Windows Update Service Not Running – Solve This Issue Yourself

Windows is the most popular Operating System for computers and you can find it everywhere in the world. Doesn’t matter whether it is in the home of an individual, a retail store or a corporate office. Majority of the computer user use Windows as their operating system. But for proper running of this system over a long period of time, updates are essential. But, the real problem occurs when you face the Windows update service not running. That way you won’t be able to update any driver, let alone the regular updates for the operating system.

But don’t worry as if you find that the Windows update service is not running, you can fix that on your own. You’ll need the correct instructions for that and that is exactly what you’ll find here in this article.

Probable Errors When Windows Update Service Not Running

Before we go ahead and guide you through the solutions for the Windows update service not running. The best thing to do is to understand why this “Windows update cannot currently check for updates” error message is coming in the first place. So, let’s deal with the causes of this issue in this section which will help you fix the problem in a much easier way.

The most obvious and likely cause for this particular issue is viruses nowadays can from anywhere. The Internet is more popular now than ever and most people spend a lot of time there. It is likely that you also spend time on the internet for your work and otherwise. Malware might have gotten into your device from there. That can definitely cause this error.

Other than that there is the SoftwareDistribution folder which over time accumulates a lot of data in it. If that is saturated, then it can also be responsible for this issue.

Also, for the timely updates, Windows has the Windows update associated services system. This helps with all the update jobs and if there is some issue with that, that can also cause this error. But no matter what it is, it is best you try to figure out what the issue is and then, adopt the solutions.

How To Fix The Windows Update Service Not Running Issue?

Here, in this section, there are the actionable steps that you can take to fix this update issue.

Remove Viruses

Malware in your system can be very problematic and you’ll have to detect them and then, remove. You can use any malware correction tool that you find fit. What that will do is to detect the virus and then, give you the option for quarantining it altogether.

How To Start Windows Update Service?

You can also go ahead and restart this update service by Windows and this will definitely solve the error. What you’ll need to do is open up the Run dialogue box and type in “services.msc”, click on OK and this will open up the Services snap-in.

Then, double-click on the Background Intelligent Transfer Service to open it up. Then ensure that the type of startup is Automatic. After that, click on the Start button. If you see that the Start button is gray, so click the Stop button and click on the Start button once more. Then click OK to finish the process and then close the window.

Click on the Cryptographic Services option twice and again set the startup type to Automatic. Then, click OK again. After that, click on the Windows Update option twice. After you’re done with this, close this window and reboot your PC.

Clean Up The Software Distribution Folder

Like in the previous process, open up the Windows Update and click on the Stop option. Go to the File Explorer and then go to the Software Distribution folder and clear all the information from there.

Revive the data from Services snap-in. Finally, click on Windows Update and finish the process by clicking on Start. Reboot your computer system.

These are the things you need to do to solve this problem.

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