What to Do When Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On: Detailed Tutorial

With its advanced features and attractive design, the Lenovo laptop become popular among users. However, Lenovo laptops do fetch certain technical complications. Millions of users complained that when they are trying to start their Lenovo laptop, Lenovo laptop wont turn on.

If you ever face this issue, then don’t panic as you are not alone. Read this article where we will describe the causes behind the issue in detail. Also, you will get the guidance in a proper way so that you can easily fix this issue in an instant.

Why Lenovo Laptop Will Not Turn On?

Most of the time if there is a problem with your laptop charger, then you might face this issue. In case your laptop battery has extended its shelf life and you have not replaced it any time then you may suffer from this issue.

If you use an outdated Operating System on your Lenovo laptop, then you also may face this trouble. Sometimes, an internal hardware issue may lead to some serious damage, and as a result, you can not start your Lenovo laptop.

Don’t be afraid as we are here for you. In the below section we have listed some of the most unique troubleshooting techniques by which you can quickly get rid of the issue. Check out:

Ultimate Guidance To Resolve Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On Issue

Here are some solutions that you should try to fix this issue. Have a look.

Check Your Power Connectivity

This is the basic step which you can perform on your own. To apply these steps at first, you should check if the laptop charger is working or not. If you find anything wrong with the charger, then we strongly advise you to replace it with a new one. Once you have checked the charger, you should also need to turn off your Lenovo laptop. After that remove the charger from your laptop. Also, you should remove the battery from your laptop. Tap the power button for almost 30 to 35 sec and after that release it. Again you need to put your battery back and plug in the charger.

Finally, tap on the power button and check if any change is made or not. If not, then go for the next solution.  

Check Your Battery

If your laptop charger is not working, then you can try to turn on the laptop by using your battery. So try to apply this method. If you are not able to turn your laptop on, then check your battery whether your battery life has expired or not. If it is expired, then replace it. We suggest you buy an original battery for your Lenovo laptop. After that try to start your laptop. If this fails, then go for the next solution.

Start In Safe Mode

Many users claimed that when they try to start their laptop on the Safe mode and they have successfully turned on their Lenovo laptop. So it is a good idea to start your laptop in Safe mode. To do that, you have to press F8 keys on your keyboard. Now you will get an option that offers you to turn on your laptop in Safe mode. In the Safe mode, you can install or uninstall any driver that may create trouble for you. Also, you can delete any file that is corrupt.

After that restart your Lenovo laptop and try to turn it on in the present Operating System.

Repair The Faulty Hardware

Sometimes, due to hardware issues, your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on.  What you need to do is you should go for a thorough check-up of your device. If you find any faulty hardware, then repair it immediately. After that check whether you are able to turn on your Lenovo laptop or not. If this method fails, then we have provided another effective solution for you.

Check Your Laptop Screen

You should try to disconnect all the external displays that may be associated with your Lenovo laptop screen to make sure that they are not stopping your laptop from booting. Once you have successfully completed the process, again plug in your laptop charger and try to start your laptop without any trouble.

Remove The USB Driver

Suppose your screen, battery and charger are functioning then sometimes the USB driver may create trouble. So simply remove it. As a result, you will get an error message ‘OS is not found’. You should also remove the memory chip that has already inserted been into the laptop.

You should also check if any disk is already inserted. Then removed that disk from the DVD driver.

Now try to start your laptop and we assure you that now you can turn on your Lenovo laptop without any problem.

In this article, you will get complete information on why Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. Here we have provided some of the most popular and effective solutions for you. So we believe that after applying the above solutions you can quickly resolve this issue on your own and you won’t need expert help.

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