Eliminate Windows Movie Maker Black Screen Error Without Any Hassle

Are you often encountering Windows Movie Maker black screen?  Wondering what is the cause and how to resolve it? It is time to end your worries as you have just dropped on the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss all the possible solutions and causes of this error.

At times, while watching videos on Windows Movie Maker, you will notice that this error appears with only audio output during the playback. There are a number of reasons for this error to occur. You have to identify the exact cause of it at first and then eliminate it with the best possible solutions.

The primary reason for this error is incompatibility. Often, installing codecs and software that are not compatible results in this error. At times, if you mute the sound, then it might cause the black screen error as well. In case your computer screen has some faults, then it might end up with a black screen error. However, there is no rocket science in resolving this error. You can rectify it with just a couple of manual tweaks.

Effective Methods To Fix Windows Movie Maker Not Showing Video

After you identify what exactly is causing the error, try to resolve it with appropriate solutions. If you are unaware of how to resolve Windows Movie Maker black screen, do not worry. Try the simple methods and hacks that are stated below:

Method 1: Set Up The Sound Level Correctly

We have already discussed that often, muting the sound leads to black screen error. Therefore, to get rid of this problem, you have to disable the mute settings. So, at first, select the “Timeline” and then expand to both audio and video. Now, right-click on the “Mute” option which will eventually resolve the Windows Movie Maker black screen. Alternatively, by setting the sound level, you can resolve this error. It is one of the most useful methods to eliminate the error.

Method 2: Shutdown The Unnecessary Tasks

In case the sound is not muted but the black screen error still appears in the Windows Movie Maker, then shutting the unnecessary tasks is the best option. If there are several tasks running on your computer, then it can often lead to a black screen in Windows Movie Maker. Therefore, just shut down those unnecessary tasks and create more space to play a video without any interruptions or errors.

Method 3: Restart The Program

Restarting the Windows Movie Maker software is the best option to resolve this issue. Therefore, shut it down first and then restart it after a few minutes. This will help you to know whether there is any virus present that is causing this black screen error. If you detect the presence of viruses, then remove them with an effective spyware removal tool.

Method 4: Update Drivers

Updated drivers are required to make the Windows Movie Maker function properly. Therefore, updating the video cards is one of the most effective solutions. Do the following to update the drivers:

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu
  2. Select the Device Manager and open it
  3. Find the ‘Display adapters’ option and expand it
  4. Right-click on the driver name
  5. Choose the Update Driver Software option
  6. Then, for updating the driver software, search for the ‘automatically’ option
  7. Now, Windows will look for the latest driver software. And if any new updates are found, it will download and install them automatically
  8. Lastly, restart the computer and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

The above solutions will certainly help you to remove the error effectively. In case you are facing any issues or trouble while implementing the steps, please do post comments below.

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