Some Amazing Ways To Fix The Epson Printer Doesn’t Print Black

It’s one of the common problems. You are printing something on your printer, and suddenly you find that your Epson printer is not printing black. If you are facing such a problem, there is no need for worrying. In this present article, we are going to tell you some amazing ways to fix this problem.

How To Fix Epson Printer Doesn’t Print Black: An Overview

First of all, turn off the printer and unplug it. Disconnect the USB cables and wait for a while and reconnect them all. Then power on the printer again.

Next, print a ‘Quality Diagnostic Report’ or a ‘Print Test Page.’

On your printer’s display screen you will find the option to do that easily. If you can’t find this, you can also take the help from the user guide and follow the instructions mentioned.

When done, check the ink levels of your printer to make sure the amount of ink in the cartridges of your printer.

Process 1: Check The Ink Cartridge Of The Printer

You have to replace the empty or low on ink cartridges.

  1. Place the cartridges properly and install them in their appropriate slot.
  2. If you have installed a new cartridge then make sure that the tape over the connector is removed properly.
  3.  Check whether the cartridge vents are clogged. You can clean it up easily by a pin and fix this.
  4. To check whether your printer is able to recognize the cartridges or not use a different ink cartridge.
  5. If that also fails to work and if the printer used to work properly with an old cartridge then install the old one and see whether there is a gray shade still there or everything is fine.

If your printer is still printing black with the old cartridge without any problem, then, the issue is not related to the printhead. The problem lies in the new black cartridge that you are using. Maybe it is a faulty one and it needs a replacement.

Process 2: Check The Printhead

Change of the cartridge if fails to work too then, check the thing whether your printhead is working properly or not. To do that, make sure that there is no clog in the printheads. Though most of the printers have the feature to clean the printheads automatically you can do it manually too.


If the feature automatic printhead fails to work after running it once, then run it a second or third time too if needed. But remember one thing, you can’t run the automatic cleaning function more than a certain number of times. And the function consumes a lot of ink as well.

Advanced Processes To Fix Epson Printer Doesn’t Print Black Issue

If the problem is not related to the Cartridge or the Printhead then the problem might lie with the software or printer driver. To solve the issue you can pinch up the paper settings.

Use of the ‘glossy photo paper’ also can be a way to resolve it. To do that, change the Settings of the printer driver. If your printer possesses two black cartridges, it can do this. It has to be a pigment and the other has to be a dye-based cartridge. The use of black ink printer depends on the selected type of paper. When the pigment pairs with the matte paper, the dye one pairs with the glossy very well. So, switch the paper type and we hope that it will work.

In this stage, when you are sure about the thing that the issue is not happening because of the cartridge or printhead then go to the next solution.

Here, you have to modify your printer. To do so, uninstall the printer driver and reinstall the printer driver afresh. Many times, after the upgradation of the PC or the Operating System of Mac you can face such a situation. After reinstalling the printer driver it should be resolved. On the website of the printer manufacturer, you will be able to find the exact downloadable version that you need for your printer.

If all the above ways fail to resolve your problem then you don’t have any other choice but to get a new printer for you. And it’s really good to recycle the printers. Epson printer doesn’t print black is a quite normal issue. It happens to the older printers frequently.  If you get any other solution except all the above at the time of troubleshooting then you can tell us about that. We will put them here happily.

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