How To Fix Error 1962 Lenovo: A Complete Guide

This is a pretty renowned issue with Lenovo devices. A Lenovo laptop/desktop user often come across error code 1962. When Lenovo devices are affected by such error codes, they fail to startup hence, the boot sequence fails. In such a situation, it generates such an error code. The message says “No Operating System found”.

In most of the cases, when users experience the error code 1962, they have to wait for a while until they boot up their machine. After they see error 1962, some users are not even able to get into their PC’s BIOS as the error occurs immediately after the computer boots up. Often you see that you can get into the BIOS of your system, but thereafter your system doesn’t detect the HDD. However, it automatically detects if you hang in there for a couple of hours.

Usually, this issue caused by one of two things-  a faulty SATA cable or a faulty HDD connecting a good HDD to a good motherboard. To get rid of the error 1962 Lenovo, you need to stay on this page as here we have mentioned some tried and tested methods. Hence, keep reading and fix this issue on your own!

Underlying Causes Of Error 1962 Windows 10 Lenovo

There are multiple causes responsible for this error code 1962. So, take a look below to identify them:

  • Due to the faulty hard disk drive, error code 1962 can occur.
  • If the Windows Startup gets corrupted then this kind of error code may arise.
  • Besides, incorrect BIOS settings can also be responsible for this issue.
  • Apart from these, malware or virus can also play a vital role.

These are the root causes of this Lenovo error code 1962. Thus, without wasting much time let’s go through the solutions to resolve them in detail.

Troubleshoot Lenovo Error Code 1962 With Smart Hacks!

Here, in this section, we have mentioned some proven methods in order to fix the error code 1962. Follow the enlisted methods and let us know which solution proves helpful to you.

Solution 1: Change Boot Priority In BIOS

As mentioned earlier, due to the incorrect settings in the BIOS, you might face this issue. In that case, as a prime fix, you can proceed by changing the boot priority in BIOS. If the issue is temporary then changing the boot priority can easily fix this glitch.

To do this process, you need to press and hold the Ctrl+Alt+Delete function keys simultaneously on your keyboard in order to reboot your device. After restarting, you need to press the F12 function key multiple times. This will launch the BIOS setup. When the BIOS setup is launched, you need to press the Enter button and then go to the Startup tab where you have to choose the CSM option. After that, hit the Enter button, then look for and select the Enabled button. Once you are done, simply locate the Boot Priority option. Once you locate it, just click on it and then press the Enter button. Now, you need to change the current option of Legacy First to UEFI First. When done, press the F10 function key and hit the Enter button immediately.  Or click on Yes. Once you perform this action, wait for a while to complete the procedure. Now, your PC will automatically reboot. Thus, check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Run System Restore In Safe Mode

If the first method doesn’t work for you then you can fix this glitch by running the system restore in safe mode. On your Windows PC, system restore can easily fix this problem. As we know, Safe Mode is a diagnostics mode that starts your device with only some basic drivers and files. In that case, you need to use this method as it is quite helpful for many users. To do so, simply follow the below instructions:

  • Until your PC shuts down, press the Power button in order to turn on your device.
  • Once your PC restarts, simply select the Run In Safe Mode button and then press the Enter button.
  • Once you are done, go to the Start icon and then in the search bar, simply enter System Restore, then hit the Enter button.
  • Now, in order to revert back to a certain restore point, simply follow the prompts.
  • Then, wait for a while to finish the procedure and then reboot.
  • Finally, check, if the issue gets removed.

Before the error message, you need to make sure that you are able to recognize the restore point data. Hence, System Restore doesn’t affect your personal data, documents, or files.

Solution 3: Perform Startup Repair

Furthermore, you can fix this issue by performing the Startup repair as it is a simple method. Sometimes, due to irregularities arising from Windows installation, Startup gets corrupted, as a result, this kind of error code can arise. Thus, you can proceed with this method by following the given steps.

Primarily, you need to create a bootable device for Windows 10. For that, insert the bootable DVD or USB. Once you are done, go to the Windows Setup window where you need to choose the Language To Install option. Now, you need to locate the Time And Currency Format option. Furthermore, look for and select Keyboard Or Input Method option. Thus, you need to click on the Repair Your Computer button. Then, you will see the Troubleshoot button, simply click on it and hit the Advanced Option. Once you perform this action, search for and choose the Automatic Repair option, then you need to choose the Operating System. When the process completes, follow the on-screen instructions in order to boot up your PC.

Solution 4: Enable UEFI Boot

Moreover, you fix this problem by simply enabling the UEFI boot. Actually, multiple UEFI firmware is either misleading or contains some bugs. Thus, it has made the UEFI too complicated. Hence, error code 1962 can occur due to the UEFI firmware. In order to enable the UEFI boot, you need to configure the Compatibility Support Module or CSM. If you want to boot to a legacy OS. Recently, if you install any Windows update, then there is a chance that the settings are disabled by default. Thus, you need to be careful to reset the UEFI. To do so, follow the below-mentioned measures that will help you in the process:

Firstly, restart your device and then press DEL or F2 function key in order to open the boot setup. Then, navigate to the Startup tab and then go through the following changes:

  1. Change the Boot list option to UEFI
  2. Disable Load Legacy option ROM
  3. Enable Secure boot

Once you perform this action, simply hit the F10 function key to save the changes. Now, exit the boot setup.

Solution 5: Replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

If none of the steps mentioned above work for you, you need to replace your hard disk drive(HDD). Sometimes, HDD gets corrupted and results in error 1962 Lenovo. In such situations, you need to make sure that the hard disk drive isn’t faulty. Thus, you can remove your hard disk drive and connect it to a different device. Now, try to access the folders and files on that device. But if the new device is unable to recognize and access the HDD then you surely should replace it with a new one.

However, if the new device is able to recognize and access the HDD, then make sure that the problem is created due to the faulty SATA cable. Basically, the SATA cable connects the hard disk drive to its motherboard. Thus we recommend replacing it with a new one.

On the whole, the methods mentioned above will be helpful to solve the error 1962 Windows 10 Lenovo. Try the steps as discussed here. You will surely find an accurate solution to your problems. Moreover, if you have further queries or suggestions you can share your feedback with us. If this post will useful for you to fix the glitch, let us know.

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