How to Prevent Websites from Being Cloned

With the growth of technology, we’ve got various mischievous activities on the internet, such as website cloning. Website cloning is a common practice where fraudsters steal your website content to rank higher on the search engines or get vital information from the readers. The fraudsters copy the websites producing content, layout similar to a particular well-performing website.

When looking at the clon website for the first time, it usually resembles your original website, as the fraudsters may copy even your site’s address. Website cloning has various negative effects, as fraudsters may hack your details and even gain more traffic from your websites. Therefore, it’ll be imperative to consider using various vital features to prevent this internet mischievousness. This post will walk you through everything on how to prevent websites from being scraped.

1. Secure Your Code

Your website’s code is an essential feature to keep your website secure from any fraudsters or internet frauds. Therefore, it’ll be imperative to have various strategies for securing or protecting your website codes. When creating your website, you can either add this security feature or talk to your designer or website builder and ask them to add more security measures & features.

Adding many security features and measures to the website is one of the appropriate ways to protect the website from potential theft or cloning. When having the security measures and features, encrypting your code is essential to keep your websites safe. Having the encrypted code offers more security to prevent unauthorised access to your website or duplication of your content.

In addition, you can add several layers of protection to ensure more safety of your websites. These layers help keep fraudsters from the site; thus, keeping it safe from cloning. Lastly, your web developers can prevent hackers or fraudsters from copying your website details and information by disabling the copy-paste on the site by adding a script in the website’s source code.

2. Copyright the Webpage

The most appropriate way to protect your websites from fraudster cloning sites is to register for the copyright. It’s a top security feature that prevents anyone from copying content from your website or duplicating it to another webpage. Experts advise it as one of the most significant ways to keep your websites free from copying or cloning.

When registering your website to copyright, you can register as the author of the particular webpage content or when the author has granted you the right to register from the copyright. From as little as $35, you can register your content or online work on the webpage for copyright at the US copyright office and receive the full protection of your website’s content or details.

3. Link Your Websites Extensively between Your Articles

Linking your websites extensively among your articles is one of the most effective ways of keeping your website secure from fraudsters. Linking your websites prevents the fraudster from copying your content to paste into a different web page as it’s challenging to change the link to suit their needs.

Additionally, the security strategy may work for your benefit as the traffic might click on the link and return to your site or the different webpage that you’ve linked. Furthermore, linking the site extensively provides the best way to be aware of any clone. You can easily detect the cloning by checking the website’s analytics, as it allows you to see the traffic on your website and the traffic on the clone’s website.

The analytics will help you realise the clone using domains similar to your website’s. You can quickly work on the best solution for closing or reporting the fraudster activity on your web page and look for the appropriate way to control them. The earlier detection will be an appropriate way to control further damages to your websites as you’ll notice it and try using different mechanisms to win your readers and traffic back quickly.

4. Provide Different Links between Your Domains

When cloning your websites, the fraudsters may purchase domain names similar to your website’s domain names to confuse your audience or prospect customers. Thus, the appropriate way on how to prevent websites from being cloned is by having different links between your domains to confuse the hackers or fraudsters.

It’s imperative to read your website’s links and replace them with additional internal ones. You can consider replacing them with the URLs in the clone webpage. Nonetheless, if you have a webpage with a different domain, the cloner or fraudster won’t be able to change or replace them. The security features or system will warn you against the potential cloning of your website.

5. Invest In Your Website or Brand

When creating or designing your web page or brand, it’ll be imperative to consider investing in more sophisticated web page features and security measures. Apart from the content, you can also invest more in your webpage’s visual layout, logo, and event font choice. It’s an important strategy to keep the website in your reader’s minds and help them differentiate the clone and your actual site.

By realising your website’s unique features and content, most audiences or readers won’t confuse the clone and your website. Therefore, after arriving at the clone website, most readers will leave, making it hard for the fraudsters to manage their cloning goals. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest security features most website owners use to allow their readers to reject the clone websites after arriving on them.

Wrapping Up

Website cloning is one of the dangerous internet hacks you can’t afford to ignore due to its adverse effects on your site. The fraudster may copy your web page content to win your high traffic and cause more harm to your business by getting financial or personal information from your website or the readers.

Therefore, it’ll be imperative to look for the appropriate mechanisms on how to prevent these fraudsters and protect your website’s content. The above guide provides the appropriate guidelines on the best ways to prevent websites from being scraped and protect your content and essential details. Nevertheless, you won’t fully protect your website, but these strategies will help prevent or block most cloning programs.

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