How To Block Websites On Chrome With Easy Hacks

Chrome provides internet security to users by filtering the sites from a bulk of sites. As a result, you can avoid network congestion as well as the browser crash efficiently. But, f you are not a tech-savvy person then it is too complicated to handle the Chrome browsers as well as the manage the sites without hampering your system. So, if you want to learn how to block websites on Chrome; then you might go through this article for a technical fix.

Manage Blocked Sites On Chrome-Easy Steps

There are multiple methods to manage the sites on Chrome. We are going to discuss how to block websites on Chrome. You may try out the steps below to maintain the site blockage issue technically.

Process To Block Chrome In Android Device

Open the “ES File Explorer” from your Android device and tap on 3 Horizontal Bar menu icon from the File menu. Then, click on Device under the Local menu. Under this Device folder, you will find another folder named “etc.”. Stay on the same page and scroll down until reach to the file “Hosts.” Click on it and open it as Text format. In this section, you have to select “Es Note Editor.”

Finally, tap on “pencil” icon from this Editor page and add a syntax “” along with the URL which you want to block. Then, confirm it by tapping the Confirm button and close the window.


Block Websites From Desktop

Open the Block Site Extension page from the Chrome Web Store. Now, click on Add To Chrome button from the top-right of that page. Tap on Add Extension button from the resultant window. It will confirm the extension. Once it is enabled, a greeting message will appear as a confirmation message on the screen.

Then, access Chrome menu by clicking on Customize and Control Google Chrome button from the top-right corner of the window. Then, click on More Tools from the drop-down list. Now, choose Extensions under the Tools Sub-menu.

On the Block Site Options Page, you need to enter the name of the websites into the text box which you want to block. Finally, tap on Add Page button to prevent that site and click OK to confirm.


Block Website By Using Firewall

First, tap on the Start button and open the Start menu. Type “Control” in the search box and hit the Enter key to open the Control Panel window. Choose View By as “Small icons” and click on System and Security option. Under it, you will get several options. Click on Windows Firewall to open the Windows Firewall window.

Then, tap on turn Windows firewall on or off option from the left pane of the window. It will open the Windows Firewall Customize Settings. In this window, choose the turn on Firewall radio button for selecting multiple locations. Then, click on OK to confirm it.

You can choose a different level of security on each type of the networks. Now, modify the settings both of the Public Network and the Private Network.

Finally, click the Close Button to exit from the Windows Security Center and Close the Control Panel window.

Block Website Via Phone

First, launch the Settings app from the Start menu and tap the General tab from the Home Screen. In this page, tap on Restrictions tab and Enable Restrictions respectively to apply the restrictions. Now, set a 4-digit strong password which won’t be able to guess by others. To confirm the password, you need to enter it again. Tap on Websites under the Allowed Content option. Finally, tap on “Limit Adult Content” to complete the web blocked process.

Block Sites Via DNS

Click on the Start button and open the Start menu. Now, type “gpedit.msc” in the search box and press Enter to open the Configuration Properties window. Here, select User Configuration, Administrative Template, Network and then Network Connections to set the Network Properties. Locate the option Prohibit Access to Properties of Components of a LAN connection and right-click on it. Finally, choose Enable from the Edit option. Now, save and confirm it by tapping the OK button. Next, open the Control Panel window and select the option User Accounts. Now, select Yes to confirm. Change the Account Type as Standard and tap OK to finish the process.

In this article, we have discussed briefly how to block websites on Chrome efficiently. Moreover, you may get an idea on how to save your System from unnecessary accessing of the sites through Firewall protection. Additionally, this article will be beneficial for you to resolve any websites related issues quickly.

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