Fix Windows Error 0x80240031 With Efficient Hacks

When the users need to update their Windows Operating System, error 0x80240031 pops up on their Windows. This kind of error code mostly occurs to those users who require to update their Windows to the latest version. This Windows glitch is true for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but recently, the same issue is coming to arise even in Windows 10. The error code 0x80240031 comes up with an error message. The error message is as follows: “There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later.” This issue usually occurs due to corrupted system files. Therefore, when this error arises, you can notice that due to the issue with the Windows files the updating process might get stuck. Over time, viruses or malware can play a vital role in this issue. 

Thus, if you ever find this same error and don’t know the troubleshooting process for eliminating the error code, then you can go through this post for getting rid of this error quickly. Here, in this post, you will get to know all the possible easy and effective methods that you can try on your device to fix this issue.

Major Causes Behind Windows Error 0x80240031

There is no single cause which results in Windows update error 0x80240031. However, according to the experts, this error occurs due to the corrupted registry files. Apart from this, there are some other reasons that are listed in the below section, so, let’s check it out:

  • Third-party security program.
  • Corrupted system files
  • Wrong Windows settings
  • Outdated Windows driver
  • Malware or spyware infection

Third-party Security Program: If you recently install any third-party security program then, this can be the main cause behind this error. Most of the time, third-party anti-virus programs conflict with the Windows device and prevent the updating process. During that time, users get stuck with such error code. So, if it is the case, then, you have to disable that problematic security program. After resolving error 0x80240031, you re-enable it again.

Corrupted System Files: Most of the time, due to malware or virus infection, the system files get corrupted which might cause error 0x80240031. Many users have reported that due to the corrupted system files they get stuck with this Windows update error.

Wrong Windows Settings: If you unknowingly perform any wrong Windows settings, then you might get error code 0x80240031. Many users have complained about the same.

Outdated Windows Drivers: Outdated device drivers are another potential cause for which such kind of error code occurs. So, if for this reason, you receive error code 0x80240031, then you require to update the device driver. After updating the Windows drivers, the error should be removed.

Malware or Spyware Infection: In general, such kind of error code occurs due to malware or spyware infection. In such situations, you can run the SWFC or DISM scan.

As we already mentioned that the Windows update error 0x80240031 doesn’t occur due to a single cause. There might be some causes as well. However, whatever the reason, you need to resolve the error 0x80240031 as early as possible. 

Common Symptoms that you Might Find

Before encountering the error 0x80240031, certain unusual things might happen to you. Such as, you might notice that your device runs sluggishly and respond slowly to the mouse and the keyboard. Besides, suddenly, you might find that your system freezes for a fraction of seconds. Sometimes, you are unable to open your security program. And when you try to open the security program, you might receive such a Windows update error.

If one of these situations happens to you, then go through the below section in order to get the complete ways to resolve the error code 0x80240031.

Different Ways to Troubleshoot Windows Update Error Code 0x80240031

Getting bothered about the Windows update glitch of your Windows system? Then, you can try out the below-mentioned methods that are quite helpful for you in resolving the Windows update error in no time. Hence, let’s check it:

Way @1: Restart your Device

As a foremost way, you can just restart your device. Most of the time, restarting the device can work miracle in resolving this kind of Windows glitch. To do so, you have to go to the Shut Down section and then, hit the ‘Restart’ button. This restart process takes a bit of time to finish the system restart process. Once your device restarts, try to install the pending update again. If you still get the same error code, then see whether the issue comes up on your screen. If you still find the error in the same place where you encounter it at the beginning, then proceed to the next way.

Way @2: Reboot your Windows System

This is another way to resolve Windows update error on your device. Hence, whenever you encounter this error code on your display screen, you might need to reboot your Windows system. Thus, go ahead of the below highlighted steps to let your system a complete reboot:

  • Primarily, press the Windows + R function keys simultaneously in order to launch the Run dialog box. Now, in the Run dialog box, enter “msconfig” and then, hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Alternatively, initiate the Search box and then, type “System Configuration” and then, press the Enter button.
  • Now, you will find the System Configuration window. There navigate to the Service tab.
  • Next, in the Service tab, check the ‘Hide All The Microsoft Services’ option. After that, you have to press the Disable All button.
  • Now, go to the Startup tab that is in the Configuration page and then, click on the ‘Task Manager.’
  • After that, disable all the Startup item and then, close the Task Manager, then simply hit the OK button.
  • Once it is done, simply restart your system and then, attempt to update the Windows Operating System.

Once the updating process is over, you can restart your device in normal mode. After that:

  • Navigate to the Search Panel and then, type “System Configuration.” After that, hit the Enter key from your keyboard.
  • Next, go to the General tab that is in the System Configuration window and then, hit the Normal Startup option.
  • Now, tap on the Service tab and locate the ‘Hide All Microsoft services’ option.
  • After that, open the Task Manager. Thus, in the Task Manager window, you have to press the Enable All button in order to turn on all the startup item.
  • Finally, press the OK button and then, reboot your device.

Way @3: Run SFC Scan

You can ix the Windows update error bu running the SFC scan. Many users claim that after running the SFC scan, they find that the Windows update error gets removed. Thus, you can also try out this way. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • At first, go to the Search Panel and then, enter “cmd,” hit the Enter key from the keyboard. Now, select it from the search result. Now, tap on the Run As Administrator button.
  • Once the Command Prompted launches, enter “sfc/scanow” and press the Enter button.
  • Now, go for the sfc command to locate the Windows update issue and fix it
  • Once it is done, simply restart your system and check if the issue has been resolved.

Way @4: Refresh your PC

Over time, refresh your PC can fix such kind of Windows update error. So, if you want to perform this task, then proceed to the below instructions:

  • Firstly, press Windows + S function keys all together to launch the Search box. Then, in the Search box, enter “Settings” and hit the Renter key on your keyboard.
  • After that, you will see the Settings application window. Now, navigate to the Update & Security section.
  • Here, in the Update Amnd Security section, tap on the Recovery button that is present on the left side panel.
  • Next, select the Refresh your PC without affecting your files. Once you are done, simply press the Get Stated button.
  • After this process, your device will begin to refresh the process.
  • Once the process is over, try to install the updates once again.

Way @5: Turn Off Video Driver

At the time of the Windows update, video drivers are pretty famous for creating issues. So, it is a necessary task that you should perform when you need to get rid of the Windows update error code. In that case, you can turn off the device such as graphics drivers and sound card.

To do that, press the Windows + R function keys at the same time in order to initiate the Run dialog box. Now, in the Run dialog box, enter “devmgmt.msc” and then, press the Enter button from your keyboard. After that, in the Device Manager window, you require to locate the video driver. Once you locate it, simply right-click on it to open the menu list. Now, from the menu list. Just press the Disable button in order to turn it off. Once you are done, just restart your system and check whether the issue gets eliminated or not.

Way @6: Update the Device Drivers

Furthermore, you can also update the device drivers in order to fix the Windows update error. To do so, go through the highlighted steps:

  • Firstly, go to Start then, look for the Device Manager.
  • Now, select the Device Manager from the search result
  • Next, expand the category with the hardware you need to update.
  • After that, right-click on the device and press the ‘Update Driver’ option.
  • Once it is done, simply hit the ‘Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software’ button.
  • If updates are available then, press the Instal Updates button.
  • Once the process is over, restart your PC.

Way @ 7: Disable the Updates of all Types

If the above process fails to resolve the issue, then you can try out this one. Firstly, navigate to the Search bar and type ‘Settings’. Then, click on the OK button. Next,select the Update & Security option. After that, click on the Windows Update button that is in the Update And Security section. Now, just go to the Advanced options section. Here, click on the ‘Choose How Updates Are Delivered.’ Lastly, you need to disable the ‘Updates From More Than OnePlace’ option.

Ending Note

In this informative post, we have already discussed the solutions, which will ease up your pain and make things work for you. But, what about the trouble still showing up from an unnoticed corner? Well, in that case, you always have the option to look up for help provided by a professional.

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