4 Easy Fixes for Fire TV White Screen Error

Amazon Fire TV displays a white screen when the cable box is disconnected from the unit. Faulty or misaligned ribbon cables can also trigger this problem in the Smart TV. Users can experience this screen glitch when the “Screen Saver” mode is on. Whatever the reason is, you can fix it easily without any external help.

Did you change the Fire TV’s input source? It could be another reason behind Fire TV white screen. For instance, when you set the input mode as “HDMI 1”, the TV will output the signal through the HDMI 1 port. 

However, the TV will display a blank screen if no devices are connected to the specific port. A “No Signal” message may appear on the display when this error occurs.

What Causes the Fire TV White Screen Error?

Several reasons could trigger this screen issue in the Amazon Fire TV. The device will display a white screen if the ribbon cable is not connected to the T-con board. Moreover, dust and dirt can accumulate inside the TV box over time, preventing the box from connecting to the TV, which leads to a white screen error.

The Smart TV requires a constant power supply to function properly. If the device is not receiving an adequate power supply, this screen error will occur. Thus, check whether the Fire TV has loose cables and wires; if you find worn-out cables, replace them immediately.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Fire TV White Screen Error

There are many ways to fix the white screen error from the Fire TVs. Restarting the streaming device often resolves this critical problem. However, if that doesn’t work, use these solutions to eliminate the screen glitch:

1. Turn off the Screensaver Mode

Amazon Fire TV’s screen saver feature turns on automatically when you haven’t watched anything for a few minutes. It closes all the background apps and displays a white screen. 

However, you may not always see a white display when the feature is on. This error only occurs when the TV’s clock doesn’t match the internet server. Don’t change the device’s time instead, turn off the screensaver mode to fix the Fire TV white screen. 

Here is how you can disable this feature from the Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Turn off the device and turn it on after 2-3 seconds. 
  • Press the remote control’s “Home” button to access the home menu.
  • Select “Settings” when the pop-up box displays on the Smart TV screen.
  • Choose “Display & Sounds” from the list and navigate to “Screensaver”.
  • A new window will appear on display with different screensaver options.
  • Opt for “Start Time” and tap on “Never” to turn off “Screensaver” mode.

Press the Fire TV remote’s “power” button to turn off the device. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes, and then hold the “Power” key to turn on the Smart TV. Is the device still showing a white screen? Then, change the Wi-Fi network and use the device without screen errors.

2. Turn off “VoiceView”

Amazon Fire TV’s “VoiceView” feature reads aloud the actions on the screen. This feature may often prevent the Smart TV from working. Thus, disabling the VoiceView mode will help you to fix the screen error. 

First, ensure the Amazon Fire TV and the set-top box is on. Then, press the “Back” and “Menu” buttons on the remote together for a few seconds.

Head to “Settings” when the next window appears on the TV screen. Tap on “Accessibility”, locate “VoiceView”, and toggle off this option. Restart the Smart TV, and it won’t display a white screen further. 

Are you still experiencing the same problem? The TV remote is still paired with VoiceView. Repeat the above steps to stop the remote from reading the screen.

3. Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable

Fire TV shows a white screen if the HDMI cables are not connected properly to the port. Thus, you have to disconnect and reconnect these cables to overcome the problem. However, users need to first restart the Fire TV device. 

Turn on the A/V receivers or sound bars connected to the device. Set up an input source and remove the cables from the HDMI port. Plug the HDMI cables into the correct port after 2-3 minutes. 

Did you notice any sign of damage to the existing HDMI cables? Consider replacing them with new ones. Match the remote’s source to the HDMI port that the Fire TV is plugged into. Then, press the remote’s “Home” button to access the “Settings” window.

Navigate to “Display & Sounds” and turn off “HDMI-CEC Device Control”. Wait for a few minutes and turn on “HDMI-CEC Device Control”. Press the remote “Up” and “Rewind” button together for 10 seconds. Fire TV will start showing the available resolution for the screen issue. Select “Use Current Resolution” to fix the Fire TV error in minutes.

4. Change the Ribbon Cable Alignment

Fire TV users can experience this issue due to ribbon cable misalignment. Usually, the ribbon cable connects the T-con board to the panel. The TV can’t run images on the display panel if this cable is not connected to the T-con board. 

One side of the display panel fails to receive video signals from the T-con board when this occurs. This is why the Fire TV displays a solid white background. 

However, you can fix this issue by changing the ribbon cable’s alignment. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Turn off the Fire TV and move it to a flat surface.
  • Unmount the back panel cover’s screws and locate the T-con board.
  • Look for the misaligned ribbon cables afterwards.

Re-align the left ribbon cable the Fire TV screen’s right side is white. Change the right ribbon cable’s position if the TV screen’s left side is white. Lift the tab that protects the ribbon cables from damage. Remove the ribbon cable and reconnect them to the T-con board. Restart the Fire TV and watch your favourite shows without glitches.

Is the Fire TV Displaying a White Screen when Streaming Netflix? 

Power cycle the Fire TV if you only get a white screen when trying to access Netflix. Press the remote’s “power” button and select “Settings”. Choose “My Fire TV” and tap on “Restart”. Go to the home screen, write “Netflix” on the search box and stream the movies without Fire Tv white screen issues.

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