Get Instant Hacks To Disable Touch Screen Windows 10

Although Windows 10 comes up with the most advanced features, then there are certain computer issues that can frustrate a user. One such issue that users often faces is how to disable touchscreen Windows 10. Basically, if you are operating in Windows then you will find that there is no inbuilt switch to turn on or off the touchscreen. However, with the assistance of the Device Manager, it is disabled touchscreen windows 10 possible to proceed on.

Moreover, in order to sort out and disable the touchscreen, Windows 10 offers several methods to mitigate the worries. Also, there are certain techniques you can carry out and solve the issue. So, let us follow the guide without delay. Also, you might find the main culprit behind the problems you face.

How To Disable TouchScreen Windows 10? Instant Guide

If you are in a need to disable touchscreen windows 10, then making some Registry tweaks is very much crucial. But it is a fact that in Windows, you are not going to get the disabling option. Basically, you will find the option is unavailable in the Settings of the operating system. So, it is our recommendation to create a proper backup of all the important files and folders before tampering with the system settings. Although related searches on the topic are quite low, also we are going to mention some of the effective steps that can help you out in such a case.

  • Simultaneously, press the Windows and the X key for a certain period of time by holding the keys.
  • Now, simply do a left click on the “Device Manager” feature from the menu that appears on the screen. After it opens, click on the “Human Interface Devices” that is present on the left side of the panel.
  • Expand and open the “Human Interface Devices” once you locate it. After this, find the icon that has the name “touch screen“ present inside the  “Human Interface Devices” option.
  • Do a right-click on the touchscreen device and open it. Once it opens, left-click or tap on the “Disable” feature from the sub-menu that appears after opening it.
  • Once you finish disabling the touchscreen, close the Device Manager window. Restart and reboot your device and find whether the problem eradicates and the disabling process is done right.

Also, note that if you are in a need to enable the touchscreen feature again, then enable it exactly the same way as you have disabled it.

Ending Notes

Hope the article was helpful to disable touchscreen Windows 10. Even if you are not technically proficient you can remove the problem easily by following up the whole guide properly. We also recommend you not to try anything else as it may cause serious issues. If you have any query on the same, take help from our website and resolve the issues. If this article was helpful then do share your feedback and comments.

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