Amazing Hacks to Quick-Fix Android Error Code 24

 Android error code 24 is the most common error faced by almost every Android users.  It occurs when you try to install any particular app from the Play Store and the attempt to download becomes unsuccessful. Furthermore, you can not install the particular application you want. This is a very annoying issue. The error message pops up like “Unknown Error code during install:- 24” message. Means the app related files are already removed or uninstalled from your mobile. That’s why you are not able to reinstall the app again.  But don’t worry because here we have declared some easy steps to overcome this error. Just keep reading this article properly.

Causes of error code 24 on your Android device

You might easily be stuck with error 24 on Android while installing a new app. This problem happens if you are using custom ROM or recently rooted the android phone. Or, if you have insufficient memory. Moreover, if you have already installed this app, even then, this error may occur. These are some of the main causes of this error. Now, check the alternative solutions to fix this error.

How to Fix the Android error code 24?

Here we lay down some easy steps to fix Android error code 24. So, to overcome this error easily, just follow the steps below:

Method 1: For Non-Rooted Users

  • At first, open the File manager to access the internal storage.
  • Then, open the android folder which is followed by data subfolder
  • Now, look for the folder that shows the error code and delete the folder
  • After that, install the application again

Play store will no longer show you the message.

Method 2: For Rooted Users

  • First, go to the setting option and open the Apps
  • Then, tap on the Application Manager
  • Now, look for the Download manager application. The download manager that displays the error.
  • Now, press Clear data and wait for sometime

Now, download the app which will send this error message.

Method 3: Reinstall The App

You can fix this error simply by reinstalling the app (which sends the error message again). To perform this step:

  • At first, go the web browser
  • Then, relocate the app file name
  • After that, inside the data folder, you will see several app related files that you have installed.
  • Then try to delete the entire folder

You are done now try to download the app again which gives you the error message. Then, check that this error still occurs or not. If it still occurs then you can try the next step.

Method 4: Factory Reset Your Device

Most of the google play store users face this unknown error regularly. Sometimes factory reset can fix the error. It is the last step by which you can fix this error so let’s do it:

  • At first, open your android and hold the power key for a second
  • Now, open the Home screen and select the setting option
  • From the Settings option, tap on the General option
  • After that, from the general option select Reset option and click on the “erase all content and settings”
  • Now you will get a confirmation message, from that click on the Erase my phone option
  • Finally, accept all the information sent to you

After a certain time, google play store will reinstall the app which sends you the error message. It may fix the Android error code 24.

In this article, we will talk about the common error Android error code 24. It will help you to fix the problem. If you have any questions regarding this error, then you can leave it in the comment section.

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