How To Fix Nvidia Run Time Error- Some Easy Fixes

Nvidia is an American multinational company that manufactures Graphics Processing Unit. The brand is famous among the gamers as well as professionals and it has truly lived up to its reputation. While Nvidia uses advanced technologies and high powered GPU for its users, there are some technical bugs that are unavoidable. Moreover, it focuses on the design of the Graphics processing units that are employed in computers. Thus, you might be quite aware of the Nvidia Runtime error which might be pestering you frequently. If so, read this article carefully and follow all these steps which are mentioned below. All these steps are very useful, so don’t skip any.


How You Fix Nvidia Run time Error?



After updating your device, give Windows 15 minutes to complete its installation and all its background download processes. Thereafter, restart your computer and then, update the driver repeatedly.

After the update, the driver two Windows will arise, be sure you that have chosen Customs option and then, click on the next check the option Perform A Clean Installation. After that, click on the next button.

If the issue still persists then you will try next 4 top solutions which are given below


Step 1- Turn Off Any Antivirus Software



Have many antivirus software or app would block some of the files which stop you from easily completing your driver installation process. If you have any firewall or any antivirus software in your PC then you turn off this software or firewell during the installation. You will also need to be sure that all the proceeds are turned off. You can modify and stop all procedure by using Task Manager.

Disable your firewall or Antivirus Software for few minutes, then follow the steps which are mentioned below:

Pressing the Ctrl+Alt button together from your keyboard and hit the Delete button on your keyboard. When a new page will pop up then click on the Task manager option.
Click on the Processes tab which is under the Task Manager section. Search all the processes that which are your antivirus software related.
Now, click on each process, after that click on the End Task option to end it.
Restart your device. After the restart process is complete update the Nvidia driver repeatedly. When installing the Nvidia driver be sure that Custom option is selected and Perform Cleaning Installation box is checked.


Step 2- Stop all Nvidia Processes And Delete All Related Files



Open the Task manager option. Go to the Processes tab from there and end all Nvidia files.

Delete the following mentioned files if they persist:




C:\programfiles\Nvidia Corporation\

C:\programefiles[x86]\Nvidia Corporation\

Restart your system and then, update or install again the driver. Check that Custom option is selected and Perform Cleaning Installation box is checked ( when two windows will arises).


Step 3- Reinstall Operating System



Reinstall Operating System or Windows will remove all documents or file. How you do it, follow these step

Go to the Start button then click on the Settings option. Click on the Update and Security option which is under the settings option. Then click on the Recovery option Select the option Get Started which is under the Reset This PC option.

After, restart your PC you must get a login screen then press the Shift key from your keyboard when you select the Power button next go to the bottom right corner on the display and click on the Restart option. Once the restart process is complete click the Troubleshoot option then, select Reset this PC option.

After using these steps if you show that this issues still persists, then follow the next steps.


Step 4- Update The Nvidia Driver



We are recommending that do not use any software from the internet. If you use any software for Update your Nvidia Driver driver it will be very risky for your system so we told that don’t use any tool then contact with professional for instant help.

We hope that these steps will help you solve your problem. In this article, you can just go with these solutions to solve your problem. If one step is not working then, try next one. All are very useful for you.

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