How To Fix Wireless Hp Printer Not Working Properly

Nowadays, a printer is an essential thing for our individual homes or work at our offices. Undoubtedly, Hp printer is one of the best printers among other printers. Hp provides laptops with the best quality and best composition for users. Besides, we get the printer with reasonable price. Everything is perfect that doesn’t mean it is 100%  error free. Wireless printing is not working properly without any issues. A lot of things can go wrong between router configuration and Wifi network connections. So, we have to resolve this issue fast because of not printing error on your device. Therefore, you have to deal with the issue to fix the wireless Hp printer not working in a proper way. Go through this article carefully and choose your method to apply.

A Few Reasons Behind Wireless Hp Printer Not Working:

  1. Connection Between Printer And Computer

If you make a wrong connection between the printer and the computer, then your printer is getting a few trouble. Check once the connection between the access point and the router which are shared by computer and Hp printer. You also check the ethernet cable and manage access point setting. If these are not connected properly, this wrong connection makes an error.

  1. Outdated Printer Driver

An outdated printer driver is one of the common cause for the error. So, you should check that an update option is available or not.

  1. Connection Problem Between The Printer And The Network

You test the connection between the printer and the network during the printing process. You can check it by pressing the wireless button to print. It helps to detect the problem.

  1. VPNs And IP Address

A Virtual private Network acts like a tunnel that helps to protect your internet connect on wifi and secure your data. If you are a user of VPN, then switch it off. Because VPN is a cause of not working issue. It is not able to identify the user profile. It is good that you check it fast and disable temporarily.

With IP addresses, any printer with a dynamic IP address can modify its address that can break communications between it and other devices on the network. It gives a bad effect on a printer.

  1. Printer’s Power Issue

Sometimes, your machine power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet in an improper way. You notice that the LED light isn’t lit or blinking. Wifi connection issue occurs due to a wrong printer power issue.

The Efficient Ways To Fix Wireless Hp printer Not Working Issue

Way 1: Restart The Computer, Printer And Router

The process may resolve any connectivity issue. So just look at the steps.

  1. First, shut down the router by the tapping power button.
  2. Next, close your printer and unplug all USB cables.
  3. Close all the tabs which are running in the background on your laptop. After that, close the computer.
  4. Then, connect again all the power cables and wait for sometimes for internet connection.
  5. Now, power on the printer and the computer.

Way 2: Check The Status Of The Wireless Connection

You should check the status of the wireless connection properly. Turn on your printer. After that, you can choose any option among ‘The wireless light is solid’, ‘The wireless light is off’, ‘The wireless light blinks’. That’s it.

Way 3: Update Printer Driver

The outdated printer driver may cause of this printer issue. So, you check if your printer driver is not outdated. If needed, look for the update settings first. Then update printer driver properly. Now, you check if this issue is not fixed.

Way 4: Check Connection Between Printer And Computer

Check your connection between Printer and computer. Replugged in if needed. Next, you verify if your printer is properly connected with the printer. Then, open your printer and device for entering your printer model. Set as a default printer if not add your printer and set as your main printer. Check once that the access point and router are shared by computer and Brother printer. Noticed the Ethernet cable and manage access point setting properly. Check again, if your printer is offline or not set as default.

If your issue again occurs, then follow the article below.

Way 5: Move The Router And Printer Closer Together

There is a bad issue when you keep the router far away from your printer. Sometimes, some objects like walls, TV, phone and any electrical equipments are between the printer and router. It makes slow your internet connection.

  1. First, shift the printer and router position.
  2. Additionally, take aside any objects between the printer and the router. Objects like refrigerators, Washing machine, microwaves may effect on a wireless connection.

Way 6: Change The Wireless Network Name

Different routers with the same network name are one of the common reasons. We have to resolve it fast. It drops the wireless connection. So, just follow the instructions.

  1. Go to the menu on your router web-based setup page that modies your wireless network name.
  2. Then, give a unique name and save it.
  3. Now, reconnect your printer with the wireless network safely.

Way 7: Run Automatic Repair

  1. First, close your PC. Then, enter the installation media using a USB drive or a DVD and restart your PC.
  2. For rebooting enter your language preference and tap on Repair your computer.
  3. Then, click on Troubleshoot, Advanced option, Automatic repair subsequently.
  4. Wait for sometime and restart your computer.
  5. Check if your issue is recovered or not.

We give you all causes and solutions of this annoying issue. Apply all these methods carefully and check with your Hp printer wireless not working issue. Hope that it is helpful to you. Stay connecting with us.

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