Delete AOL Account – The Smart Yet Easy Process

America Online, commonly known as AOL is one of the webmail service pioneers and their service is very good as well. In this article, there is a complete process that will help you delete AOL account. That is for if you need to do that for any reason.

Email is one of the most, if not the most popular and important ways in which people communicate information. This is not only the case for individuals from their homes, where they share personal information. Also, they share information that relates to work.

Moving on from the individual level to that of organizations, it is very popular in the corporate field as well. Companies have their dedicated email addresses in bunches in order to make the process even simpler. What it does is unify all the email IDs that the employees of that particular organization. Bringing a great degree of uniformity that accounts for better productivity.

Beyond that, there is also a vast multitude of fantastic things that email allows one to do. All of that revolves moreover less around sharing information and communicating. That is why you’ll find a lot of different companies from different parts of the world in this business.

All the giant technology companies have their versions of web mailing services. One is better than the other and also different companies provide several different features. These sets of features are more or less permutations and combinations of similar protocols.

Depending on the needs of a particular person or organization some web mailing services will be better than others. For that, you’ll need to test and try out the different ones available in the market. Once you have gone through many of them and seen what each can do. then you’ll be able to make the correct decision.

AOL provides a good web mailing service and it has got good features. But still, it doesn’t have all the things that you might need. So if you have gotten yourself a free AOL mail account and you don’t need it. Then, you might want to delete AOL account.

Why You Might Want To Delete AOL Account

AOL mail is definitely one of the best web mailing services, if not the best that you can find on the internet. You can get a lot of useful features from AOL mail and because of that a lot of people use this service.

America Online has been around a long time and is responsible for innovating a lot of cool email features. A lot of the different services that have come after that have adopted these features. They also have improved and added a lot of new things on top of these as well. Thus, a lot of the features that you expect from your web mailing service have come from these.

Storage Space

Some of the features of AOL mail include a total of 25MB attachment delivery capability. This is good but not the best compared to the standards of this day. But still, this is good enough for most of the official work that you might have. All of that involves sharing mostly word documents, 25MB attachment capability will be more than enough for that.

Limitation Of New Messages

Still, if it is not enough for you, you might want to delete AOL account. Another reason for which you might want to delete AOL account can very well be the upper limit on new messages. It happens to be a thousand of them. Now the thing is that when AOL developed all these, space for a thousand new email messages was more than enough.

But since email is more popular and widely used today than ever before. This upper limit on the number of new messages that you’ll be able to store is probably not going to be enough for you. And that can definitely warrant the need to delete AOL account.

Also when it comes to storing old messages, the upper limit for that is four thousand. This is definitely not enough considering the mail storage needs, whatever the work it is. So you would want to get rid of your AOL mail account for that.

Security Issues

But that brings forward the question, why delete AOL account instead of just keeping it as it is. This is totally due to security issues, because if you keep it that way. Hackers might get in through the firewall and steal all the vital data that might be there.

So, the bottom line is that if you’re not going to use this AOL mail account, it’s best to delete AOL account.

How To Delete AOL Account

In this section, there is the list of the steps that you’d need to take in order to get rid of this account.

  1. Go to the cancellation page of America Online from your web browser.
  2. If you have not already logged in to your free of cost AOL email account, then log in to it. You’ll have to enter your AOL username and password, then click on the Sign In option.
  3. Look for the Continue to delete my account button and once you find it, go ahead and click on it.
  4. Once in that window, you’ll have to enter your AOL email ID.
  5. Then, click on the Yes, terminate this account button which you’ll find underneath.
  6. Now, wait for the Got it prompt and once you get it, click on it.

This completes the termination process for your AOL email account. It is going to take quite a few days to formally finish the termination. Once that is done, the link will automatically disappear from the search engine index.

One thing that you have to make sure of beforehand is if you have any important information in that account. Then, positively back it up before carrying out this process to delete your AOL mail account.

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