Simple Fix For Windows 10 Not Updating Issue

Windows 10 is the most recent Operating System developed by Microsoft. This OS comes with a variety of unique features and applications that assist users in various kinds of ways. One of the best features of this system is the Update process. At regular intervals, the system gets updates to fix any bugs and other glitches. Despite its good features, you can still face many errors. One such error that you may encounter is the Windows 10 not updating issue.

Reasons Behind Windows 10 Not Updating Error

There can be various reasons why does the Windows 10 update not updating issue occurs. You can get this issue if there is any glitch during or after the update process. It can be for other third-party programs that create conflicts during the update process.

How To Resolve Windows 10 Not Updating Issue

In this section of the article, you will get a plenty of points, that will help you to rectify this error in an efficient and effective manner.

Use Settings To Reboot Your Computer

Press the ‘Windows’ key and type in ‘Windows Update’ in the search field. After that, from the search result, select the ‘Windows Update settings’.
In the ‘Windows Update’ page, locate and click on the ‘Restart now’ to reboot your machine.
After the computer has rebooted, you will no longer see this issue.

Execute ‘Windows Module Installer’

The installer is an inbuilt Windows 10 service that allows us to rectify any Windows updates which get stuck. In order to start this service, you will have to execute a command in the ‘Command Prompt’.
First, press ‘Windows’ and type in ‘cmd’ in the search field. Now, from the search result, locate the ‘Command Prompt’ and then right-click on it. From the options, choose ‘Run as administrator’.

In the ‘Command Prompt’ window, enter the following command – ‘SC config trustedinstaller start=auto’ and press ‘Enter’.

Now, wait for the command to complete. When it is over, you will see the ‘[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS’ and close the program.

Then, restart the PC by clicking on ‘Update and Restart’ from the Power menu. This will simply reboot your machine.

Perform A Clean Boot

If you are not able to fix the ‘Windows 10 not updating issue‘ even after performing the previous fixes, then you can perform a clean boot to resolve it.

First, right-click on the ‘Start Menu’ and choose ‘Run’.
In the ‘Run’ dialog box, type in ‘msconfig’. Now, from the search output, choose the option ‘System Configuration’.
Then, go to ‘Services’ and click on ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and choose ‘Disable all’ button.
Again in that dialog box, tap on the ‘Startup’ and click on ‘Open Task Manager’.
Now, from the list of Startup processes, select all and simply click on ‘Disable’. Close the ‘Task Manager’ dialog box.
In the ‘System Configuration’ dialog box, click on ‘Apply’ and then on ‘OK’ to close it.
You will now see a popup box, there click on the ‘Restart’ button.
After the reboot process is over, check if the ‘Update and Shutdown’ option in the ‘Power’ menu. If it is there, then click the ‘Update and Restart’ option to reboot your machine once again.

Execute Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows Update Troubleshooter is an application that helps us to detect and fix any problems relevant with the Update automatically. This program requires you to download it from Microsoft’s official website. When downloaded, simply run the application. When this program runs then tap on the ‘Next’ button. The program will scan your machine for any problems. If it is not able to give any result then, select ‘Try troubleshooting as an administrator’ and let it do the rest. Now, if this program finds any issue with updates, select ‘Apply this fix’ and allow the troubleshooter to correct the problems automatically.

Use A Third Party Software To Reset Windows Update

When you reset Windows Update then, it will delete any outdated update folders, registers the Windows update files once again and also reset any network connections. In order to reset Windows Update, you’ll need a third-party application. Follow the below mentioned steps to get this software.

First, search for a reliable third-party software from the internet. After that, download that software.
Next, go to the location of the file and right-click on the file with extension ‘.BAT’. After that, choose ‘Run as administrator’ and click ‘OK’.
Within the ‘Command Prompt’ window, choose ‘Y’ to continue with the process.
Now, click option ‘2’ among all the different options, in order to reset the ‘Windows Update Components’.

This process will take some time, so wait for a while. When the software has finishes resetting, you’ll see a message ‘The Operating System Update Completed Successfully’.

Now, open the ‘Windows Update’ page within the ‘Settings’ and press the ‘Check for Updates’ button. Now, if there are any updates then download and install them.
Finally, reboot your system by pressing ‘Restart Now’.

If you follow the steps that are provided above carefully then you can able to solve the Windows 10 not updating issue. If you cannot able to solve this problem on your own then, provide any details of your query in the comment section below.

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