How to Copy Playlist from iPod to iTunes?

Transferring audio files from the iPod to PC or vice-versa has never been easy. The sophisticated functions of Apple products are secure from all sorts of threats. It seems that you have an Apple iPod for enjoying seamless music on the go. In addition to that, you must know the music transferring procedure as well. Thus, you must find out the answer to “how to copy playlist from iPod to iTunes?”. And, you might be using an iPod Nano, Shuffle or Touch, which don’t have the dedicated delete button or features. So, the support of iTunes is inevitable. Here are all the steps that will help you to transfer the playlist to iTunes. Only after transferring you can delete any tracks that you prefer. 

Copying a Playlist from iPod to iTunes

Get the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Grab a lightning USB cable and connect the iPod to the computer. Make sure you use the USB cable that came along with the iPod, else malfunctions can occur. After connecting, let iTunes sync the device. Open iTunes, and you can see the thumbnail of your device. Click on “Files” located beside the “iTunes” option. Go to “Library” and select “Export Playlist”. Depending on how many songs or playlists you have, the copying elapsed time will vary. 

How to Copy Playlist from iPod to iTunes with Other Apps?

There are several other applications that will help you to find out how to copy playlist from iPod to iTunes. Let’s begin. 

1. TunesGo

It is developed by Wondershare. The application has the ability to work as a tool that will transfer playlists from iPod to iTunes. The first thing you have to do is — install the application on your computer. After that, connect the iPod. Now, run the application. There is no need to keep running iTunes in the background. Click on “Rebuild iTunes Library”. Sit back and wait till the iPhone data transfer task is complete. 

2. Fonepaw iOS Transfer 

Another user-friendly application that will help you to get answers to “how to copy playlist from iPod to iTunes”. As usual, you have to install the application first, and then connect the iPod to the system. When the device thumbnail and other details appear, click on “Transfer playlist”. Every playlist on your iPod will be transferred to iTunes. 

3. iTransfer 

This application is designed by iSkysoft. The user interface is easy to understand. So, you will face no hassle in transferring the playlists from iPod to iTunes. Install the application and run it. After that, connect the iPod and let the application sync the device. When the synchronisation is complete, click on “Transfer the playlist from iPod to iTunes”. When the process is complete, open iTunes, and you can view the playlists. 

4. iMazing

With the help of this application, you can not only transfer playlists but also transfer single tracks to iTunes. Therefore, you already got the answer to the question “how to copy playlist from iPod to iTunes?” with this application. Install the application, connect and synchronize the iPod. This synchronization process will show all the playlists along with the tracks to the application. 

If more than one playlists are present, you can select all of them. After that, you can transfer the selected playlists to iTunes with ease. All the options will be available on the left-hand side of the application window. 

The Metadata Customization with iMazing Application

Apart from getting the answer to the question of “how to copy playlist from iPod to iTunes?”, you can manually customize the application. In the “Playlist” section, all the imported playlists from the iPod will appear; select them. The “Ratings” section will help you to rate the tracks as well as the playlists. This will show the quality of the tracks and the playlists. 

Are you interested in the number of plays? The “Plays” section will provide you with detailed information. The “Last Played” section will show you the track that you have played previously. 

Resolving Common Issues

It seems that you have the answer to “how to copy playlist from iPod to iTunes?”. What if the transfer process fails? Have you ever thought about that? There are remedies for it. The transfer process might get interrupted due to the corrupted storage of the iPod, outdated iTunes, lightning cable issues and many more. 

In case of corrupted iPod storage, you have to format it completely. After that, try to copy new playlists. Hopefully, this will work. The outdated iTunes might create barriers to transferring playlists. There is no need to uninstall the previous version of iTunes. Get the latest version and install it to override the previous version. 

If you witness a broken or torn cable, then avoid connecting it to the iPod. Get a genuine Apple USB lightning cable for perfect compatibility. 

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