How Does an Online Mugshot Finder Work?

Did an incident happen in your hometown that led to police speeding by or sirens blaring through the night? Knowing that something criminal may have taken place in your community could leave you ill at ease and wanting more information about what exactly went down. Getting all of the details starts with tracking down a mugshot connected to the incident. Mugshots are photos taken by the authorities upon booking a suspect connected to a crime, and some of those pictures are easily accessible online

What’s a mugshot search?

What's a mugshot search

During the booking process, a law enforcement agency or county jail will take a photo shortly after the time of the arrest. These photos are meant to be a matter of public information, but sometimes, they’re hard to find online. The legal process can hinder things even further by expunging details from the record. An online mugshot finder comes through a database to obtain an individual booking photo, along with a criminal record report and arrest record report. GoLookUp allows users to perform unlimited searches for mugshots, criminal records, arrest records, public records, background checks, court records, and even more.

Having the ability to access this expansive GoLookUp database saves users the time to try to track down jurisdictions of an arrest. After all, certain situations may fall under a city’s police force, others in the county, or some at the state and federal levels. You could even potentially learn if that person who has been arrested is now listed as an inmate in a local or county jail. All you need is information as simple as the suspect’s first and last name, which could be detailed in a local article or on a local news station.

What’s the purpose of a mugshot?

the purpose of a mugshot

A mugshot, or a booking photo, is a valuable piece of information in a standard criminal record search. It’s also a tremendous asset to law enforcement agencies, as it allows them to distinguish people by appearance rather than name. After all, you don’t want to be putting the wrong John Smith on trial. You also want to make sure you arrested the correct John Smith. Public records on a particular person can be further distinguished based on the address that the offender has on their driver’s license or public identification card, along with a differing middle name.

A criminal record search can delve into a suspect’s past. With mugshots, you can be sure if the person you’re on the hunt for has a police record at all. During the booking process, arrestees are photographed by officers. This becomes part of a file created by a local sheriff’s office to then pass on to the court system for potential criminal charges. You can learn the nature of the crimes the offender is being charged with, as most district attorneys’ offices will be able to provide detail on the severity of the charges.

What details does a lookup report contain?

A criminal record or arrest record can come to light with the help of a mugshot lookup search. These records can be extremely sensitive, and some court systems can have some details removed or inaccessible to a record finder. It can be challenging to know where to start finding arrest information. The sex offender registry can be complicated to navigate, and some law enforcement sites don’t quickly upload recent arrests or enable you to search by arrest date. However, you may wonder how certain news outlets are able to get a mugshot on the 6 o’clock news before anyone else can access it. This is thanks to public databases like GoLookUp that are able to acquire details in real-time for applicants to the website. You can ensure the safety and well-being of a community, and learn the facts as to what is going on in your hometown.

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