Learn How To Reset Alexa With Excellent Troubleshooting Methods

Alexa delivers a great experience and acts as a speaker and as well as a smart-home hub. Despite its advancements and excellent features, like all the electronics components, Alexa also has some technical faults that might leave the users puzzled.

In such a case, a factory reset can help you to fix out the problem without any trouble. If you have Alexa, then you should know how to reset Alexa properly. This will resolve some technical faults in Alexa.

Are you searching for the same answer? End your search with this article. Here, we are going to discuss some excellent tricks that will help you to reset Alexa on your own.

Hence, keep your eyes on the entire guide and follow the steps exactly in the same manner as stated in the next section.

How to Factory Reset Alexa? Follow the Stepwise Instructions

There are basically two methods for resetting the Alexa device- through the Alexa application and via the device itself. Here in this section, we have discussed some methods for doing the same.

On-Device Reset Method

First, we are going to discuss the on-device reset method. So walk through these and implement them as it is.

First Generation Alexa Echo Devices

The 1st generation Echo has only two buttons on their top. At first, you have to tap on the Reset button. This button is a small hole found near the base of the Alexa.

Now, with the help of a paper clip, press and hold down the Reset button for at least thirty seconds. Keep pressing until the light turns orange and blue. When the light turns off, then release the button as well.

At the final step, start the Alexa application on your phone and try to connect it with a strong network connection.

How to Reset Alexa Echo Second Generation?

For resetting the second generation Alexa, you have to tap and hold the Microphone Off button and Volume down button simultaneously for about twenty seconds.

Keep pressing until the light turns orange and then blue. Release the buttons until the setup mode is showing on the screen.

After that, start the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone and connect your system to a Wi-Fi network. Also, you should register it to your Amazon account.

Third Generation Alexa Echo Devices

First of all, you have to tap and hold the Action button for a few seconds until you find the light turns orange and then blue.

Now, keep waiting until the light turns off and the setup mode is shown on the screen. Then, launch the Alexa app on your smartphone and as well as connect your device with an internet connection.

How to Reset Alexa Dot through the App?

If the above methods are not helpful for you, then you can follow these methods. But remember not to skip any step or make any mistake while implementing this method. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to launch the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone.

Then, tap on the button in the lower right corner on your device. After that, you have to choose the Echo & Alexa icon. Then, navigate to choose the Echo or Alexa device you are going to reset.

Next, go to select the line that indicates the “Device is Registered to:” option and tap on the “Deregister” icon as well. Then, proceed with the process by choosing the “Deregister” in the window that is persisting on the screen.

Keep waiting until the resetting process is going on. Once done, you need to start the setup process. To do so, click on the Action button on the device and hold down the button for five seconds.

When the lights turn orange, then launch the Alexa app on your smartphone for connecting your device to a Wi-Fi network. Here you must register it to your Amazon account.

Concluding Section

With the help of Alexa, you can do everything from purchasing to order by using your voice. We hope, you can reset Alexa by going through the methods we have illustrated above.

But somehow if any sort of queries arises on your mind, you can share with us by commenting your doubts on the feedback box and let us help you.

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