Capture Not Working? Resolve It With Easy And Effective Fixes

In this fast paced world of digitalization, online platforms have indeed emerged as one of the strongest platforms for streaming professional videos. 

And essentially speaking, OBS Studio accounts to be a free software designed exclusively for the streaming of such professional videos.

The best part about the software is that it is designed in such a manner that it is supported both by Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems. However, while users simply adore everything about the software, it is not free from a glitch. 

And when talking about problems, “OBS Display Capture Not Working” is certainly among the most common issue reported by the users.

However, like every other technical glitch, this too is quite easily fixable. And, in this article, we shall offer you the most suitable solutions to adopt in case you face “OBS studio display capture not working” issue. 

Why is OBS Display Capture Not Working?

So, if you are conversant with the posting of professional videos, then you must be quite familiar with the OBS software. 

Also if you are using the software for quite some time now, then the problem of “OBS  studio display capture not working” could not have gone unnoticed by you.


Now,  as per our promise, in this article, we shall offer you the most effective solutions that you must try in order to resolve such a glitch. However, before we move on to the solutions, let us first shed some light on the major causes.

Thus, we cite you some of the fundamental reasons triggering the issue.   

Specified GPU: 

Most users have dedicated GPU installed to their System. If so, then the OBS software must be appropriately configured so that it functions on your dedicated graphics. If not, the “OBS Display Capture Not Working” issue is bound to trigger. 

Version Related Issues: 

Users often report about OBS facing severe problems especially after common updates on Windows 10 Operating Systems.  

Administrator Problems:

Oftentimes, the OBS software might come to a sudden and unexpected halt if it does not have the necessary Administrator permissions. Under such cases, you need to provide the software with elevated access. 

Outdated Drivers: 

The software can only function smoothly if the graphics are updated to the latest versions. Otherwise, you have every possibility of running into this unexpected complication. 

Proven Fixes to Resolve “OBS Studio Display Capture Not Working”

Under this section, we shall offer you the surefire fixes to counter the “OBS Display Capture Not Working” issue. Thus, for easy and effective workarounds, read through and follow our suggestions thoroughly. 

Fix 1: Try Updating Graphics Driver to the Latest Version

Graphics Drivers function as the fundamental modules enabling proper communication between your OS and the Graphics Hardware

Therefore in case, the Graphics Drivers are found to be outdated defective, quite naturally, you have all the chance running into the problem of “OBS Display Capture Not Working” 

In such conditions, the only feasible solution left for you is to uninstall all the existing old and outdated graphics drivers and replace them with their updated versions. 

Undermentioned are the steps to execute the same. Take a look. 

  • Right at the beginning, you must download and install Display Driver Installer or the DDU right from the official website.
  • Once you have installed the DDU, you must run your Computer System in Safe Mode.  
  • The moment the DDU is successfully launched, you will have to choose the option named ‘Clean and restart”. 
  • Once done, all your existing outdated drivers will automatically uninstall from your System.  
  • Thereafter, restart your PC without activating the Safe Mode and try to run the software.
  • Following this, launch the Run Command by means of pressing the Windows key + R simultaneously.
  • Once the run Dialog box pops up, feed in the command “devmgmt.msc” within it and click on the Enter button. 
  • Thereafter, right-click on the space that is empty. Then choose the option that says “search for hardware changes”
  • Once done, the default drivers will get installed instantaneously.  Once you have installed the drivers, you will have to reboot your System all over again.    
  • Thereafter, try to run the software afresh and see whether the issue resorts. 

Fix 2 Try Using Compatibility Mode For OBS 

Running OBS in Compatibility mode is indeed an effective workaround against the hitch in question. Thus whenever you find OBS display capture not working, you can simply check the Compatibility option.  

Make sure you turn On the Compatibility mode in case it is turned Off. The Compatibility mode will at once enable the capture to go through.

Fix 3: Alter the Display Output to the Dedicated Graphics Card

Most users using the OBS software already have dedicated graphics installed into their System in order to operate the gaming applications and Graphical representations. 

Thus, the internal GPU gets embedded in the Processor get into a conflict with the Display  Unit of your Device, you have every possibility of running into this unexpected hitch. 

Therefore, to resolve such problems, you need to change the  Display Output of your device to a Dedicated Graphics Card. 

To do so, follow the steps cited below. 

  • To begin with right-click on your desktop and choose the “ NVIDIA” Control Panel.
  • Once the Control Panel opens up, you will have to press upon  “Manage 3D Settings”.
  • Following this, you must press upon Program Settings.
  • The moment you do this, the drop-down menu bar that comprises of the list of programs will pop up on the screen.   
  • All you should do next is Add OBS and choose your dedicated graphics that is, “NVIDIA”. You may choose the same form the second drop-down menu bar. 
  • Lastly, you should save the changes you have made and exit.
  • On completion of all the steps mentioned above, you need to simply reboot your PC. 


Fix 4: Ensure that OBS has Access to the Administrator Access 

Your computer might as well restrict or block the operations of OBS software due to issues concerning the Administrator Rights. Thus, it is imperative that your OBS software has access to the necessary Administrator rights in order to run smoothly. 

Go through the instructions listed below in order to render Administrator Access to the OBS.

  • At first, you will have to run File Explorer by means of press on the Windows key + E simultaneously. 
  • Now, you need to locate where your Software may be saved on your device. In this regard, you may note that the default storage location of OBS is the “ Local Disk C’s Program Files.”  
  • Thereafter, you must right-click on the App’s executable and choose the Properties Tab.
  • Once under the Properties, you need to click on the Compatibility Tab and check out the option stating “Run this program as an administrator.”     
  • Lastly, press on the Apply button and save the changes you made. 

Now, you should no longer face the “OBS studio display capture not working”.

With this, with its time for us to wrap up. As we conclude, we shall strongly recommend our readers to take proper note of the fixes we offered. Further, apply them appropriately to resolve the issue as soon as you confront the “OBS Display Capture Not Working”. 

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