Adobe RdrCEF Has Stopped Working: Effective Ways To Solve RdrCEF.exe Error

Adobe is a popular software developed company. Its products include Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Creative Cloud, and so on. All these products work quite well until you are stuck with an Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working problem. RdrCEF.exe is an inbuilt file which comes with Adobe Acrobat Reader and functions in most of the cloud connectivity features. Cloud connectivity features include Create PDF, Send and Track, Document Cloud. However, take a look at this article if you are stuck with this Adobe issue.

Adobe RdrCEF Has Stopped Working – Associated Problems

As RdrCEF.exe is an Adobe default file, if it gets damaged then you will not be able to open any documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, it does not affect much on your system. But sometimes it is seen that after Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working, the system gets slow in responding the input signals. Whatever, be the cause of this problem, you need to resolve it for using the Acrobat Reader again. And to learn the processes of fixing Adobe RdrCEF error, keep studying the below sections of this article.

Reasons Of Adobe RdrCEF.exe Is Not Working Issue

There are no confirmed reasons for this problem. However, it generally occurs due to the glitches in Acrobat Reader software. If malware attacks your system, then this can also be a reason for this error. However, if you are facing this issue then nothing to worry. Check below for the solving steps which are not only easy to perform but also effective in solving Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working error.

Ways To Solve Adobe RdrCEF.exe Is Not Working Error

Here are the methods to solve this Adobe Acrobat error. These methods are explained in a simple manner that you don’t need to be a technician to perform all these.

Way 1: Change The Name Of RdrCEF.exe And Rdr ServicesUpdater.exe Files

Many of the users get relief from this problem only by changing the names of this below mentioned files:

  • RdrCEF.exe
  • Rdr ServicesUpdater.exe

And to do this, follow this below instructed paragraph.

To begin with, make sure that the Acrobat Reader is completely closed. And also try to close all the other opening programs or files before starting the renaming process. After that, click on “My Computer” or “This PC” from the desktop screen to open. Now, open the C: drive from here and click twice on the “Program Files (x86)” folder to open. Then, under this available folder options, open Adobe. Next, by navigating to the Acrobat Reader DC folder, click on Reader and then tap on AcroCEF.

Further, under this AcroCEF folder, you will find all the above-mentioned files. Then take the mouse cursor on “RdrCEF.exe” and make a right click on it and select on Rename from the available list. After selecting the Rename option, add “_old” with it as given below and hit the Enter button to save the changes.

  • RdrCEF_old.exe

Do the same process with the “Rdr ServicesUpdater.exe” file and change it into “Rdr ServicesUpdater_old.exe”.

As the renaming process gets over then restart your Adobe Reader. By doing this, now check if this (Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working) problem gets solved. Otherwise, go for this below explaining process.

Way 2: Update Your Acrobat Reader To Its Latest Version

If you are using an outdated version of Acrobat Reader then this can also be a reason for this error. Therefore, to solve this, you need to update the Acrobat Rader to its latest version. And to do so, you need to open the Acrobat file.

Now, from the top panel click on Help and then on Check for Updates. By doing this if you find any updates then download it. And if there is any problem in regarding the updating process, then follow this below method of solving this problem.

Way 3: Uninstall And Reinstall The Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you are getting an Adobe RdrCEF.exe is not working issue at the time of updating the Acrobat Reader then nothing to worry. The best way to solve this is to uninstall and reinstall the Acrobat Reader. And to do this continue with the guidelines described below.

Uninstall The Acrobat Reader

Uninstalling the Acrobat Reader is not a tough task. And to do this, at first, you need to open the Control Panel window. Press the Windows button to open the Search bar and then on it type ‘control’. After that, hit on Enter, this will open the Control Panel window.

Now, make sure that the View by is set into Category. After that, select Programs and then Uninstall a Program. Now, you will be able to visit all the installing programs of this system. From here search for the Acrobat Reader related programs and right-click on them, then select Uninstall.

Reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader

As the Uninstallation process gets over, then restart your system. Now, as your system is powered on, connect it with high-speed internet. After that, open a browser, and with the help of this visit the official Acrobat Reader download center. And from here, search for the latest version of Acrobat Reader according to your system requirements.

Next, after finding the Acrobat Reader system matching software, download it. And make sure that during the downloading process no disturbance can take place. Because any disturbance can affect badly on the software and result in further trouble. Now, as the Acrobat file gets downloaded then install it by following the on-screen instructions. Hope, by doing this process you will definitely solve the Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working problem.

All these are the best workable methods of solving Adobe RdrCEF has stopped working error. By going through this article in detail you will be able to perform all these tasks on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is RdrCEF exe?

Acrobat/Reader processes AcroCEF.exe and RdrCEF.exe are intertwined. They deal with variety of important features of the program, such as network interaction and Document Cloud services (such as Fill and Sign, Send for Signature, Share for View/Review, and so on).

Why does RdrCEF exe crash?

Some people have contacted us with inquiries regarding the RdrCEF.exe process. According to our research, the executable is frequently linked to “stopped working” and “programme error” pop-ups. When the user launches Acrobat Reader, most problems caused by the RdrCEF.exe process will appear. 

Can you disable Adobe Acrobat Update Service?

Right-click on the Adobe Acrobat Update Service and select Properties. From the Startup type dropdown, select Disabled. To save your changes, click Apply, and then OK to close the window. 
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