How To Update Yahoo Mail – Know The Incredible Hacks

Yahoo was composed as an internet portal. Millions of people are using Yahoo for features like Maps, Movies, Photos, and other products as well as services. Yahoo is more than just another online email provider. If you are also using Yahoo, then you must know how to update Yahoo mail as well.

In case you are also seeking expert help for the same, then this article is exactly what you need. Thus, read the entire guide and find the most effective fixes for you. However, make sure that you execute the steps same as mentioned below.

Incredible Hacks For Yahoo Mail App Update

Here, in this section, you will find some effective as well as easy ways to update the Yahoo app successfully. So, go through the entire topic and find the most suitable one for you.

For Android Device

If you are using an Android device, then these steps will be helpful for you. So, follow them minutely and execute carefully.

Manually Update The Yahoo App

  • The first thing you need to do is, open the Google Play Store from your Android device.
  • Then, in the search box, type Yahoo mail and click on the Search button.
  • Now, download the Yahoo app in your device.
  • After that open, the Yahoo app.
  • Now, you will have to log in to your account. So, enter the necessary credentials like username or password, then click on the login option.
  • Then, on the left side of the app, you can see the Update option. Just click on it to update the Yahoo app. By this process, you will surely do the task properly.

For iOS Device

If you are using an iOS device, then it is also possible to update the Yahoo mail app through the process listed below.

  • To do so at first, navigate to the Apple app store.
  • Then, in the search option type ‘Yahoo mail’ and install it in your device.
  • Then, at the left panel, click on the Update tab.
  • If there is an update, then click on the OK option and update the app.

Update Your Contact On Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo is considered as one of the most popular sites for storing information. By solving the following steps, you will update the Yahoo mail app easily. Updating the contact information in the Yahoo app is also a very easy process.

  1. To update the contact information, first, you need to open the web browser and navigate
  2. Then, click to open the Mail icon and log in to your account with the passcode and the username.
  3. You need to put the information by clicking on the blank box. When the login process is completed you can see a new page.
  4. Now, look at the right side of the page and click on the Settings option.
  5. Then, choose the Accounts option by tapping on the icon. You can see three links is popping up on the screen.
  • Change your password
  • View your Yahoo profile
  • Edit your account info
  1. From the above options, you need to choose the Edit your account info icon.
  2. You will be asked to give your password again. Hit the Sign in option after giving the password.
  3. Next, tap on Update your contact information.
  4. Now, follow the instruction and enter the information in the blank box.
  5. Finally, click on the Save Changes icon and proceed with it by clicking on the OK option.

By following these steps, you will definitely update your contact information as well.

Refresh Your Yahoo Mail App

It is also possible to refresh your contact details on your Yahoo app. First, navigate to the Yahoo mail app. Then, you will be prompted to log in with the credentials like the username and the passcode. After that, you need to tap on the Inbox icon that is shown on the left side of the page. Then, a new window will open on the screen. Select the option Check for new email by clicking on it. After that, you can see a question is arriving on the screen. If you can not find it, then choose the icon Check for new email by clicking on it.

Hopefully, the article will help you to solve the issue quickly. But, in case if you find any difficulties, then feel free to contact us. You can also send us your valuable feedback in the blank box. Our experts will surely guide you.

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