iPhone vs Android: Students preferences 

In the era of digitalization, people without smartphones at hand feel lost or even like they lack a hand or another important part of their existence. Especially in college, students constantly use their gadgets for communication in social networks, education (different apps that can help to do your homework for you), and entertainment. Picking a good smartphone is very important: it should be both convenient in use and meet all your current needs based on its technical characteristics. 

Deciding to buy a new phone, we always recommend sticking to the same platform as your current model has because switching to the new interface may cause the loss of specific apps, data, and accesses. However, if you are ready to consider another OS, in this article, we will describe the peculiarities of iOS and Android work so you could make your choice with no unpleasant consequences. 

Top recommendations on choosing a new OS

Having a nice smartphone in college is essential: no student can survive this period without constant access to the Internet and educational apps at hand. For example, when you run out of time, you can open the website and type «Can you do my assignment?» while professional services will solve this task for you. According to statistics, we spend half of our digital time in mobile apps (it absolutely dominates over the mobile web) and access a minimum of 20 apps a month on a regular basis. It makes the choice of the mobile platform quite important as it should meet our behavior, habits, and sometimes even personality.

Around 97% of devices that are currently on the mobile market belong to either iOS or Android platforms, where Android takes almost two thirds. It means that when picking a smartphone, you will have to decide between these two operating systems while each of them has both pros and cons. They differ in capabilities, general approach to technology, and apps availability, so let’s check what makes the better choice for students and for what reason. 

Why do students choose iOS?

Even though an iPhone is considered as the indicator of wealth and status, it still has many great features you will definitely appreciate:

1)Fast software updates

Android developers are quite lazy when it comes to updates: sometimes, you will have to wait a few years to get a new one. On the contrary, it is one of the top iOS benefits as Apple supports models even after five years of its release, sending you updates regularly. You have new video and pictures formats and security settings just like all new models;

2)Good customer support

In case you face software or hardware problem (the advantage is that both these aspects are handled by one company), you can receive help easily. You can handle the problem remotely within the support app or website or make an appointment with a specialist;

3)App selection

Due to the careful app’s requirements set in the App Store, you have a smaller but better choice being sure in its quality and your privacy. Besides, apps and different games often happen to appear on iOS first, so you will be the first one to try;


Apple is very serious about users` privacy and security: all the services are encrypted, which protects data traveling between devices.

What makes Android better for students?

There is also a good reason why Android users dominate the market:

1)Diversity of choice

Choosing iOS, you deal with Apple while choosing Android, you deal with Samsung, Huawei, Asus, and other brands coming in all shapes and sizes: each one has unique functions and interfaces. You can choose the screen size, battery life, keyboard, and other options and customize your smartphone to your taste;

2)Great price

Let’s admit, iPhones are quite expensive, while with the variety of Android models available you can pick one at an affordable cost;

3)Easy change

When you have problems with Apple (for example, the battery), you can’t just take it out and put a new one. With Android phone models, you can change hardware, extend storage space, and use Google Drive, that is better compared to iCloud, and set your preferences of browsing, email, and apps.

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