How To Reset Asus Router: Simple Process

According to the latest study reports, a factory reset should be done in Wi-Fi Home Routers.

Every router contains a reset button present on the back or bottom of the unit. It contains a red ring hanging from the tip. Just take a pen and press that for some seconds. You will be surprised to find that your router will be restored along with the previous username and password. You will also find some caveats in which you just need to hold down the button for about half a minute to reset it. The blinking lights will show you that it is set for a new setup.

But there are also some routers with no reset button. You just need to follow the below steps to know How to Reset Asus Router.

Methods To Reset Asus Router Effectively

Here we are going to discuss some effective and easy methods to reset Asus router flawlessly. Have a look.

Method 1: Make a Note of Access Passwords and Network Names before Factory Reset

First and foremost, move on with the previous network names and passwords after setting it up. You don’t need to modify the Wi-Fi settings in your P.C, smartphones, and laptops, iPods, tablets etc.


Method 2: Update Router’s Firmware before or after the Reset

Generally, malware attacks those routers where the latest version is not updated and hence there is an easy way of to reset Asus router.

Making Configurational Changes

Asus suggest to enter into the administrative interfaces and search the Administrative section and then go the Restore/Save/Upload Settings option to make a copy of the existing feature of the P.C. Then Click on Restore in the Factory Default Section.

However, click on the factory reset button for 10 seconds and don’t power off other devices. After completion, save the configuration and use your original username and password to sign in to the browser in order to upload the previous configuration.


Method 3: Restore Asus Wireless Router to Default Settings

  1. Open a browser and move to the configuration page by providing the URL IP address or
  2. Press Administration.
  3. Then press on Restore/Save/Upload setting section and again press Restore.
  4. Press OK.

A Reset button is available at the back of the router. Click on the button for at least 5 seconds till LED flash and then detach the button and thus the goal of How To Access Asus Router will be achieved.

Method 4: Use Orbi-besh Router Line

The ASUS routers also contain an Orbi-Besh router line. Don’t detach the power cords. It doesn’t contain a reset button. Instead press and hold Wireless ON/Off button and WiFi Protected Setup Buttons and grasp it for 6 seconds. Remove our fingers, once you see the blinking of the power light. Default credentials changes from model to model but the admin credentials remains same.

Method 4: Browser Administrative Interface

Generally, browser administrative interfaces help you to keep a backup of the router configuration consisting of passwords and network names. You can navigate to that feature on the system tool. Then click on Backup and Restore. After the backup, move to the Factory Defaults in the navigation bar and press the Reset button to complete factory reset. For more information go through the factory reset instruction available in the router manual. In case of any major fault, this manual guide will be of great help since it contains detailed information.

Closing Notes

We hope this article is quite informative and now you can understand How To Reset Asus Router. We have given the best possible methodologies in a very simple way so that you can go through it without any hassle. However, for more information, you can refer the user manual.

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