Netflix Not Working? Resume Its Services Back With Effective Methods

Netflix is a well-known internet entertainment service. If it stops working, then this is one of the most common problems that you may encounter. 

The methods to go through to fix this error are explained below. Try the methods one-by-one as arranged here. 

The main factors that are responsible for the Netflix not working issue are slow internet connection; outdated Netflix app and corrupt or damaged Netflix files.

No matter, whatever be the factor causing the not working issue of the Netflix service, try the below methods to get rid of it.

How to Solve Netflix Not Working on Smart TV?

There is something that you should perform to fix the Netflix not working issue on Smart TV and they are as follows:

Solution 1: Unplug your TV

The first method that you can try to fix the Netflix failing to work issue is to unplug your TV. Few times, this simple method returns a positive result to the users. 

Remember, do not turn off the TV with the help of the TV’s Power button or with the help of the remote.

Next, plug in back the power cable of your TV and retry to use the Netflix to check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Solution 2: Sign Out from Netflix

The second try you can perform to fix the issue is Sign out from Netflix. The steps to follow for this method are given below:

  1. At first, launch the Netflix window on your Smart TV.
  2. Then, using the device remote, follow the sequence of arrow keys: Up> Up> Down> Down> Left> Right> Left> Right> Up> Up> Up> Up.
  3. At last, click on the Sign-out, Start Over or Deactivate.
  4. Then, wait for a minute.
  5. After that, sign back in using the appropriate details.
  6. Now, try Netflix again, to check if the issue is solved or not.

Some users have also reported the Netflix app not working on SmartPhone. To learn the solutions for this matter, proceed further.

Methods to Resolve Netflix Not Working on SmartPhone:

If you are facing the Netflix not working issue on your SmartPhone, then try the below methods one-by-one until you get the issue resolved.

Method 1: Restart your Device

For the first time, if you stuck with the issue on your SmartPhone, then restart your device. A few times, restarting the device get you effective result in solving the problem. 

To restart an Android device, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. At first, press down and hold the Power button of your device.
  2. After that from the SmartPhone screen, tap the “Power off” option.
  3. Now, wait until the light of your device turns off, that indicates the SmartPhone is off.
  4. Next, wait for a few minutes to cool down the device.
  5. Further, tap down and hold the Power button of your SmartPhone to turn it back.
  6. Then, use the Netflix app to check if it starts working or not.

Method 2: Connect your Device with Another Network

The second thing which you can try to get rid of the issue on SmartPhone is to use another network connection. 

Sometimes, due to your slow internet connection, the Netflix app stops working. After trying a different internet connection, hopefully, you will get the problem resolved.

Method 3: Clear the Netflix App Data

Clearing app data of Netflix is another effective way to solve this issue. To apply this solution, try the steps below:

  1. At first, tap on the Settings icon of your SmartPhone.
  2. After that, scroll down the Settings window, and select “Apps” or “Applications”.
  3. Next, select “Manage Applications” or “Application Manager”.
  4. Again, scroll down the window and select the “Netflix” option from the list. However, if you do not find Netflix under this window, then check it under the Downloaded tab.
  5. Next, select “Storage”.
  6. After that, tap “Clear Data” or “Clear Storage”.
  7. Further, select OK, to confirm.

Once the Netflix app data storage gets cleaned, try to use the Netflix app to check if the problem gets sorted or not.

If you are trying to use the Netflix service on a browser with the account details and facing the app not working issue, then try to clear the cache memory of your browser. 

This method is an effective way to get the problem solved.

Steps to Clear the Cache Memory of your Browser:

The steps to clear the cache memory of a browser are very simple and are as follows:

  1. At first, launch a browser of your computer. 
  2. After that, use both the Ctrl and the letter H key at a time. 
  3. Next, click on the “Clear browsing data” option from the left-hand side panel of the window. 
  4. Now, under the Clear Browsing data window, ensure the following options checkboxes are active.

  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files

  1. And lastly, click on the “Clear data” button, this will remove all the history of the browser. 
  2. Next, restart the browser and log in to your Netflix account to check if the Netflix service starts working or not.

All these are important instructions to get rid of the Netflix not working issue. Hopefully, after trying a few of the methods, you get the issue resolved. 

In case, if you still stuck with the same problem, take the help of a professional to fix the problem for you.

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