How to Use Emojis on PC, Smartphones and Tablets?

Emojis or smileys are those objects that reveal your expression while typing. There are two types of emojis — One is text-based, and the other is stickers. The text-based emojis are dedicated to the keyboard. When you update the keyboard, new emojis come into the picture. Whereas some sticker emojis are dedicated, and some are third-party app-based. 

As you know the basic concept of emojis, a question can easily come to your mind –  How to use emojis on PC? In addition to that, you might also want to know the use of emojis on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, special symbols are also considered emojis for specified purposes. 

How to Use Emojis on PC (Windows 10)?

Most people use Windows 10 as it is the latest version of system software from Microsoft. Are you using the previous version? Don’t worry, the procedures that you are about to witness about the emoji will be applicable (mostly) for the previous versions too. 

Using the Dedicated System Emojis

You can gain access to the dedicated system emojis from Notepad. When the Notepad opens, press the Windows key+; to open the emoji section. The alternative way is Windows key+. sign.

When the dialogue box with the emoji appears, you will witness three main categories. And, beneath the box, there are a few sub-categories — Smiley (faces), people’s faces, celebrations, objects, food, transport, and many more. 

Gather all the emojis together in the Notepad. You can use these emojis while writing any email, notes, memos and other social media content. And, for quick access to the emojis, you can minimise the notepad. As per your requirements, copy and paste those emojis into your writings. Hopefully, you have learnt how to use emojis on PC. 

Introducing the Kaomoji

Kaomoji is a special and creative way to transform characters into emojis. As usual, Notepad will help you to create them. Furthermore, you can also use Microsoft Word. Classic ASCII letters will be involved in creating the emoticons. You can create emojis like sad, happy, cute, greetings, angry and many others. 

With the same shortcut instructions, open the emoji index. Beside the smiley section, there lies the subsection of Kaomoji. Click on every Kaomoji and gather them in the Notepad. After that, you can use them in various mail and social media conversations. Kaomojis would definitely answer the question “how to use emojis on PC?

Special Symbols for Sophisticated Purposes

In order to learn how to use emojis on PC, you must know about the special symbols. Some of the special symbols are general punctuations, Latin letters, currency, geometry symbols, supplemental and other language symbols. Besides the Kaomoji, you can use special symbols. Click and gather all the necessary symbols that you would like to use. And, press the “esc” key to exit the window. 

There are some shortcuts that will help you to use the special symbols. “Alt+0169” for the copyright symbol. “Alt+0174” for the registered symbol. Press “Alt+0153” for the trademark. “Alt+0149” for dot. “Alt+0167” and “Alt+0134” for section and dagger symbols. And, for double dagger symbols, “Alt+0135” is applicable. 

The Use of Emojis on Social Media Keyboards

Due to certain obvious reasons, you might use some mobile applications on the PC. Those applications will provide you with a wide variety of accessibility, for example, Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. Regarding these two social media platforms, you must know how to use emojis on PC. Here, you will not require any shortcuts. Facebook and WhatsApp messenger on your PC have their dedicated keyboard. All the emojis are preloaded there. 

What about Stickers?

Stickers are also a kind of emojis that are preloaded within the social media platform’s virtual keyboards. In addition to that, your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have pre-loaded stickers. Some stickers are in gif format as well. There are tons of stickers based on movie characters, cartoons, animals and many more. 

Are you eager to reply to someone in a special way? Select a sticker based on the nature of your comment from the sticker section. This is how to use emojis on a PC.

Are you Eager to get more Stickers and Emojis?

Facebook has its bank of stickers. Apart from dedicated stickers, you can click on the “+” icon to add more stickers. However, if you access WhatsApp through PC, there is probably no option of installing stickers or emojis. So, what will you do now? The solution is easy. You have to update WhatsApp through your mobile devices. After that, sync the application with WhatsApp web.

Emojis and Stickers are not available?

If you cannot use any emojis and stickers, then the virtual keyboard might be corrupted or outdated. In such scenarios, update the main keyboard first. Now, have a look at the default keyboard emojis and make sure they are visible and applicable. If all goes well, then update the entire applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger and others. 

If the emojis on the Notepad is not available, then close all the background applications of your system. Clear all the cache files from the temporary folder. You can use any third-party cleaning application to remove the cache files. Lastly, restart the computer and check whether all the emojis are available on the Notepad or not. 

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