How To Fix Netflix 5.2 Error Android: Learn The Easy Way

Nowadays, the users view all their favorite videos and movies and TV shows on their smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet and also on the TV. They can see their favorite shows anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. In this web world, Netflix gives us this opportunity to watch our favorite show on TV, phone and many electronic gadgets. Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services. You have to just open an account in the Netflix providing username and password, you can show you show the videos. This app works smoothly. It has millions of subscriber.

But, some of the users reported that sometimes it crashes, and the app doesn’t respond properly. Netflix 5.2 Error one of the common error. But, it is not a huge problem, and you can solve it easily. In this article, guide you how to fix this error.

Netflix Issues On Android: Simple Solution to Fix It

Netflix is one of the famous online video websites. It becomes the most favorite pass time for the users. But, when you are watching a movie or a web series you find Netflix 5.2 error on the screen and things change exciting to irritating. But no need worry. Here, this article comes up with some important solutions to get rid of this issues. Before proceeding with the solutions, make sure Netflix streaming service allow in your country. If does not, then you will not be able to stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix.

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Update Application

Whenever you face this type of error, the first thing you should do is update your app. To do so, go to the Play Store and check whether it is up to date or not. If not then update the application, and open again. It might fix your problem.

If the App not responding:

During updating the app, if the app dont respond, then you should force stop it. To do that, go to the Settings option. Settings> Apps. Go through the applications and tap on Netflix. Click on Force Stop to stop it.

Clear App Cache And Data

Sometimes, it will solve your issue. To apply this method, Go to Settings> Apps(for some of the smartphone and tablets, it is named as Manage App or App manager). Tap on Netflix and then, click Clear cache. You can also clear data but if you clear your data all the information will delete. But, if you apply this your problem will fix and Netflix will run smoothly without any issue.

Check Network Connectivity

If you have a poor internet connection, you might face this problem due to this. Check your internet connection, if your net connection is slow, then turn off mobile data and then turn on mobile data. If you are using WiFi then, turn your WiFi and on it again, or try a different network internet if you use 3G or 4G network then, use the WiFi network.

Too Many Using Your Account

If you feel that your account used by too many users then it is better to change your Netflix account’s password. If you change your password, nobody can get to your account details without your authorization. You can sign out of all gadgets associated with your account to separate any unapproved gadgets. This will disconnect all gadgets right now associated with your Netflix account.

Netflix Not Open On TV

Sometimes, Netflix not working on TV. To resolve this you can follow below steps.

Check your internet connection and internet running fast.

Reinstall Netflix

If the above solution doesn’t help you any more then you should try with this. Uninstall the Netflix application and install it again from play store. If the solution doesn’t work then, you can visit the Netflix site to report the problem.

The above solutions are the most effective solutions. It helps most the user who had issues with the Netflix. Hope you also get help from this article and you resolve the problem by applying the above solution and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

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