Lost Ark Tier List 2022 [Updated]

Lost Ark gets harder to beat when it comes to selecting the right subclass to play with. Since you create a character for the gameplay, you need to choose a class from 7 available options. 

Picking a class in Lost Ark might seem a tedious job as classes are gender-biassed. For example, Mages and Assassins are necessarily female, whereas Warriors are always male.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as Gunners and Martial Artists can be male and female versions. The April 2022 update of Lost Ark has introduced a female Martial Artist along with the Glaivier or the Lance Master. The game now has 5 primary classes and 19 subclasses. And, most players feel confused to start with which class.

That’s why we have come up with Lost Ark Tier List 2022. The list grades all the available classes depending on their difficulty, role, ceiling damage output, and their knack for PVP or PVE combat. 

Let’s learn about them one by one.

PVE Tier List

First thing first, concentrate on your strategy rather than your character selection. Every character on Lost Ark can damage to a great extent, so you have to understand that you need to master the character’s skills. No matter what you choose for the sake of winning, you should enjoy the character’s skills.

For PVR Lost Ark Tier List 2022, you need to rely on a strong intellectual selection. Once you understand the gameplay evolution, it will be easier to cope with the tier and character selection. You can find 5 Tiers here and are S, A, B, C, D.

Here’s what every Tier contains and their specifications in Lost Ark:

S Tier

PVE Lost Ark Tier List 2022 for Tier S contains Gunlancer, Bard, Berserker, Paladin, and Gunslinger. Here’s more about them:


This character belongs to the Warrior class. If you are not that confident to go for a Berserker, you can try Gunlancer. This tank class comes with high defence statistics and HP to do huge damage. 

In addition, the character is capable of shielding other characters. You can get a special power for Gunlancer to interrupt attacks and draw the opponent’s attention to itself.


This indicates a support class in the Lost Ark Tier list 2022. While playing solo, there’s no such significant use of Bard. However, the character can make a difference when you are competing with powerful opponents. 

The character is blessed with healing properties to safeguard other characters. Moreover, she can offer shield buffs to the entire party. Yet, we found the character a bit difficult to continue. Well, you can pick the Mage or Bard in case you are searching for a supporting character.


Are you looking for a tank class that is capable of AoE damage? Berserker should be your pick, especially when you are looking for a beginner-friendly class. The character comes with plenty of Weak Point and Stagger for raid content. 

In addition, you can enjoy its two-in-one melee and DPS feature. With Berserker, players can be at a safe distance though they can do a great deal of damage. Its Rage/Fury metres are the game-changers.


In case you are an amateur and eager to learn how Tank class works, then Paladin is a solid choice. However, it’s not a totally beginner-friendly class since it can be hard to support. 

The class is amazing for extensive damage to enemies as well as for supporting features. So, you can go for this Warrior class if you need a combo of sub-DPS and Support role features.


Are you more into ranged damage capabilities? If yes, then you should pick up Gunslinger. This class generally uses a sniper rifle. However, the only concern with Gunslinger is that it is not easy to learn.

A Tier

This tier contains Destroyer, Artillerist, Glaivier, Sorceress, Wardancer, and Arcanist. 

Here’s what you need to know about these subclasses in detail:


This class is a solid choice if you are willing to play the game as a tank. However, the class sounds more impressive in PVP compared to PVE because of its low mobility. Destroyer carries an OP hammer weapon for extreme damage levels. 

You can go for Gunlancer over Destroyer while levelling up and exploring Arkesia. For the long haul, you can stick to Destroyer’s gravity-controlling and Warhammer properties.


This is popular because of its huge machine guns. However, they are more like showing off rather than doing any actual damage. On the other hand, this lacks agility. 

So, you can expect Artillerist from the Lost Ark Tier List 2022 to move slowly and do low damage. Additionally, you need to synergise it with potent supports.


This subclass makes its place in the Lost Ark legacy after the title’s western release. Glaivier belongs to the Martial Artist class. She works a bit differently than her siblings, such as Striker, Scrapper, Wardancer, and Soulfist. The character equips a glaive and a spear. 

Both her attacks are named Focus, or glaive-wielding and Flurry or spear-wielding stances. However, she is more complicated than other Martial Artists to learn. If you like to take on challenges, then she can be actually rewarding for your gameplay.


This subclass belongs to the Mage class. If you are looking for a decent burst radius and damage buff, then you can go for Sorceress. The sub-class promises great agility. 

Sorceress can be your choice if you know how to play Western RPGs. However, this subclass lacks defence, and a low HP might not serve you the best.


This Martial Artist subclass is very quick and agile. You can expect wonderful buffs and attack speed for her allies. Yet, Wardancer can hardly be proactive in close battles. 

You can set other supporting subclasses to help this Martial Artist. Wardancer makes a great addition to experienced players in the Lost Ark Tier List 2022.


Are you looking for insane damage as well as crit synergy? Arcanist should be your choice for damage extents and crit synergy. 

However, this subclass is not listed in S Tier due to its little Stagger and Weak Point. Additionally, players need time to master their abilities. 

B Tier

Shadow Hunter, Striker, and Sharpshooter are the subclasses that reside in the Lost Ark Tier list 2022 for Tier B. Let’s learn a brief description of them:


Shapeshifting into demons is a special ability of Shadowhunter. Sounds awesome, right? Along with shapeshifting, it can escalate its HP and speed. 

However, the attack and defence stats remain the same. On the other hand, players can discover a 12% additional damage with this Assassin class.


Do you remember the Wardancer? Striker in Lost Ark is almost as functional as Wardancer. This subclass also belongs to the Martial Artist class. You can notice dependence and passive nature in Striker, too. 

In addition, Striker can play some aerial attacks and that too with high mobility. You can use him to attack your opposition from any possible angle.

The subclass comes with huge damage output and escalated crit chance. However, players require a good amount of time to master Striker’s abilities, just as learning the ropes and so on. 

But, Striker can be a great addition to crowd control after you are quite familiar with his controls.


Sharpshooter in the Lost Ark fantasy saga is necessarily the sniper character. This subclass is a male and belongs to the Gunner class. Sharpshooter comes with considerable damage output, and it counts a 6% damage buff to the entire team. In addition, he has a strong stagger. 

Sharpshooter is great for long-ranged battles. However, the prime reason for him to be in Tier B is his not-to-brag performance in close battles. 

C Tier

Scrapper, Death Blade, and Machinist are the subclasses of the Lost Ark Tier List 2022’s C Tier. here’s what you need to know about this tier:


Scrapper is one of the recommended subclasses for the PVE tier. The gauntlet or Chi gauge that Scrapper acquires can do havoc damage to the foe. Additionally, Scrapper is known for its damage rate of 6% additional buff and a robust defence. 

However, Scrapper might be judged for its slow charging. Yet, it might not matter too much when you are in the PVE tier. This Martial Artist is also quite easy to learn, but its performance might appear sluggish when you are pursuing in the PVP tier.

Death Blade

Are you looking for an extremely unique Assassin subclass? Death Blade can be both potential and versatile enough, and you can cast a high damage output with this subclass. 

Well, this Assassin has made its place in this tier because of a few limitations as you advance the PVE meta. You might find its damage output way less than anticipated. Yet, you can choose Death Blade if you are struggling with other subclasses’ learning curves.


A Machinist or Scouter uses a submachine gun and a drone to do scarce damage to the opponent. Additionally, it can form into an Iron Man and shoot lasers. 

If you can learn this subclass, then you can easily zone foes, and this is quite a powerful trick for zoned battles. As a player, you can master both its human and drone skills and act them together.

D Tier

In the last tier of PVE Lost Ark, you got Deadeye and Soulfist. Here are a few of their characteristics:


It’s a Gunner subclass, so Gunslinger has a lot in common with Deadeye. This subclass wields 3 different guns, just like Gunslinger. 

On the other hand, Deadeye comes with a crit buff of 10%. Additionally, it’s quite hard to deal with Deadeye’s positioning and range even though you are an expert in its skills.


Here comes another female Martial Artist in the Lost Ark Tier List 2022. Lost Ark is the title where you come across Science fiction along with fantasy segments. 

This character is fun to learn and utilise. She has got a heavy weapon, and there is enough potential to add her to your crew. Additionally, she takes only a few seconds to charge.

PVP Lost Ark Tier List 2022

The PVP tier consists of the same classes and subclasses. However, there is a small redistribution of subclasses among the tiers. They are rearranged into tiers according to their aggressiveness and usefulness in the PVP tier. Thus, we are not going to describe them again. 

Here is the tier categorisation of the PVP meta in Lost Ark:

  • S Tier: Paladin, Death Blade, Deadeye, and Bard
  • A Tier: Berserker, Shadowhunter, Gunslinger, Sorceress, Gunlancer, Glaivier, and Machinist
  • B Tier: Destroyer, Sharpshooter, Artillerist, Wardancer, and Soulfist
  • C Tier: Scrapper, Striker, and Arcanist

What are the Best Classes in Lost Ark Tier List 2022?

This can be a controversial query to get answered. Primarily, there are 5 classes in Lost Ark – Warrior, Assassin, Gunner, Mage, and Martial Artist. If you are a beginner, then you will find straightforward classes easier to learn. For example, you will find Paladin, Gunlancer, or Berserker simpler to learn.

If you are looking for an easy pick for the PVE Class, then you can choose the Shadowhunter. On the other hand, Scrapper can be a solid choice if you prefer gauntlet and mobility as strengths. For the PVP class, you can select Bard, Death Blade, and Artillerist.

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