3 Easy Fixes for Netgear Genie Port Forwarding not Working

Netgear Genie is a mobile app that allows users to manage, monitor and troubleshoot router glitches. You can enable Netgear router features, like port forwarding, from the dashboard. However, many encountered Netgear Genie port forwarding not working on their networking devices.

Several causes can be addressed behind this complicated Netgear wireless router issue. Inaccessible servers can often block port forwarding from your home network. Due to connectivity and power failure, the router might fail to enable the built-in Port Forwarding feature.

Entering the correct starting and end port numbers is important on the Genie app. Otherwise, the router’s port forwarding function won’t work. Additionally, an incorrect IP address can be another reason for the Netgear Genie port forwarding not working issue.

Let’s find out the other causes behind the port forwarding failure and its easy fixes:

What Causes the Netgear Genie Port Forwarding not Working Error?

Port Forwarding sets up public services, like email and web servers, on your Wi-Fi network. When users send these requests, the Netgear router forwards them to the client’s computers. This feature protects server and client devices from unauthorised users.

However, Netgear routers can sometimes block the ports from being forwarded. Incorrect settings may restrict your router from forwarding the router ports.

Do you use antivirus software or a firewall on your PC? It can be a reason behind the Netgear Genie port forwarding issue.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) set standard ports and protocols to filter inbound traffic. If they block the traffic on some router ports, this Netgear router error will occur. Thus, determine the cause of this port forwarding glitch and fix it as early as possible.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips to Solve the Netgear Genie Port Forwarding not Working Issue

Let us clarify that you needn’t be tech-savvy to eliminate your Netgear router’s port forwarding error. Many solutions are available for this port blockage issue which can be fixed easily.

Netgear’s dual or tri-band router must have a public IP address to set up port forwarding. Port forwarding won’t work if the networking equipment uses a private subnet IP address. So, you must check whether the router uses a public or private IP address before using the feature.

If your router uses a public IP address and the port forwarding is not working, implement these solutions to fix it:

1. Check the Router’s Port Forwarding Settings via Netgear Genie

Netgear routers fail to forward the ports when you select an incorrect service name on the web interface. Additionally, you must enter the correct server IP address for forwarding ports without glitches. So, access the Genie app and check the port forwarding setting and modify it to solve the problem.

Open the Netgear Genie app from your smartphone and go to “Advanced” when the dashboard opens. Navigate to “Port Forwarding/Port Triggering” and choose “Add Custom Service” when the next web page opens.

Make sure the correct device name is provided on the Custom Services tab. Go to “Starting Port” and “End Port” to enter the correct port number. Head towards “IP address” and write the correct public IP address.

Locate “Protocol”, choose “TCP/IP”, and tap on “Apply” after making the changes. Close the Netgear Genie app, and you can now forward the router ports and access your computer remotely.

Disable the Firewall Protection

Netgear router’s port forwarding won’t work even after entering the correct port number or IP address if the firewall is on. Though, it secures your home network from cyber criminals but prevents router ports from forwarding.

Thus, disabling this Netgear router feature can help you to resolve the port forwarding issue. But, you must first check whether the Netgear router features a built-in firewall. If yes, open the Genie app and go to “WAN Setup” from the dashboard.

Locate “SPI Firewall” from the security feature list, disable it and tap on “Apply”. Your Netgear router’s port forwarding feature will work after turning off the built-in firewall. However, you must also turn off the Windows Firewall if the Netgear Genie port not working issue persists.

How to Disable Windows Firewall on Windows 10/11 Devices?

You might not know that Windows Firewall prohibits connection from different subnets, disabling the router’s port forwarding function.

Hence, turning off the Windows Defender Firewall will help you to fix the Netgear Genie port forwarding not working error.

Here is how you can disable your Windows devices’ built-in firewall feature:

  • Press the Windows and S keys simultaneously and write “Control Panel” in the search panel.
  • Tap on “Control Panel” from the searched results and select “System and Security”.
  • Navigate to “Windows Firewall” and locate “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” when the next window appears on the screen.
  • Opt for “Turn off Windows Firewall” and click “OK” when prompted.

Restart the Windows 10/11 computer and connect it to the Netgear router. Your PC or services in the private networks will connect with other devices/services over the internet without causing issues.

3. Avoid using An Antivirus Software

Next-generation antivirus software can block your Netgear router from forwarding ports. Hence, you must uninstall the security program before enabling the port forwarding feature.

Press the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings app and tap on “Apps” when the next page opens. Go to the search bar, select “Installed Apps”, and write the antivirus program’s name.

Click the three horizontal lines and choose “Uninstall” when the pop-up menu appears. Select “Uninstall” when the confirmation message appears on the Windows computer screen. Netgear Genie port forwarding will work properly after removing the antivirus program.

Alternative Solutions for Netgear Genie Port Forwarding not Working

If you are experiencing problems with the Netgear router’s port forwarding, there are a few things that you must try. Try a different port if you use a game server to resolve the issue. Additionally, you must ensure the Ethernet or LAN cable is connected properly to the computer and router port.

Open the Netgear router’s Genie app and check if the port forwarding feature is enabled. Alternatively, you can access the wireless router’s web interface to ensure Port Forwarding is enabled.

Sometimes, the Port Forwarding won’t work even when the ports are accessible. You must clear the Netgear Wi-Fi router cache in such instances to fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, reset the router’s default factory settings.

Find the Netgear dual-band wireless router’s “Reset” button. It will be located on the networking device’s backside. Press the button using a paper clip or similar object for at least 5-7 seconds. Release the button and wait for the Netgear router to reboot. Access the Genie app, enable Port Forwarding and access your computer remotely.

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