How to Get the Voidbent Armor New World?

Armors are very important in New World for ensuring your survival and allowing you to take on stronger enemies. You can find armors from various tiers in the game, ranging from common to rare. 

Voidbent armor is among the rare ones that a lot of players want to acquire. The in-game store has various armors for sale, but you would probably have to craft the Voidbent armor. 

You can craft light, medium or heavy Vodbent armor depending on your preferences. Also, you need to find the items that are required to craft it. As we shall see, these items are also quite hard to acquire in themselves. 

Keep reading for essential information regarding the Voidbent armor New World and how to craft it. 

What is the Voidbent Armor?

The Voidbent armor is among the strongest and rare craftable armor sets you will find in New World. Many players might believe it to be the strongest armor but there are stronger alternatives to it. 

Yet, it remains among the most sought-after armors in the game. Moreover, it is also popularly used by players to get the best results during PvE matches. 

Like all other armors in the game, Voidbent armor has three categories– light, medium and heavy. The five pieces of this armor set differ depending on the category that you choose to craft. Also, the materials required for the crafting and their quantities depend on the category. 

Materials Required for Crafting the Voidbent Armor New World

The materials required for crafting the Voidbent armor can be quite difficult to find as we shall see. However, you can make that task easier by looking for them in the right places. 

Here are the materials you would need for each category of the Voidbent Armor set:

Light Voidbent Armor

You need 12 Phoenixweave, 4 Runic Leather, 1 Asmodium, 2 Runic Thread, 4 Scalecloth, 2 Blisterweave and a Voidbent Ingot for the Voidbent Wraps. 

For the Voidbent Robes, you need 26 Phoenixweave, 8 Runic Leather, 1 Asmodeum, 4 Scalecloth, 2 Blisterweave, 2 Runic Thread, and a Voidbent Ingot. 

The Voidbent Gloves require 6 Phoenixweave, 2 Blisterweave, 4 Scalecloth, 2 Runic Thread, 1 Asmodeum, 2 Runic Leather and a Voidbent Ingot for crafting. 

As for the Voidbent Pants, you must get 12 Phoenixweave, 1 Asmodeum, 4 Runic Leather, 2 Runic Thread, 2 Blisterweave, 4 Scalecloth and a Voidbent ingot. 

Lastly, the Voidbent Shoes require 6 Phoenixweave, 1 Asmodeum, 2 Runic Leather, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 2 Runic Thread, 2 Blisterweave and 4 Scalecloth. 

Medium Voidbent Armor

For crafting the Vidbent Hat, you need 12 Runic Leather, 4 Phoenixweave, 2 Infused Claw, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Scarhide, 1 Asmodeum and 1 Voidbent Ingot. 

The Voidbent Coat requires 26 Runic Leather, 8 Phoenixweave, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Infused Claw, 1 Voidbent Ingot and 1 Asmodeum. 

To craft Voidbent Grips, you need 6 Runic Leather, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Infused Claw, 2 Phoenixweave, 2 Scarhide, 1 Asmodeum and 1 Voidbent Ingot.

As for Voidbent Leggings, you need 12 Runic Leather, 4 Infused Fang, 4 Phoenixweave, 2 Infused Claw, 2 Scarhide, 1 Violet Ingot and 1 Asmodeum. 

Crafting Voidbent Boot requires 6 Runic Leather, 4 Infused Fang, 2 Phoenixweave, 2 Scarhide, 2 Infused Claw, 1 Asmodeum and 1 Voidbent Ingot. 

Heavy Voidbent Armor

The Voidbent Helm requires 10 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 4 Phoenixweave, 4 Runic Leather, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, and 1 Voidbent Ingot for crafting. 

For the Voidbent Breastplate, you need 20 Asmodeum, 8 Runic Leather, 7 Phoenixweave, 4 Tolvium, 2 Infused Fur, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Voidbent Ingot. 

To craft Voidbent Gauntlets, you must get 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 2 Infused Fur, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Runic Leather, 1 Voidbent Ingot and 1 Phoenix Weave. 

You can craft Voidbent Legguards using 12 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 4 Runic Leather, 2 Infused Fur, 2 Phoenixweave, 2 Cinnabar, and 1 Voidbent Ingot. 

As for Voidbent Sabatons, you would need 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tovium, 2 Runic Leather, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, 1 Voidbent Ingot and 1 Phoenixweave. 

How to Craft a Voidbent Armor New World?

As you might know, you can only craft one piece of the Voidbent armor at a time. Also, you need to find an Outfitting Station or Forge on the game map for this task. Then, you must travel there to complete the crafting after making sure that you have the required materials. 

Press E after approaching the Outfitting Station or Forge to start the crafting procedure. You must then select an armor piece recipe that is available on the drop-down panel at the left. Click on craft at the bottom-right of the screen to proceed with the crafting. 

Equip the armor piece on your character once you have crafted it. You can come back anytime to forge another armor piece if you do not have the required materials right now. 

What if You Cannot Craft the Armor?

Being unable to craft an armor only means one thing– one or more of the required materials are missing. So, you must check which materials you need to find before proceeding with the crafting. Then, find the materials and come back to the Forge whenever you are ready to craft a Voidbent Armor piece. 

How to Craft a Voidbent Ingot?

Voidbent Ingot is a crucial material required for crafting Voidbent Armor New World as we have seen. Also, you need to craft it, unlike many other required materials that can be found in various parts of the map. 

To do that, you must first mine some Voidbent Ore from the Orichalcum Veins deposits in the Shattered Mountain. Alternatively, you can also go to the orichalcum Veins deposits in the Great Cleave region.  

You might have to use a Miner’s Charm for an increased chance of finding the rare Voidbent Ore. Also, make sure you have the required mining skill level of 175 required for mining Orichalcum veins. 

Once you find the required ore, you must go to a Tier-3 Smelter on the game map. Then, use 10 Energy Core, 1 Void Essence, and 1 Void Ore, and press E to craft a Voidbent Ingot. You must note that you can use this metal only to craft Voidbent Armor sets. 

Check Out Other Armor Sets in New World

As mentioned earlier, Voidbent Armor is not the most powerful armor in the game. So, you must try to acquire other stronger armor as well. Crafting them works the same way as mentioned here. 

All you need to do is get the required materials for the other armor you are looking for. Then, you can use the same steps for crafting it as given above. 

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