How To Fix Steam Won’t Open Windows 10

Steam is the name of a digital distribution platform for games. It also works as a video streaming and social networking service for the gamers. To use stem you need to download its client service which is known as Steam client. But on the Windows 10 platform Steam client faces a lot of problems and errors. Most of the time it happens due to the app compatibility but sometimes it stops working due to the Windows 10 errors and bugs. In some case, the Steam client also stops responding due to improper downloading and installation of it service. But error and bugs can also come from a newly released game, game update or from a corrupted game.
Still, with all of this problem Steams is a very useful tool for gamers. That is the reason why we are disusing about its problem and solutions for those problems.


Ways To Fix Steam Won’t Open Windows 10 Issue

There are a lot of problems and solutions for Steam Client but the most common problem of a Steam Client is that sometimes it refuses to open in the Windows 10 and today we are going to solve this problem.

1. Use the Command “steam://flushconfig”

In most of the case, Steam client won’t open due to improper game installation. This usually happens due to missing files during the download therefore to solve it you need to use the command line “steam://flushconfig”

To do this first open the run box with the help of ” Windows Key + R”. Then type “steam://flushconfig” on the Run box and then hit the Enter Key. This hit will take you to a black popup box where you need to click on the OK option. That black box is from Steam and it is asking for your permission to clean all the download Caches files. But don’t worry your game date is fully saved and you can use it after the Steam client opens.

After the cleanup try to open the Steam client but if it doesn’t open try another method.

2. Enter Into The Safe Mode

The most simple and basic form of Windows 10 appears when you enter into its Safe Mode. Inside of it only the essential programs and drivers are allowed to work. Therefore, it is the best place to detect the causes of errors and troubleshoot them with the simplest way possible. Hence

if any third party app or software is affecting the Steam Client then it can be detected inside the Safe Mode.

Now get into the Safe Mode and open the Stream client. If it opens and works perfectly then try to find out about those third-party softwares and apps which are affecting the Steam client. After that, you disable those softwares and apps and your Steam client will start working again on the normal version of Windows 10.

To enter into the Safe Mode first type “System configuration” on the Windows Search Bar. Then on the result section, you will find its name click on it. it will take you to the System configuration windows.

There you need to click on the Boot tab. On that tap, you need to check the box beside the Safe mode which will be present on the left side of that page. But with the Safe Boot option, check the box beside the Network option. Now click on the OK option and exist from there. The Safe Mode will kick in after you restart your system. After that, you know what to do.

3. Reinstall The Steam Client

Now if none of the methods mentioned above worked then there is only one way to open Steam and that is, to reinstall the Steam client. But before that, copy and move the “steamapps folder” to another folder. This is because that folder contains all of your gaming date and purchase details. And if you uninstall Steam client without copying it then you will lose all your Steam and game data.

Now after the unitisation and then reinstallation process you need to copy “steamapps folder” back to the steam directory after that open the client and verify about your game and purchase.


We hope that this article is able to help you with your Steam Client problem. We will keep you updating about Steam and all the essentials related to it through our articles.

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