Troubleshoot Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem Quickly

A hard disk is the primary storage unit of your system, often known as a hard drive or disk drive. It stores large amounts of data and gives quick access whenever required. Nowadays, hard disks come up with a storage capacity of terabytes because of the ever-increasing data size every day. However, you might face that Windows detected a hard disk problem. This will make you unable to store data or access anything from the drive. These sorts of issues require immediate fixes as your work will be disrupted without the much-needed storage space which is the hard disk. Have a look at this article to resolve the issue instantly.


Why Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem?


There are several reasons behind the malfunctioning of a hard disk. You need to understand the exact cause of the problems in your hard disk. Then only you will be able to provide a perfect solution to the issue. Take a glimpse at some of the reasons why Windows detected a hard disk problem.

  • An error of the system, for example, a registry failure can be the cause. Run the Troubleshooter to resolve the technical glitches.
  • A problem with the drivers of your system can lead to such defects. Update the hardware drivers because sometimes, an outdated driver can bring faults like this.
  • Windows detected a hard disk problem because of the presence of malware or other viruses in your computer. You need to scan the system thoroughly and see if there are any malware present or not.
  • There can simply be a mechanical error which is a hardware problem. Check the performance of the hard disk by replacing it with a dummy hard disk. Change the hard disk if there is an error or repair it at the earliest.
  • Human errors are also a reason for hard disk issues. Sometimes, a false operation that you have accidentally made can also bring such glitches.
  • Moreover, if the system files are corrupt or damaged, then you can face issues like this. You have to see if any of the DLL files are missing or not. Download the DLL file which is missing.
  • The hard disk probes in the motherboard can be faulty. As a result, the hard disk is not properly connected to the system.

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem Fix: Apply Some Easy Hacks


If you are stuck with hard disk problems, then it can be quite annoying. This needs to be resolved at the earliest. Here are some of the essential hacks to get rid of the problems.




Run The CHKDSK Command


Checking the disk in the Command Prompt is very important when you encounter any hard disk issues. If you find that Windows detected a hard disk problem, then perform this fix first. Press the Windows logo button and type “Run” in the search field. The Run command box appears. There, you need to type “Command Prompt” and hit the Enter button. The Command Prompt window appears. Type “chkdsk C: /f /r” and press the Enter button again. Now, terminate the Command Prompt window.


Scan The System


The action of malware and viruses can create such defects in your hard disk. You need to check if the hard disk is free from viruses or not. Install an authorized antivirus with the latest product key. Ensure you download a renowned antivirus tool. Then, open the antivirus and run a full system scan. Wait for the process to end. Then, the antivirus will show a report of the scan. Delete the folders and files which are affected by viruses and not in the system drive. The folders which are in the system drive, move them to the Quarantine or repair them. Now, restart the computer and see if the issue persists or not.


Update Hardware Drivers


An update of your device drivers can fix the hard disk issues of your computer. Press the Windows button from the keyboard and write Device Manager in the Start menu search box. Then, select the Device Manager option from the list that appears. The Device Manager window opens. There, you will see a list of all the drivers installed in the system. Locate the “Hardware drivers” option and right-click on that. Select the “Update driver” option from the drop-down menu. Wait for the system to install the latest features and update the driver. Restart your computer after that and check if the hard disk is working properly or not.


Check The System Files

Press the Windows button from the keyboard and write “Run” in the Start menu search box. You will see the Run dialog box appearing on your screen. In the Run box, type Command Prompt and click on the OK button. Then, you have to select the Command Prompt option from the search output. Click YES to confirm the User Account Control pop up. The Command Prompt window appears on the desktop. Then, write the command “sfc/scannow” in the Command Prompt window and press the Enter button. Wait for the system to verify and reach 100 percent. If there is an issue with the hard disk, the system file checker will troubleshoot the defect and help you recover your lost data if any.


If you are still facing any issue with the hard disk, then you need to avail professional aid because this needs to be solved promptly.

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