Impact Of Content Marketing On Google Rankings: Mistakes to Avoid

Your content should work for your benefit. It should also provide value to the readers to inspire them to become regular readers or even potential buyers.

Many people spend hours writing incredible content. But some of them don’t see any interest or attention to their posts, which is really frustrating. These cases usually have content with minimum to no optimization and promotion.

Content marketing is one of the main factors contributing to search engine rankings. For organic ranking, you need great optimization, high quality of writing, and relevance. But you can also promote articles additionally to achieve better results.

To help you avoid common mistakes, we’ll share them in this article, as well as guides on how to prevent them.

Create unique content, promote it properly, and your website will fly to Google’s TOP-10 very soon!

Mistake 1: Focusing on Keyword Targeting Too Much

One of the common SEO mistakes in content marketing is commonly known keyword targeting. Earlier, this was a thing. You could choose a keyword, use it a bunch of times on a page, and rank for it. Now, it’s a little more complicated.

So, Hubspot recommends a cluster strategy, where you have pillar content and several clusters:

  • The pillar content is a detailed description of your niche, industry, topic, etc. with lots of keywords you’re going to target.
  • Clusters are additional pages that review all those things mentioned on the pillar page in more detail. Every keyword can get its article or page.

This is a great approach to raise organic traffic, but it’s also great for future ad campaigns.

Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • The pillar article should link to all cluster ones;
  • The cluster articles should link to the pillar page;
  • You can post links to other cluster pages where it looks natural;
  • Focus on one clear topic on every cluster page.

As mentions, content writing and SEO go hand in hand. Keywords are highly important for a great article. However, simply targeting a keyword for a page isn’t enough in 2021. By using a strategy with pillar page and clusters, you’ll cover a wider variety of KWs and will have a better chance of appearing on the first SERP.

Mistake 2: Not Promoting on Social Media

One of the marketing strategies to avoid is any type mentioning that blogs or business websites and social media can’t be connected.

Did you know that SNS have some of the best Domain Authorities? LinkedIn has DA98!

Why not have a couple of backlinks from such a source?

So, the best marketing tips when it comes to content are to promote it on social media and reach out to your target audience there. Here are the services to aim for:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;

You can also use TikTok. It will increase referral traffic greatly if you create appealing content that offers value.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Hire an SMM agency for the quickest results;
  • Make sure you have brand colors that will be featured on those pages;
  • Make the visuals aesthetic;
  • Offer some value in Instagram and Facebook posts, quotes on Twitter, etc.;
  • Encourage people to ask questions and reply to them in a timely manner;
  • Encourage visitors to follow the link to your website to find out more.

Mistake 3: Not Building Links Manually

Getting organic backlinks is the best way to get to the top of SERPs. However, it’s a very long process, and you may never see the necessary results. So, you can build links manually, using a dozen of methods.

A quality backlinks strategy will promote your content like no other technique. Whether you’re writing guest posts or just have links to existing articles shared on a page of a credible source, people will visit your website, and a portion of them will remain.

Here are some of the ways to build links manually:

  • Hire a link-building service;
  • Write guest posts;
  • Look for unlinked mentions of your brand;
  • Look for backlinks with errors;
  • Look for TOP lists and industry words;
  • Create infographics.

Mistake 4: No Voice Search Optimization

Around half of Internet users use voice search. If your pages aren’t optimized for it, it’s going to lose thousands of visitors. It’s not that difficult to make an article suitable for voice search recognition:

  • Use long-tail keywords.
    These look more like spoken questions, which will match such searches to your content. They will aid your marketing campaign by possibly featuring your pages on People Also Ask.
  • Use schema markup.
    Schema markup creates search-engine-friendly snippets of your pages. While many people use meta tags to display alternative titles and descriptions, such a markup will create the most suitable combo that will explain to potential visitors what they will see on the website.

Be Updated on the Trends

Always research SEO and digital marketing trends. You have a chance to always be in first place in SERPs by using new approaches according to Google algorithm updates. Ask people to share, engage in social media and become relevant to your target audience.

Build high-quality links and never neglect analysis when you see a continuous traffic drop. Remove spammy links, create new interesting guest posts, and research the Internet for reviews and mentions of your business.

Do damage control quickly when something happens, and you will be unbeatable.

Many qualities will come with experience, but first of all, make sure not to repeat the mistakes listed above and build clear marketing strategies for your content.

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